Ghost Stories

Kitty Conspiracy: Voices from beyond or Schizo?

I'm sure I'll regret posting this slightly embarrassing, yet somewhat funny, story that happened to me a few years ago, but what the hell...

A while back, I had made a post here on spooky household items--my own being about an apartment I'd lived in several years ago when my ex-husband and I had first moved to San Diego.

To save time, the story was:

"I have a thing with lamps, I think. First lamp incident was while with my ex-husband some years back when we first moved to San Diego. The apartment complex was rather old, though I have no idea how far back it dates--it just sucked. Doh

Anyway, we're both getting into bed and realize -one- of us needs to get up, walk across the room, and turn off the light. Of course, neither of us wanted to do it since we were officially snuggled beneath warm, comfy sheets. So, we bickered back and forth, and suddenly you hear the unexplainable "click, click" and the lamp turns off. Eep!

This is one of those tall, black halogen lamps you used to be able to buy 2 for $15 or some such that we bought the year before. The click, click was what it does when you turn it off, since you have to turn the knobby thing twice to do it. Needless to say, I burrowed under those sheets the entire night, and we both slept in the living room like a buncha wusses for a good week or so afterwards."

(Also, I'd like to add, that during the whole lamp incident, I remember my cat Bailey staring around the room at nothing, as most cats do, and meowing his famous meow right after the lamp mysteriously clicked off. They had also been oddly hyper (beyond the norm) that night. Very weird in general.)

It was in this very apartment that one other, kind of freakish, thing occurred.

You see, I'm not very found of emptying the litter box. It's just not my cup of tea or something I enjoy very much, so I tended to blow it off as much as possible, or until I could no longer deny the stench starting to evolve.

At the time I had 3 cats, Salem, Bailey, and Kayla. And one night, while ex-hubby was still out to sea (Navy) and I was happily chatting away online, it suddenly occurred to me that I should empty the litter box. However, I once again found another reason to blow it off, something more pressing; such as chatting or inspecting and filing my nails.

Despite the nagging guilt of knowing I needed to do it, and had been blowing it off quite successfully for more than a day or so (with 3 cats, very bad. Tsk.), I was just too damn busy. But all of a sudden, I hear this booming male voice from behind me shout, "Empty the (insert naughty word here) litter box, Megan!" And I mean loud!

Knowing that there was no man in that house and I was completely alone, save for my cats, I turn around in my chair to find that no one's there. However, all three cats are sitting in the bathroom area down the hall, in a straight line (near the litter box), staring at me-I could swear almost mockingly, but who's to say. I got the chills and they then began staring at invisible bugs and doing typical kitty-type things.

All I know is that it was like some horror version of a Friskies or Scoop-away commercial gone wrong.

Now, keep in mind that I had never heard voices or had hallucinations before, and I've not since... Okay, one other time, long story. And at that time, I calmly turned around and told my online friend that I just might need to see a shrink and told him my story. He laughingly agreed, the jerk.

And for days after I kept trying to figure it out. Was I going insane? Okay, say it was my subconscious... Why was it male then?? Was it God showing me a sign? (heh) Ghost? Was it some telepathic kitty conspiracy? I simply couldn't figure it out. So I just forgot about it. Naturally.

Normally I would write this off as some weird mental behavior, but the fact that the cats sat there in a line, staring at me, freaked me out a little (understatement) and I still can't explain it to this day. Nevertheless, true story, though I don't make a habit of telling people I know for obvious reasons, but I've been keeping up on the cleaning of the litter box much more so (kinda), and I'm happy to report it hasn't happened since. Yay!

Has anyone else had some weird, supernatural pet experience? And does anyone know if that Littermaid actually works? *eyeshift*