Ghost Stories

Knock Knock

I've had a few experiences in my life time I can't explain. Most of them, when I was a child, visual experiences. As I got older I had more feeling experiences. Like that I should get out, that I wasn't welcome, that I was in danger and so on. But those don't make as good of stories. :P

But I did have an unusual experience when I was thirteen, that I'd love to share. Mostly because it's just a good story.

I was visiting my great uncle, aunt, and cousin in New Mexico on their little ranch. And at this point of time in my life, I was convinced that ghosts only lived in castles, woods, and Woodlawn Plantation (in Virginia next to Mount Vernon). Well my cousin, I call her Jenni, was convinced their ranch was haunted by a ghost named Sam or Bob- I don't remember which.

Now she had told me this story before. And weird things happened with eletronic devices in the room when I said I didn't believe her. The sega system turned off completely. As did the TV. Once I said, okay I believe you. The television and sega system turned back on but yet- I was still on the same level- as if I had just pressed pause. And if you know sega systems like I do. Turning it off will never save your place. Not on the Lion King game. And this thing turned completely off- no red light or anything.

We were in Jenni's bedroom, my sister and I. And she was telling us this ghost story again. But I still didn't believe her. I mean, I thought she had played a trick on me those years before. And I was convinced it was not a ghost- at least not in her house. I didn't think it could be old enough.

It wasn't until later I found out that her ranch was at least a hundred years old. But yeah at the time, I thought they had built the house.

So she was trying to convince me. I didn't believe her. And there came a knocking at her bedroom door. My sister got up off the floor and answered it. But there was no one there.

We went back to playing. A few moments later it happened again. Now, my dad is a trickster and so is my great uncle. They easily could have heard us talking about ghosts and knocked on the door to scare us and then run away. But the thing is- it's a long hallway with no rooms on either side for someone to duck into, except for a linen closet that not even us kids could fit into. We would have seen them running or at least heard them.

If it were the wind- there were no windows on that part of the house. I'm justifying all of this so you guys are braced for what we experienced next.

So my sister and Jenni and I stand by the door and wait. Convinced we'll catch the trickster in the act. My sister has her hand on the doorknob. We wait only a few seconds before the knock happens. My sister swings the door open and there still isn't anyone there. But the knock continues from inside the door- we could hear it directly in front of us. And my sister could feel the door shake with each rap in her grip.

Well we were no ghost hunters of course. Being the little girls we were, we imitated Brian and pulled off a "dood run" with considerable more screaming. Our parents were several rooms away, and it felt like forever before we found them. It kind of just convinced us that they couldn't have done it.

So iunno. To this day I don't know if that ranch was really haunted. I'm not sure what made that door knock. But I remember that event clearly- and I never said I did not believe in ghosts in that house again.

I'd like to believe that was a ghost there. It would have been an intelligent haunting in that case. Would have been great to toy around with it some more. Get some more stories.

But I was just a kid and didn't like fooling around in things like that. Kinda glad I didn't. Those board things- just bad news. I'd rather not toy with things I don't understand. I'm really wary about the supernatural. I think it's best just to give those things respect and not mess with it. At least unless you're prepared to get burned.

Course I still love Ghost Hunters. Just I'm glad it's them and not me. :D