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Latest Experiences (UPDATED)

There's been some strange things going on in my bedroom over the last three months. At first I thought it was a mouse, but the second two were not.

First occurence happened when I was downstairs watching tv when I heard Scat Cat meowing from my bedroom like she wanted something. I went upstairs and she was sitting on her hind legs meowing and staring at the ceiling. At first I was thinking, what's the matter with her, then I looked in the same direction and I heard two distinct scratches then silence. I didn't sense anything but My first thought was a mouse and or possibly a poltergeist.

Second occurence, same as the first, but this time I got my dowsing rods out, there was no audible scratching, but she was still meowing away and the rods did cross.

Third occurence, two weeks ago. Same scenario but this time it was on the opposite side of the ceiling. I grabbed the dowsing rods first, then went upstairs. She stopped meowing but was staring at the ceiling, noticed me then started meowing again. I used the rods and as they crossed I sensed a mischievious little boy looking at her, then at me. Then Scat Cat turned her head quickly to the head of the bed. The rods uncrossed and as I approached the head of the bed they crossed again. I told him that I didn't mind him playing with the cats, just please don't scare them. The rods then uncrossed and Scat Cat went back to her usual self.

This morning when I woke up to use the bathroom, when I noticed teh bed shaking. Not real hard, gentle, like a mom would do. At first I thought it was a possible earthquake tremor, as I could hear the bed squeaking a little with the motion. To make sure that I was in fact awake, I touched the mattress, it was shaking too, the bedframe, yes that too. I was sleeping on my left side and moved my right leg from on top of the left one onto the matress, the shaking subsided a little, I put the leg back and it got more intense. As soon as I sat up in bed, it stopped completely. It wasn't a tremor like I was thinking, as nothing was out of place and the tremors here go north to south. The room didn't feel cold and there was no smells. I thought about it throughout the day, then asked the little boy if it was him and if he was trying to wake me up. Yes to both questions.

I'm not sure exactly where he came from, but he could jsut be passing through, but I don't believe so. If he does intend on staying here, that would bring "my" ghost total to 13.


Since the time I last posted to this thread I was having problems sleeping and having feelings of dread and gloom. There were knocks in various places of the house, weird sounds that I can't begin to describe. Then one night as I was lying on the floor taping ghost hunters, I heard a MEOW! and a thump on the floor. I got up and went over to the recliner and Scat Cat was nowhere in sight, she ran into the kitchen after being shoved onto the floor. I went to make sure she was okay, with the exception of being scared, she was. She was on the back of the recliner cleaning herself (nightly ritual) when she was shoved on the floor. She has never fallen from the chair before or since then. It didn't take me long to get rid of him after doing that. I could feel and hear him begging me to let him stay. Not after scaring my cat! For a bit of extra help, I called on my deceased friend to take the little boy back from whence he came. I could feel my friend come down and take the boy with him. The house felt much happier and lighter after he was gone and I haven't had any problems since.

I did get a chance to take a pic, but I had problems with my pc and lost all the pics. I'll try to describe it. I took the pic in the hallway leading upstairs (digital camera) and took a second pic right after the first one. The first one had three various sized orbs in it. One was very small and white, the second one was about the size of a baseball and completely solid white, the last and biggest one was very unusual, I'd never seen a ghost orb like this one before. It was basketball size, clear in the middle with energy waves coming from the center of it and the outer ring was solid and white. I had intended to show it to everyone, but, I don't have it on the pc or camera. I should've saved it to a cd.

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