Ghost Stories

Live near cemetery and possible ghost living in house

I live across the street from a cemetery. The cemetery is the oldest and largest cemetery in my area with graves dating back to the 1800's. As to my knowledge, there isn't any historical event taking place there. No hangings, murders or suicides. Just a peaceful resting place for the deceased.

I've lived in this house for the past five months. I've noticed some weird stuff happening but I never immediately thought I have a ghost. In the past 3 weeks I've had weirder stuff happening at the house and when I saw something happen with my own eyes (had two other witnesses) that's when I really thought I may have a ghost. Even my boyfriend who didn't believe in ghosts before, now thinks we have one living with us.

My question is, if I live across the street from a cemetery, could that be the reason why we'd have a ghost here? I also have several other neighbors, wouldn't that mean all of our houses would be haunted? Could we live in a place where many different spirits travel in and out of the house? I never thought a house could be haunted because its placed next to a cemetery before. I always thought someone had to die at the house for it to be haunted. Please let me know what you think here or e-mail with your opinions.

Here is a list of everything that has happened, most of it has been in the past month:

1) Freezer door opening with nothing making it pop open, although there could be some unknown explanation.
2) Door to laundry room opening. One time it closed. This has happened maybe 6-8 times since moving here. After the 3rd time it happened, we started locking it but it still would continue to push out the lock and open. This hasn't happened in 2 months though.
3) Our bedroom door will be closed and completely latched shut. Then all of a sudden it will open all the way. This has happened twice in the past week. The first time it happened, my boyfriend was sleeping. I heard the door opening and looked up, thinking my bf was going to come out. It just opened up all the way and no one came out except for our dog. I peeked inside and noticed my bf was still asleep so I closed it. Didn't think anything of it until the other night when it happened. I had a friend over. My bf heard it unlatched and open all the way and saw me and my friend from a distance. All three of us saw it and thats when I started to think there was a ghost.
4) Sometimes our laptops/desktop randomly shuts off. One time both my laptop and his laptop shut off at same time.
5) The monitor to the desktop constantly turned on and then off as if some spirit was trying to mess with us. My boyfriend is also a computer tech. He has many years of experience and he says there isn't any reason for 4 and 5 to ever happen. He's checked into it and can't find an explanation.
6) Stuff keeps coming up missing and then showing up later in obvious locations or places we have checked.
7) We both have nightmares sometimes. One night we had a nightmare that was strangely similar.
8) One of my old cell phones that hasn't had service for 8 months and hasn't had a charge in a long time, randomly made noises at 1:20 am one night. The phone was dead but when I looked at it I realized the alarm was going off for 1:20am. I shut off the alarm and the phone died down again. The next day I plugged it in and gave it a charge. I looked at the timing on the alarm and the only thing on there was set for 10am but the alarm was deactivated. I don't know why after 8 months of being dead, the alarm went off at a time that it wasn't supposed to go off. The next night (last night), it did the same thing at 1:20am.
9)My boyfriends cell phone kept lighting up as someone was calling but no one was calling. This is something that was happening during my cell phone issue but it could just be a weird coincidence.
10) Randomly hearing knocking on the bedroom wall and also the kitchen wall. It sounds like someone was knocking on a door but it was on the walls. we looked around the house and there is no sign of neighbor kids messing around. But it sounded like it happened on the inside of the house not the outside. We hear the knocking sound maybe once every couple weeks and it spooks us.
11) A florescent light we have in the bathroom always seems to burn out. We try and replace it and expect it to last at least a year but then it just burns out in a week. We know it burns out cause its all black on the sides and have taken it into the same store and asked the same guy about it. He also thinks its strange and then all of our bulbs burned out within 2-3 days in the house. All the bulbs in every room and the outdoor light burned out too.
12) Our dog seems to always bark and flip out. He barks at no sound and sometimes it looks like he's looking at/watching someone. Sometimes it seems like he's hiding and is scared.
13) We always give our dog new food and keep updated but one morning we woke up and noticed all of his food was covered in green, fuzzy mold. I didn't know dog food could get moldy when the previous day it was fine with no signs of mold. I just refilled his dog dish the day before too and his dish is inside the house, in the kitchen.
14) My razor fell off the counter in the bathroom. We heard it fall from our room.

These are everything we have experienced so far. We DO NOT get cold spots in the house, goosebumps or even the feelings of someone watching us. It doesn't feel like a haunted house but all these strange things are happening. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.