Ghost Stories

Long but creepy experience.

Hey guys. I have an encounter to share with everyone. I was there but I didn't experience it first hand, but some friends of mine did so I'm going to tell you what they told me. I remember the date and everything, it was September 25th of last year.

A group of friends and I stayed at my friend Josh's house. We do it every Friday. It was a big get together for lack of a better term. Let me see if I can remember all of us. Me, Josh, Kelly, Ben, Christi, Aaron, Jake, and Amanda. It was late, around 2 a.m. Well, we were all sitting in the living room just having casual conversation about everything under the sun. Well, the topic of ghosts came up. We talked about how interesting it would be to be cntacted by a ghost.

Well a few minutes later, my friend Christi went outside to have a smoke. Ben, Aaron, and I joined her. We were out in the driveway chatting, well I went inside I can't remember why, but I think I got tired of standing up. Well from this point on, I'm going to have to tell it from what my friends told me.

Christi decides to go in the back yard and walk. Josh's backyard is pretty big. It has a lot of trees and the grass is knee high in some places. Ben and Aaron went on the back deck to chat. There is a street behind the backyard. You can see houses, street lights and you know things like that, from the deck. Ben and Aaron were just chatting when there was ambulance sirens on the street behind the backyard. They looked across the yard to see an ambulance with it's sirens on pull out of a driveway a drive down the street slowly. There were two black cars followinbg behind it silently.

Well Ben and Aaron went in the back yard with Christi to get a better look at the scene. As they stood back there, they say that the sirens on the ambulance began to sound "weird". They explained it like being under water, and you know how everything sounds when under water, you know, every second the sound has a different pitch to it. Well they say it was like that.

Well Christi looked over to a small tree with pink flowers on it, and she made a comment about how the bark was pitch black compared to all of the other trees around. They happened to look over there and see what she was talking about. Aaron, being the fearless guy that he is, went over there to touch the bark. According to Ben and Christi, his skin took a funny dark brown color. And even though he says he was walking around the tree, they say it seemed he was taking steps back staring at them.

Well by this time Ben started calling Aaron by his name. He then began walking towards them. Every step he took, his skin became its usual color. Aaron just look at them as if nothing was wrong with the tree and everything had been normal. Well they were glancing at the tree from time to time. I'm not sure if the sirens were still heard or not, they didn't say.

Ben had glanced back at the tree as they were walking back to the driveway, and he saw a dark misty shadow with red eyes "glaring" at them. He immediately stopped in his tracks and pulled Christi and Aaron to the side. The three of them watched the figure as it hovered next to the tree with the dark bark. Okay before I go on, let me explain my friend Christi. She is an extreme pagan, and she loves nature, trees in general. Well to her it seemed as if the dark shadow was taking the life out of the tree because they say, as they watched the figure by the tree, the leaves and flowers on it seemed almost wilted.

Then they say there were these faint white balls of light hovering around everywhere around them. Next door to them, there was a swingset and they say it began swaying back and fourth erratically because they colud here the squeaking of it. Then they all began to run up to the drive way.

They all sat on Joshs mom's car to rest and try and understand what the hell was happening to them. Christi said that when Ben turned his head to look across the street, her and Aaron could see three big scratch marks on his neck. But when they told Ben about it and tried to point to them, they were gone.

This is when I come outside because everyone was falling asleep inside. I walk out there, and they're all huddled toghether looking around with caution. It was actually kind of funny because Ben is smaller than everyone else, and it seemed as if Christi and Aaron were suffocating him. So I casually ask them whats a matter and they tell me to get closer. So I walk towards them and they tell me everything that just happened. And I nearly have a heart attack. The main thing that got me was the deal with the sirens and the looks on their faces . All of us inside heard NOTHING at all during the time when the ambulance was near. And let me tell you, we can hear almost everything going on in the street behind us.

Well when they stopped telling me everything, we hear this sharp call coming from a crow in the tree in the front yard. The call was so sharp that all of us jumped from the sound of it. The neighbor's dog began howling now and we could hear thunder in the distance. I remember looking up at the moon and seeing thick dark clouds move across quickly.

The clouds in front of the moon gave the moon a haze and made the surface of it change shapes, and the looks of the craters on it scared us to death. We saw skulls to the face of a woman that seemed to be screaming. Then Josh came outside. Ben was telling him everything and Josh is a huge skeptic thinking of everything that could have possibly been happening. Well just as we're about to head inside, we hear a deep metallic male voice go "Hey!" out loud from the backyard. I swaer after that, we ran in so fast and stayed up until sunrise.

Well after that experience, it took me a good while to go back into the backyard even during the day. Whenever I can get a hold of a digital camera, I'll take a few snaps of the tree with the supposed dark bark. Questions and comments are always welcome.