Ghost Stories

Look Behind the Woods!

Since this is the first time I have posted anything I have decided to give you some background on where these stories come from. My husband and I bought a place out in the country, 15 acres, 9 wooded, and it was a foreclosure, so the place was left full of junk. We have been cleaning up every chance we get, just wood left around, scrap metal, stuff left in the woods that shouldn't be there. The couple that owned the place before us,supposedly had four children, but the stories states that when they left, only three moved away with them. So, leaves in mind what happened to the fourth child??

There are times that my husband or I come home and the old owner, bruce, I will call him, will be there looking in the woods, not sure why, and we have pressed charges for trespassing, however, he still comes around, a little less than in the beginning. He is always coming out of the woods from the far side of our property on the right side. Since we always catch him as he is leaving we haven't been able to spy on him.

This is where the wierd stuff starts to occur, it began this summer...

One day I got home from work early, thought, cool, I can ride my horses, get the house cleaned and do some yard work. When I pull in the driveway, sure as heck Bruce is there, I see his truck, call the police and for good measure grab my husbands gun, not that I really know how to shoot it, but why would this idiot be here. I go around and am very quiet, I see him on a swing that is like totally ancient, in the woods, talking to himself, but really he is carrying on a conversation, about how much he misses this place and seeing "you" whoever "you" is. Finally I cannot stand it anymore so I make my presence known, he gets all upset, gets off the swing and looks me dead in the eyes, stating, "You don't belong here, you and your husband will never be alone out here, you aren't welcome here and you should leave while you can." Yeah so being out in the boonies brings alot of slowness when it comes to the police or should I say county sheriffs. I asked Bruce to politely explain to me what he keeps coming out here for and why? Since most of the time we catch him too late. He said he comes out here to visit, I told him he is more than welcome, but I just can't have anyone walking on the property, that it is too much of a liability. He said he understood and wouldn't come back again. I felt kind of bad, I mean his wife and himself put a lot of work into this place, and now my husband and I move in and kick him off the property. Finally he leaves, I go ride my mare Fancy and work with the two year old Tyme, but neither one of them are paying any attention, to what they should be doing, spooking for no reason, wouldnt' go in the woods, just altogether acting wierd.

I finally got my older mare in the woods for a trail ride and notice that the swing "bruce" was on was smashed into a million pieces and the ropes were tied in a way like a neuce, or the knot to hang people. Two fo them, now I was completely wierded out cause bruce was gone, he left at least two hours and I accompanied him off the property especially with the sheriff to verify it. So I get mad run Fancy out of the woods, to see if Bruce's truck is on the road or anywhere within walking distance of my place, nothing.

So, I get off the horse, go get the lawn mower and low and behold no gas. I make sure I LOCKED EVERYTHING UP when I run to the gas station, I was maybe gone for 10 minutes came home, the gate to the horses was wide open, one of my mares was scratched up, like deep scratches, garage door was wide open, house was wide open and my house was trashed! I kind of just figured I pissed poor old Bruce off so I just cleaned it up, which took at least 6 hours, my husband came home and I took the girl to the vet. Found out the scratches were really deep, and she had never seen any like this before, we don't have big cats or bears so it wasn't an animal, and they weren't knife cuts.

Than a day or two later, I was cleaning my house and notice that my horses are running around like raging idiots, wide eyed, snorting, tails up. Go outside and see nothing, calm them down, and feed em some hay, than went back inside. Cleaning, I hear a voice that states "Behind the woods, behind the woods, look behind the woods." Okay so I really believe I have lost my mind now, I am hearing voices and seeing someone walk into the woods, but not a solid figure. I ain't going in the woods, let alone behind them. Do you think that maybe Bruce left his fourth daughter back there, killed and buried her? I don't know, but I am totally freaked out, my husband tore down the ropes and we keep big latches on the gates for the horses, any ideas?
Hey Guys, wanted to update you all, this incident may have nothing to do with whatever is going on in the woods but to me, it is mere coincidence and horribly sad.

On Sunday morning I had to go to work at 7:00am and was heading back when my husband called, it was around 9:00am, he told me that I may not want to come home because there were loud noises coming from the woods and he new I hated anything like that. What kind of noises? Like trees falling down, snapping branches, loud cracks, and it was freaking my horses out. I have one horse in particular that is kind of close to my heart, I rescued her last winter from starvation and parasites, completely malnourished, she came to me and became a beautiful chestnut with a shiny coat and growing big and strong, she was only a year old. I would always take her for walks in the woods, actually my husband would walk her and I would ride my other mare bareback, like it was our together time and we mostly did this on SUnday mornings, we would talk and joke and get back to the friendship we love, however because I worked on Sunday we couldn't follow through with our normal ritual. Maybe this pissed off whatever is back there, but my horses were running around like crazy. My husband went out and yelled at them around 9:10 and they calmed down and continued eating, all of them accounted for. My mom was out around 11;00 and she was hearing the same sounds, she threw everyone a flake of hay and went to make up their evening meals to save me the time that evening. She heard a big bang, looked out saw everyone but Lily my rescue filly. didn't think much cause she was not a huge spook like the rest of the horses. THan another bang with struggling, Lily had her head stuck through a gate and was trying to get out, in the struggle she broke her neck and jaw and died, within 5 minutes! Now you may think it is stupid I bring this up but Lily never and I mean NEVER stuck her head through anything, unless there was a treat in someones hand on the other side and even than she could reach over the rails and get to it. Am I imagining things or does it seem wierd that her head was stuck between the top rail and the second one down? Maybe I am being over zellous with all of this but once she was gone, my mom said all of the noises died down and left, but they were the most furious when Lily was struggling, were they trying to take her and my husband and I's happiness on sunday mornings? Or were they mad cause my husband and I didn't go out and they wanted us too? I am not sure, and I am having a friend come out tomorrow who does all the paranormal stuff and she doesn't know the stories and maybe we can figure something out, I am just devasted by losing my Lily and I want to know why she was taken from me.