Ghost Stories

Look no further than your backyard...

I live in a quiet residential neighborhood with not much activity. Behind our house is a small wooded area and beyond that are train tracks and then beyond this is a huge abandoned factory. This factory has stood empty for many years and has been the reported site of gang activity and a meeting place for various groups dealing with things of an occult nature. I believe this factory is also quite haunted. I have lived here for almost 10 years now and before that my grandmother lived here before passing away. In this entire time I've never seen this factory in production. I'm not even sure what they made there but it has stood empty for many years. It has caught fire numerous times and is gutted in some places due to fire damage and other parts have simply fallen in due to time and weather.

I've passed the factory late at night and saw strange unexplainable lights from within and heard the sounds of the factory in full production, including a steam whistle used to signal break times and quiting times. I believe I've posted a bit about this before.

Today OriginalCrazyone and I decided to exlpore the wooded area behind my house. This area is made up of several dirt paths that dip and wind through stands of trees. There are several large holes in the ground and steep drops that once could fall from if they weren't careful. When we entered the small wooded area I instantly became dizzy and had the sensation of falling down a hill into one of the largest holes in the area. As we walked through we found several curious things like parts of bicycles and part of a moped. The usual beer and pop cans and wrappers and such also littered the area. At one point we found a carpet that was covered with a red substance lying in the area of the woods directly behind my house.

We found a makeshift alter of sorts made out of a pile of wood and tree stumps and on this pile was a burned bible. Evidence of some sort of ritual or maybe just neighborhood kids who were messing around. I picked it up to see what it was and dropped it instantly when I figured out what it was.

We walked down to the rail road tracks and followed them to the road stopping a few times because we heard sounds coming from the woods or the factory. At one point it sounded as if something was following us but when we turned around nothign was there. We also heard what sounded like an old train engine but this train track hasn't been in service for sometime.

We walked to the side of the factory that faces the road and looked in the windows and discovered that the place was pretty much empty except for a few things left behind. The factory was recently purchased and the new owners are in the process of clearing out the space but I haven't heard about any plans on what they're doing with the land. We noticed that there was a light on in the office which was strange since it appeared that all the electric lines had fallen down. Original tried all the gates and found them locked tight and then we noticed a security sign and decided to give up the exploration for the night.

I've often felt a sense of fear when I drive past this wooded area and the factory. Maybe the burnt bible, which is an obvious statement as to what has taken place in this area, could explain why I feel so uneasy. Maybe the negative energies of whatever went on in the woods and the factory before it was bought is the reason for these feelings.

Anyway, thanks again for reading and once again, I'm sorry for the length.

Take Care,