Ghost Stories

Mager Hills witch

Dear Friends,
I wanna take your time to tell you about a real story about devil ghosts in Mager Hills! It is about 24 hours that I came back from Mager Hills! I was there about 3 days and I faced with very strange things in that small village which is so far from city and it is located in a mountain and hillside of some strange hills. Besides of natural beautiful scenery that this place has I should mention about strange events and legends about it. So let me describe it from the first day that I went there:

It was 22nd of March 2006 that my fiance and I decided to take a vacation after hard working days in our office! Where can we go? It was the first question that sparked in our minds. Some place which is so silent and we can enjoy from its nature! Our garden in Mager Hills, my fiance suggested. I haven't been there before and no body goes there in cold months in the year! That place at this time is so cold even though we've started spring season but you can see huge amount of snow there! Finally we decided to go there :D

Driving to that place if you go fast may take around 5 hours from the city that we stay there. We drove all morning time and we arrived near that area, long mortmain and strange shaped hills started to be appeared around us! It seemed that we are swallowing with these hills. As much as you go forward you feel colder you feel lonelier, you hear SILENT! Air blowing and puffing among hills and made strange noises, some times you can hear Reynard's or wolves' yap. It is not good feeling and I felt some hesitated to go on with this way but I didn't want to destroy our vacation and I just kept silent and trusted my fiance! After a long driving from top of a hill one small village appeared! I became happy that I saw a village and it was good feeling that I can see some other people who live there and we are not alone!!!!

We arrived there, I saw no body in streets and I guessed because of cold weather village people are staying at homes then suddenly my fiance said: here is called old city, nobody live in these houses after an earthquake living in these houses is so dangerous so people left them and have moved to other part of village (here he pointed some far from this place which some houses gathered with each other) he said this place is not safe and people try to pass here by car only and they try not to stay, they believe here is a cussed place by devil ghosts! He showed me a big land behind these houses and said that is our garden!

It was the nearest place to old city and far from new village but it was so beautiful, how I can draw your minds to prettiness of that area, long Poplars cover that garden and a narrow river passes among the tree. A lovely house which is made by stone and wood is built in the middle of that garden and behind the house the hills come out of land, and you can see many Poplars that is drawn to hillside. We opened the house door, it was clear that for a long time no body have lived there, I think inside the house was colder than out side, I came out and sat in sun shine and my fiance started to place a fire, I was staring to old city and those damaged houses and remember my fiances' words about that area!

First night was terrible! We couldn't make our selves warm, fire place was not enough for that house, we used electrical hitter too but you could feel cold weather that was passing from house walls! I went under two big blanket and also hide my head under it and after struggle with cold weather I slept! I think it was 3 or 4 A.m that I woke up with a sound! All windows were shaking because of wind, I saw my fiance was in deep sleep, I went behind the window to take a look in garden. Darkness was only thing that you could see outside, oh but no it was a light which was shining from old city side! I couldn't believe that after passing some minutes different small lights started winking! In that cold and windy weather who can be there?! Dreaded ran inside me and I just rash to my bed and hide myself under blanket and I was nagging to myself that why I came here! [?]

the next tomorrow morning I told about last night events to my fiance and he just smell and told me not take them serious here most of the time you can see such this events, you have to live with them and ignore them if you wanna stay here otherwise you can't tolerate it, you should leave it or you will get mad!:( He suggested me to go around the garden and hills. We went top of the hills, the beautiful scene and clean weather can not be explained in words, in one hand I can say it is a part of heaven in land and on the other hand its terrific events are parts of hell! There was a vale behind one of the big hill which was located near our house, here my fiance pointed to some strange shaped stones top of that vale! He said these stones are called 40 daughters. If you look at these stones you can realize that they are in shape of human. He said: village people say many years ago one witch was living in that village and once in that vale the witch cursed 40 girls and made them stone; from that time their ghosts are straggle in this village. Beside the vale there is an old cemetery. Different shapes have been drawn on the grave stones. In some of them you can read time of dead and we found out the age of this cemetery is between 250-300 years ago.

Some of them have the shape of knife on their grave stone and some of them have necklace or comb shape, we guess those one who have necklace or comb shapes are women graves and others are men graves. It was so cold there and it was enough for me to hear about strange things for that morning time so I suggested to return to our garden. All day I was thinking about those things that I saw and I heard. Second night came and I disliked it because its nights were so terrific. We used a hitter mattress and made ourselves warm; you know the terrible part was night times. My fiance fall sleep so soon, he always fall sleep soon and then I feel alone, different things were passing from my minds I couldn't sleep and I envied to my fiance who was sleeping deep! I don't know how many hours I was rolling in bed and I couldn't sleep. I opened my eyes and was looking at sailing and listing to the different voices that I could hear. I went near the window and look outside; the same winking lights were there and I could hear different yaps. I was shaking and I wanted to escape from that place as soon as possible. Till morning time I couldn't sleep and just sit and was listening to those sounds, it was near morning time that all sounds were disappeared! Morning time I was ready to leave that place and begged my fiance to hurry ASAP. We took our suitcases and closed the door and sat in the car, of course my fiance was amazed from my behavior and he didn't want to leave that place. He told me these things are natural here, all people know about these events and they are living here peacefully without any harm, he tried to turn on the car engine, first try failed! Second time, third time... No useful, we couldn't turn on the car, I was dieing of stress and terrific, I just wanted to leave that place. He asked me to push the car from back side, and without saying anything I rash backside the car and started to push it. After a minute it worked, oh my god, no body knows that how much I became happy when I heard the car Engine sound! But unfortunately it was not slayable! Exactly we were in the middle of old city that the car stopped and black smoke came out from car Engine. My goodness help us, I was repeating this sentence. We couldn't do any thing and we couldn't fix the car. I was sitting in the car and I afraid to come out, I took my mobile phone to make a phone call to my dady to see how we can solve our problem because he knows about Car Mechanical problems. But it didn't work! MOBILE PHONE doesn't work in that hell because of mountain it doesn't work very well.:( What is the solution? I asked. Going back home but this time without car and use telephone there, my fiance said.

Oh my goodness we had to go back to that garden again and the terrible thing was passing the old city without car, there was no way we had to do that or stay there till a car pass and see us. We locked the car doors and left our suitcases in the car and started walking to the garden. I remember we were walking from the old city's streets and I was looking at damaged houses that suddenly I saw a wolf that was standing in front of us and staring us with his red eyes! My fiance took a stone threw it to him, he went some steps back and we saw two three, four,... wolves came out from the damaged houses. I couldn't control myself and I screamed! My fiance and I started throwing stones to them but they didn't go! Suddenly we felt puffing and some sharp lights around ourselves, from that time I didn't see any thing and I got unconscious! [xx(] When I opened my eyes I found my self in a car that was driving in road. I saw my fiance who was sitting in the car and was looking at me stressfully. We were in a Jeep and driver was a village man, he asked me if I feel well and I just reply YES and slept again! Second time when I opened my eyes we were in our home town and near the house. Later I asked about that day in that old city from my fiance and he said after puffing and shining those lights suddenly the wolves disappeared and you were lying on the ground unconscious and I afraid too much and didn't know what to do. I sat and took your head in my hands and dried and only asked God to help us, he said still those shining lights were around us and with being them I was feeling safety.

From far I heard a car sound and I saw a Jeep was passing across the road, I rash to it and asked him to help us, we took you to the car and I driver after taking some money accepted to take us to home town. During the way I talked to driver about all events which were happened to us and those things that you described me. Driver told me that Village people believe that this old city is cussed by a witch and before her death he made 40 girls into stone. From that time many bad events have happened to this old city and after the last earthquake people left it and moved to a new area. He said people believe that the ghost of that witch is still in this village and every nights she and her fans that are appearing in wolves dance and make different noises, also people believe the ghost of those 40 girls always protect people against that devil witch and they help village people, he said those lights that you saw are those 40 girls ghosts that protected you against those wolves or devil witch fans. He also mentioned about witch's valuable properties that are laid under old city ground and many people have tried to discover those valuable things which are hidden but none of them were successful and any people who go to old city for this purpose will be eaten by the wolves that live there! From yesterday that we came back I am still dizzy and I can not digest the events that I saw and I heard! ofcourse I am preparing some photoes for you that you can see all the facts that I saw. very soon I will put these photoes in this page plz wait for them.