Ghost Stories

Maybe getting a little too comfortable....

I have always been aware of 'the others' as we have always called them. Ever since I was a child, I have been able to hear them and see them and more often than not, been somehow drawn to them, or them to me anyway. It is usually a spirit here and one there but lately they seem to stick around. When I first moved into my own apartment, my mother gave me a dresser that had been hers for years, and my father's before that. My father bought it from an older couple who had had it for years as it had been passed down in their family for generations. It is quite old but beautiful. The dresser comes into play a little later, I promise to explain. While we (my daughter and I) lived in that apartment, it was hard NOT to notice the others. They would hide my hair brush on a daily basis.

At first I summed it up to my forgetfulness but then realized I wasn't going crazy. One weekend morning I woke up and was walking to the kitchen. I am not a morning person at all so the feelings I started to get really surprised me. I was giddy, almost to the point of laughing out loud. And I had no reason to be, nothing was all that exciting about that particular morning. When I turned the corner and entered the kitchen, all of my spices and meat rubs were lined up in a perfect straight line running from one wall of my kitchen to the other. The giddy feeling left me as the odd sense of being watched set in. I wasn't scared, yet, because this sort of thing was a regular occurance. At the time my little girl was two, and no where tall enough to reach the cabinets in which the spices were kept. And it sure wasn't me and we lived alone. Just the two of us. We would have occasions were we would leave to go shopping or to work and when we would come home all of the lights would be on along with anything else that was plugged into a wall outlet. TV, radio, hair dryer in the bathroom. It became a normal thing. I started to get scared when I would hear my daughter talking in the middle of the night. I would sneak into her room, just inside the door, and she would be standing on her toddler bed looking at the ceiling, talking to someone whom I couldn't see. When she would notcie me, she would tell me I scared away the green man.

The green man became an every night occurance for about a year and half. He started scaring her, telling her to run or he would get her. Only once did I catch a glimpse of the green man and I will never forget it. I was trying to comfort my daughter by telling her there was no one in the room. We checked under the bed, no one, in the toy chest, no one, and then the closet. I opened the door and there was his face. It looked as if he was screaming at me in pure hatred. then, just as quickly as he appeared, he was gone. She slept with me that night. I didn't sleep. AFter that, the green man never bothered her again, but with his absence, came a new presence. A little girl. I have seen her before, as a child she would appear to me while I was in bed. Always standing near my door, just staring at me. Well she came back. And was moer than trying to get my attention. I would hear her crying in the middle of the night. Nights that my daughter wasn't home, she would cry all night. During the day, you could hear her laughing. Plain as day, as if she were right beside you. Then came the scratches. It would sound as if someone were scratching their nails on my dresser at night. It wasn't really loud but it wasn't quiet either. I ended up moving because I got married and we wanted out of our town.

After I moved it all quieted down, no odd smells, no laughing or crying from thin air, nothing. I got divorced and moved back to the small town I am from and about two months after I was back it all started again. This time I wasn't even phased by the noises. I kept telling myself that everything was in my head and I was crazy. Now I'm not so sure I am. The little girl came up in conversation between my oldest brother and I. He asked what she looked like and I told him. He started crying!! He said when we were growing up he would watch him sleep. On more than one occasion, he would wake up and she would be standing at his bedroom door staring at him. All this time had passed and we never knew the same thing had been happening to eachother so long ago. My next oldest brother and I were talking about it about a month later. I hadn't gotten to the part in the story where I described what she looked like and he interupted me and asked if she was about three foot tall and wearing an old fashioned white dress. I was stunned. Thats exactly what she looked like. He mentioned a few other things too that just floored me. # of us had now seen her years ago and never once spoke of it. He said at night when we were all laying in bed (separate rooms) he could see her standing at my med watching me sleep. If my door was closed he could see her in the mirror on the back of my door, it looked into my brothers room, and he said she would watch my other brother sleep. Well now that me and both of my little girls live alone again, she is making herself visible during the day as well as at night. Most often she apppears in the girls' room. Or the hallway. But she is definately back.

I spoke to my mom about this the other day because I am becoming strangly comfortable to the fact that this ghost girl is always here. She just smiled and said, "I wondered where she went." I asked what she meant by that and mom said ever since she married my father and had that dresser in the house, she had seen that little girl running up and down the hallways, heard her laughing and crying, and more than once she had felt her touch her while she was in bed as if trying to wake her up and make her get out of bed. Mom said when she gave the dresser away, she never saw the little girl again. But at the time she hadn't put the two together.

Is it normal to live along side a ghost like this? Should I being doing something to help her move on? I am Wiccan by practice and have smudged the house we live in twice now and she is still here so I can't imagine she is here to harm but I feel odd now that I have realized she has been around for so long, living beside us, and I don't know why. What is the normal procedure for friendly ghosts? Can anyone help??