Ghost Stories

Meet my roommate. (UPDATED)

You haven't seen me before. I came across this site while surfing the web aimlessly in my typing class. I'm very glad I found it. Now I can share some of my life with you guys. ^_^

See, I moved into an apartment with a friend of mine a good year and half ago. The moment we stepped through the door we shared the same questionable feeling. There's truly no word to describe it. Shrugging it off as the new-life-anxiety, we settled in.

That night I after unpacking, my friend left to pick up some McDonald's and I threw myself onto the couch and let myself drift to mid-consciousness before a sudden "Hello?" startled me awake. I looked around for my roommate but found that he was still out. Telling myself repeatedly that it was only one of the neighbors, I gained back the courage I needed to close my eyes again.

Vivid dreams are rare for me but this one I could never forget. I seemed to be hovering over my body. A tall man wearing straight black pants and a jacket greeted me, and I remember it word by word:
"Hello, stranger." He smiled. I don't remember greeting him back. He continued, "Call me Love. All my friends call me that." He held his hand out, and this time I remember responding to his gesture by shaking his hand.

I woke up the next morning pondering what I had dreamt. What a shame, I thought. He looked too young to be dead.

While I ate my now cold McDonald's food my friend started about an odd dream he had the very same night before. Strikingly similar but too good to be true, I thought. I told him to shut up and handed him a piece of paper and a pen. We counted down from 3 when we would both write the name of the man at the same time. 3..2..1! We both wrote down 'Love' and stared at the papers in sheer awe...

Ever since then, there have been strange happenings in our apartment. The lady downstairs has been aware of Love too. She says he's been there even before she moved in and introduced himself in a dream. Love likes moving things-- especially when you really need them. Last week I had finished my final sketches for work (I'm a tattoo artist) and put them on the counter. A few minutes upon leaving the room, I heard a rustling sound. Hesitantly, I look for the source of the noise only to find my sketches gone. I did eventually find them on the counter again after I had turned the whole house over in search. Love also likes poking people... but that I don't mind at all. Both my friend and I agree that it's hilarious watching our friends freak out. I bet Love pokes people for that reason alone. [:P]

Here's an unforgettable doozy that occurred last year: (lol... I said 'doozy'...)

My friend and I were sitting in front of the living area T.V. when the power went out. We found that very odd as it wasn't raining outside and he was positive he had paid the bill. He joked, "Love, stop being an attention whore," and we both laughed. Suddenly the lights flickered to full power and there standing in the entrance of the living room was a tall man in black, his lower half disappearing into the air. I don't think my eyes could've opened any wider. It seemed like he was wearing a mask or had no face... Then again, I was scared out of my mind. My roommate acted surprisingly calm in saying: "Speak of the Devil."

And just like that, he vanished.


DAMMIT!! I hate it when these sort of things happen while I'm the only one at home! [xx(]

I stayed home from school today as I'm not feeling too great.. A shaking of my bed woke me up an hour ago.

" Love, relax."

By now I'm used to this sort of thing. Dazed and confused, I let it pass, and it did pass.. if only for a few minutes. My bed shook again and this time it surprized me to full consciousness. I sat up and looked around shakily.. I'm not very tolerant of fear.. Love knows this.

After a few minutes of staring at the end of my bed, it seemed to have stopped entirely. I decided to get up and brush off my laziness. As I walked toward my door something poked me. Just ignore him, I thought. I walked out the door, being poked repeatedly, and finally annoyed. Standing at the bathroom doorway, I spun around asking and believing at that time I actually wanted a response, " What?!"

Nothing was behind me but I saw something move in the bathroom at the corner of my eye. I turned instinctively... There I faced him, full bodied aparition, dreadfully close. His eyes were WIDE open. He was TRYING to scare me and it worked. It took me an hour after he disapeared to type this post..