Ghost Stories

Mel's Ghost Stories Pt.2-The Landlord's Son

This, so far as I can recall, was the very first time I can remember having an experience that I believe might have been of a paranormal nature.

When I was 12 my family lived in this small house in rural Suffolk, Va. We had just moved in when on only our second day there I unexpectantly had to be rushed to the hospital due to severe pains in my side, which turned out to be appendicitis. After emergency surgery fixed the problem, and I'd recovered, I was back at home about a week later.

I woke up pretty early the next morning after my first night home from the hospital. What I saw that morning I at first chalked up to being just a dream---or perhaps it was, I can't really say for sure. What I eventually found out later made me think that it probably wasn't, though.

I remember feeling groggy and half-awake when I opened my eyes that morning. I was on my side facing out into the bedroom and remember feeling a little disoriented and wondering where I was--this was only my second night sleeping in this new place, so I wasn't used to it yet.

I knew it was early morning because it was light enough to see, but the room was still shadowy and dim. Right beside my bed was a straight back wooden chair that I was using as a makeshift night-stand. I recall looking around and feeling sort of confused, then slowly realized where I was.

About the same time that I realized where I was, I also realized someone was sitting in that chair by my bed. I saw a man just calmly sitting there, facing straight ahead in the direction he was sittin in, hands resting on his legs. I couldn't see facial features clearly because the room was dimly lit, but from his profile I could tell his hair was curly looking.

I remember looking at this figure for what felt like a few minutes, then guess what people---I went BACK TO SLEEP!!! Can you believe that!?! [:O] lol Even later on after I'd gotten up for the day and I had remembered what I saw, I do not recall being freaked out in the least. I guess I felt safe...The last thing I remember thinking/feeling right before I went back to sleep was that he was watching over me.

But still---I think about it now, and I can't believe I wasn't alarmed at all--dream or not! lol I mean, I totally had NO clue who this person was. I didn't recognize him at all. But what did I do?? Well, I fall back asleep, of course..gawd [rolls] LOL

I think that was one reason I figured it must have been a dream at first--my lack of alarm or concern. I knew what I saw didn't SEEM like a dream--there were just too many details that I noticed--and I certainly felt like I was awake. But, I figured who knows, right? Maybe I drempt it and just thought I was awake.

One day sometime after that I had went with my mom to the landlords house to drop off rent money. I had went with her before, but had always sat in the car while she ran in. She asked me, as usual, if I wanted to go in with her and for some reason that time I said yeah. Usually I just wanted to stay in the car and play with the dial on the

So, we went in and my mom was talking to the landlord and his wife when the landlord had to go into another room for some reason--I think maybe to get Mom a receipt..I didn't really pay that much

Well, we all went in the living room to wait for him and that was when a photo sitting on their mantle caught my attention. I was surprised to see what I was sure was the SAME man I'd seen sitting by my bed that morning when I was 'dreaming'.

The photo showed a young man from the chest up, dirty blonde colored CURLY hair, probably in his 20's at the time of the picture. The room was dimly lit that morning, but just from what I had seen of the figure, I was certain the man in the photo was who I had saw!

Of course I didn't say anything about what I'd seen in my room, instead I asked who that was in the photo. The landlord'ss wife just said it was their son---who had passed away a few years before!! I was thinking, EEK!! [:O] lol I was a bit surprised to hear that. Right about then the landlord came back, they finished up their business and we left.

I had mentioned the figure I'd seen that morning in my room to my Mom before, so when we got back in the car the first thing I did was tell her that I think what I saw that morning was their son!!

She seemed suprised, but then seem to decide it was probably only a dream--(I think she just [b]wanted[/b] it to be a dream, if you know what I I asked her if she knew anything at all about their son and how he died or what not--what she told me then made me pretty darn certain that I really did see him....Also the reason I think she chose to play off the figure I saw as 'only a dream' too.

Not long after we had moved in, the next door neighbor--(gossip mongers that they were, God bless ' Mom that the landlord's son had lived in the same house we were living in for awhile.

Allegedly he was involved in something to do with drugs and had gotten into some kind of trouble that had to do with that particular lifestyle. What it was, I don't know. Mom didn't say.

Well, apparently whatever trouble he was in got to be too much, and one day he drove his truck over to a nearby dirt road and shot himself.

The neighbor went on to tell Mom that apparently there was some speculation about whether or not he really committed suicide. I don't know. All I know was that after seeing that picture and then hearing all that, I was pretty certain--(and still am)--that I really saw their dead son's ghost sitting beside my bed in the early morning dimness of my room.

It just seemed too much of a coincidence for me to have seen this figure, then see this photograph of a man I recognize immediately as the figure I saw--and THEN find out that the man in the pic was dead AND had lived in the same house I was living in---before that day I saw the photograph I had no idea those people had a son, much less a dead son who had lived in OUR house....

That was the only ghostly incident I recall ever happening to me in the 3 or 4 years I lived there. I've often wondered that if in fact the figure I saw was this man who killed himself, why did he appear to me in my room in the manner he did. If there was some message, why didn't he communicate with me? He never even looked at me--or moved at all, for that matter.

Why did he only show himself to me that one time? Why didn't he pursue a full fledged haunting if his spirit was seeking some kind of justice--(if he had been murdered)....or forgivness-(for taking his own life).

Then again, maybe he wasn't seeking neither of those things. I do remember having the distinct feeling that I was being watched over. Maybe his spirit lingered around the last place he lived and perhaps he recognized that I was still healing from my recent surgery and felt a need to convey a sense of security to me....heck, I don't know. Guess I never will.....