Ghost Stories

Mel's Ghost Stories

I thought that perhaps it was time for me to share a few of my own ghost stories with you all. Nothing earth shattering, nor probably anything that most of you haven't experienced yourselves at some time or another before, I'm sure. I thank you all for taking the time to read them just the same. :)

This first story I'd like to share happened 6 years ago. It wasn't my first experience, but it certainly was memorable for me.

In October of 2000 my husband, two kids from a previous marriage-(aged 7 and 9 at that time)-and I all moved back to Virginia from Colorado and needed a place to rent. I was 8 months pregnant at that time and we needed to find something quickly. My parent's home is small, so we really wanted to find our own place ASAP.

An older couple that I'd been friends with for several years had recently decided they wanted to move to North Carolina, but didn't want to sell their doublewide trailer and were willing to let us rent from them. It was almost an hour from where my husband was working at, but we decided to take it--at least till we found something closer to his work.

We moved in and not long after I started getting these feelings that I wasn't alone when I was. Nothing huge, or really scary, but noticeable. Then I started catching glimpses of things in my peripheral vision that weren't there when I turned to look.

For example, one day while vacuuming the living room I suddenly had the feeling that someone was watching me. Some of you may know the feeling I'm talking about--it's hard to describe, but there is a certain feeling you get when someone is staring at you intently. You just KNOW when you are not alone before you even see anyone. You sense it. I do, anyway *shrugs* lol

AT roughly the same time I felt this, I saw in my peripheral vision what appeared to be someone standing in the doorway to the dining room area. My first thought was that my husband had came home unexpectantly. There were some times when he did come home early during the week if work was slow, but that didn't happen too often. But, the kids were at school, so who else would it have been, right?

Well, I turned my head to look, but he wasn't there. Nobody was there at all. It spooked me a little, but at the time I chalked it up to just my imagination. For the most part I felt comfortable in this house. Well, with the exception of one particular area--the closet in my daughter's bedroom.

This trailer was one of those really nice, big double wide dealios. The master bedroom was on one end of the trailer with two smaller bedrooms on the other end. These, of course, became my two older kids rooms.

Have you ever had a really big dislike for a certain place, or area in a place, without knowing why you didn't like it? Well, my daughter's closet in her room was like that for me.

From the very start, I felt distinctly uncomfortable going in or near my that closet. It was a nice, big walk in closet. Very roomy! I loved the space it had, but for some reason I couldn't put my finger on, I did not like it. I felt distinctly uncomfortable and very anxious when I was near it or had to go in it.

Neither her bedroom itself, nor my son's for that matter, made me feel uncomfortable. The closet in my son's room didn't give me the willies half as bad as hers did either. However, I have to say that I also didn't cherish going inside of his to put things away either--but I could deal with it. I didn't feel the same level of anxiety that I did about my daughter's.

**side note** Later, after we had already moved from there, I realized that might have been because their closets were separated by only a thin wall. My theory has been that perhaps whatever was in her closet might have 'leaked,' for lack of a better way to put it, through to his. I really don't know, though. All I knew was that I hated going inside her closet!

Before I go on, let me tell y'all a bit about Cori, my daughter who slept in the room with the creepy closet. She was diagnosed with autism when she was 3 years old.

Thankfully, she is on the high-functioning end of this disorder, but she was totally nonverbal until she was 5yrs old. She was 7 when we lived in that trailer. Through a lot of hard work on the part of her teacher and I-(as well as the inspirational determination she possesses naturally:) )- she had came a long way by that time and was much more verbal and able to communicate fairly well. However, her speech and communication skills were nowhere near that of other children her age, so her frustration threshold tended to be quite low.

She had had problems with tantrums in the past on occasion, mostly caused by unwanted changes in her environment, or frustration in her inability to make us understand what she'd be trying to tell us. Overall they were rare, and far less severe than they could have been.

Her 'tantrums' normally involved her screaming/crying, and either throwing herself onto the floor, or under some object such as a table.

These tantrums had never escalated past what I just described and happened less and less often as she learned how to cope and communicate better. She was a beautiful, otherwise healthy, and happy child who was a joy to be around for the most part. Then I started noticing behavior that Id never seen in her before.

One day about two months after the baby had been born, I had put Cori in her room for a 'time out.' Whenever Cori displayed negative behavior, as kids her age often do from time to time, I would put her in 'time-out.'

Normally, there was never any problems with this method. I'd place her in her room, tell her why she was there, and leave the room for about 10 minutes. Usually she'd cry it out, get over it, calm down, and then I'd come get her, discuss the behavior that put her in time out, and that was that. No problem.

But on this day it turned out differently. I entered her room to call the time out over, and was floored when I saw just about everything that was in her room was on the floor--just thrown all over the place! Toys, stuffed animals, clothes--everything that wasn't nailed down was all over the place!

Posters had been ripped off her walls. Papers shredded. I was shocked because she'd had time outs before, but never had she shown a violent, destructive side like this when being made to take one. Ever.

I was so shocked! She had never done anything like it before. What really mystified me was how all that had been done in such a short amount of time and without me HEARING her do any of it.

You'd think that while someone was ripping holy hell out of a room you'd HEAR something, right? I was sure that at the very least I should have heard some banging and thumping as stuff hit the floor--some of the toys thrown around were big and heavy electronic type toys!

Yet, despite the fact that I was only ONE room away, I'd heard NOTHING!!!! She had cried for a short bit, stopped, and that was it till I walked in her door roughly 10 minutes later and got the shock of my life! Her door had been fully closed while she was in there, so I ended up chalking it up to that--but I still half-thought I should have heard something of that destruction while it was happening.

After I was able to stop gaping from the shock of her room, I expressed my disbelief and disapproval, and made her help me clean up the mess. I had no reason to think she hadn't done it since she was the only person in the room at the time. Later I had reason to rethink that assessment......

Maybe a few weeks after that happened, my 9yr old son informed me that he was hearing things in his bedroom and that he didn't like his closet. I had not said a word to ANYONE at all about my 'feelings' towards Cori's closet or his, so when he told me that, I totally paid attention.

He explained that he heard someone talking in his closet at night time, but he couldn't hear what they were saying. I told him it was prolly just one of his toys--battery going dead or something.

I searched through his closet in search of dying toys, lol, but of course found nothing of the sort. I tried to chalk it up to his imagination or the TV or maybe even Cori talking in her room...whatever. Hey--I had to stay there at night by myself a lot with the kids! I didn't really want to believe what I was starting to suspect--that there might be some 'something' roaming about that I couldn't see when we were in our beds at night! Nuh-uh!!

Another weird incident happened one Saturday morning when I was playing with the baby on my bed. She'd just recently started focusing good on faces and smiling voluntarily. So darn cute and fun when they get to that stage, so I was sitting at the edge of the bed with my legs curled under me, up on my arms with her laying on the bed propped up on pillows in front of me.

My back was to the door of the bedroom and my husband was in the kitchen making breakfast. My older kids were at their dad's house for the weekend.

So there I was making googly faces at Gabby making her smile and burble and stuff, when I heard my husband quietly walk in the bedroom door behind me.

Have you ever noticed that when people walk up beside or behind you, they....gawd, how do I describe it--ummm, it's like they 'displace' the air or something. The atmosphere around you changes when someone comes close to you and you just KNOW when someone is there no matter if your in a quiet room or a noisy one. You almost physically feel it even though there is no physical contact. You sort of hear it too...Hard to explain, so I hope at least some of you know what I'm trying to say

Anyway, I figured breakfast was ready and he had walked in to tell me and was standing there watching me play with the baby first.

I then heard/sensed/felt him as he got closer to me and leaned up just behind my right shoulder near my head--like he was looking over my shoulder. Never touched me, but I knew he was there.

I didn't turn around because i "KNEW" it was him, right? I was watching Gab's face and guessed he was making faces and smiling at the baby like I had been cuz I could hear the sounds a persons mouth makes when they are doing such things without making any actual verbal noise. If your in a quiet room sometime close your mouth completely, then smile. Really big. Open your mouth up wide from a fully close position. Your mouth makes these sort of wet, smacky

I heard this plainly right there beside my ear. Not only that, but the baby was actually LOOKING at the same area behind me where I thought my hubby was at! Gabby eyes were locked dead on that spot, and then she started grinning and kicking her legs and arms in excitement in exactly the same way she did when you made faces at her and acted silly.

She was clearly looking at someone and they were amusing her and that entire time I thought that she was looking and reacting to her daddy! I was actually laughing at her amusement and had said, "She likes that" when she got particularly tickled acting...

After a minute or so of this I finally asked him if the eggs were ready. I was got no answer, though. I turn around and he was NOT standing there where he SHOULD have been! There was NOBODY there at all! I was like, what the.....?!?!

I called out his name, and he immediately answered from the kitchen. I asked him what he was doing and he answered, "What do you THINK IM doing? Making eggs." [rolls] lol

Come to find out he had been in the kitchen the entire time. He had never left the kitchen since he first went in there to start breakfast. I was furrrrreaked just a weeeee bit, to say the least!!!! lol

What I had halfheartedly suspected for a while became a full blown realization at that point--as much as I didn't like it, I was pretty certain that SOMETHING was there in that house with us.

Things went along on an even keel for a while. The 'not alone' feelings as well as seeing things out the side of my eye still happened, but after that Saturday morning nothing I'd consider 'major' happened. I was fine staying there at night by myself--figured if they don't bother me, I won't bother them! lol I was never flat out scared--at least not until Cori had another 'time-out episode' one day....

Cori had a tall dresser in her room that I had sanded, painted and then painstakingly handpainted a fantasy scene of Jack and the Beanstalk on the front of each drawer. Each drawer had part of the scene on it so that when you looked at it from the front, it was one entire scene showing Jack climbing this huge, leafy beanstalk on his way to the top, where you saw a castle waiting for him. It took me over a week to complete it and I was very pleased with how it turned out. Cori loved it!

So one day, Cori ended up needing a time out in her room due to a tantrum. I took her to her room, sat her on her bed, and told her that I would talk to her when she had calmed down some, then walked out of the room, closed the door, and then went in the living room and sat down to wait. I was within 8-10 feet of her room the entire time.

I could hear her crying, and after a few minutes, as was often the case, she started to calm down and the crying eventually stopped. I got up and went in the kitchen for probably about 10-15 minutes, then went to tell Cori time out was over.

I got to the hallway and could hear her talking. Something about what I heard made me stop and listen at the door.

Now, it was nothing unusual to hear Cori talking when noone was in the room with her. One of the things Cori used to do back then was to say word for word certain scenes from whatever was her favorite Disney movie at the time. I've always figured she was sort of playing the movie in her head, and saying the lines herself for the

But what I was hearing did not sound like the normal way Cori usually talked when she was by herself like that. What I heard sounded almost like she was having a conversation with someone that I couldn't hear!

I heard her say, "No, I can't.", pause, then "You better not." another pause, then "She's gonna be mad." This was not normal for her at all. I knew that if this had been a movie she was repeating, she would also have added whatever dialog went in the middle of those things she said--she spoke for ALL the characters in the movies she liked to replay for herself. Instead, it sounded like listening to someone talking on a phone--I could hear her part of the conversation, but not the other participant!

I opened her door quickly to see what was going on. It truly frightened me what I was hearing--you had to know Cori and know her ways to know why it frightened me probably. This was NOT normal self conversation I was hearing.

So, I opened the door and the first thing I notice was that Cori was seated on her bed, [u]facing the closet in exactly the same place I'd left her! It struck me that if she actually HAD been talking to someone then they probably would have been in the closet area--I soooooooo didn't love THAT little thought in light of how I felt about her closet!

The second thing I noticed was that her room was totally trashed again. Same as last time--except this time there was an added bit. This time, the dresser I'd made for Cori was trashed as well! I couldn't believe what I was seeing!!

Almost all the paint had been peeled off the top and second drawers, TOTALLY ruining the fairy tale scene! There was no way to fix it other than to scrape the rest of the paint off and start over. I was highly upset. But not because of the dresser.

I was upset because I [u][b]strongly[/b] suspected that Cori had not been alone in that room just then and that whatever was in there had something to do with tearing the room, and the dresser, up.

I asked her right away who'd she been talking to and all she said was 'the man.' I tried to get details out of her, but had no luck at all. When I asked her what happened to the dresser, at first she said she didn't do it, then cried and said she did. Lying has never been a part of Cori's nature and isn't something she is prone to do. But for the first time I wasn't sure what to believe. I knew what I had heard and what I felt and something definitely didn't feel right to me.

It dawned on me then she might have had a little visit from 'the man' that last time she'd had a time out and her room was trashed too.

Shortly after that we found out about a place closer to my hubby's work that would be available in a few weeks. I was NOT sad about that...not only because of what had recently happened in Cori's room, but because my hubby had been staying at my parents house during the week to save gas since it was closer to his work. I stayed in that trailer a good part of the time alone with the kids. I would NOT be missing staying by myself there one bit! lol

One night not long after we found out about the new place, I was talking to my Mom on the phone. Now, I hadn't said anything to anyone about any of the strange things that I had witnessed in that house up until that point. My hubby knew about the day in the bedroom with the baby only because he was there when it happened.

For some reason that night I told my Mom about Cori's last time-out. When I was done she said something that scared the crap out of me!

What she said was, "Maybe what Mark saw in her room the other morning is what you heard her talking to?" I was like, "WHAAA!?!?" I totally had NO idea what she was on about at all!

Mark usually stayed the weekends with us there at the trailer and would get up early to go to work Monday mornings. Well, that past Monday he'd gotten up as usual, but saw something in Cori's room as he was about to enter the kitchen.

When you stood right outside the kitchen doorway and looked across the living room, you'd see right inside Cori's room. He said he was walking into the kitchen, and for some reason looked towards her room.

Her door was wide open and it was dark, but her room was lit fairly well by the closet light.(I always kept the light on and left the door halfway open in that closet at night. The thought of that creepy closet being pitch dark with my baby sleeping just feet away disturbed me.) So the closet light enabled him to see pretty clearly in there.

He said he saw an Indian women--(wearing traditional buckskin dress and everything)--sitting on the floor by the side of her bed towards the foot of it, facing the direction of where Cori's head would be. He must have seen this quite clearly because he actually described her as sitting on the floor, with her legs folded under her--like she was sitting on the back of her calves, know what I mean?

He said he saw her clearly, then--(and I thought this was a strange reaction myself)--went on in the kitchen! He loved my daughter, which was mine by a previous marriage. I know he did--or at least cared a lot about her. But that sort of p'd me off cuz I still think had that been HIS kid, he wouldn't have been so nonchalant about it...just waltzing on into the kitchen like seeing something like that was NORMAL, for pete's sake!....grrrrrr
:( .....annnnywaaaaaay.....sorry bout

So anyway, he said he went in, started the coffee, then when he came back out the kitchen he looked down there again, and it was gone.

I was TOTALLY upset by that bit of news! I couldn't believe first of all that he left MY baby in there after he saw that, and secondly that he didn't wake me up and tell me THEN when it happened!! Knowing my husband as I did, I knew it wasn't like him to make something like that up, so I knew he was telling the truth.

But what he told me later--(after I was done reading the riot act to him, that me feel a bit better. He said that the reason he didn't think too much of it was that it didn't scare him because what he saw wasn't scary. He said he actually had the impression that the Indian women was watching OVER Cori.

He said he didn't tell me anything about it because he thought Id be freaked slam out cuz he knew I was already sort of uneasy with what had happened that Saturday he was there when I was playing with the baby and with me there by myself like I was most the times....well, he didn't want to scare me...i guess he knew me pretty well cuz he was right--i WAS freaked out after I found out!! lol

So, eventually I calmed down a bit and thought it over. Our house was right beside the Nottoway River. Right outside our back door, as a matter of fact. The Nottoway Indians used to have camps all up and down the river. You can actually buy a map that will show you where known camps were, and you can drift the river and arrowhead hunt.

I started wondering if perhaps Cori had an Indian spirit protecting her from whatever was in her closet. Maybe protecting all of us. When I thought about it, I didn't really get a scared feeling about knowing an Indian women was calmly sitting in my baby's room like that--I actually had sort of a good feeling about it.

I've always had an affection and fascination for all things native american--(I have wondered many times if I might have been a native American Indian in a past life----always felt a connection there.) So the idea that this Indian was there to protect my daughter just started to 'feel right' to me... I can't really say for sure if that was true, but considering the history of that area, as well as what Mark said he saw, it made just as much sense as anything

Nothing else of any dramatic nature happened from the night Mom told me what Mark said he saw up until we moved out for good a few weeks later. And I am happy to say that since we lived in that house, Cori has never shown any further tendencies to be destructive when she's upset. That right there pretty much affirmed my instincts were right when I thought that what happened during her time-outs wasn't of her least not entirely, anyway.

OH more thing. I called my friend right after the 'Indian' incident and asked her if she or her husband had ever had ANY weird things happen to them when they lived there.

She told me she had smelled perfume and sometimes flowers that she didn't have in the house on several occasions. Then she told me husband told her a few years previous that he saw his dead first wife reflected in the screen of their big screen TV when it was off one day while he catnapping there.

She went on to tell me the details, but since I have gone on so long already, I wont go into will say this: she told me that he said this figure was wearing white and looked to be standing behind the couch behind him. He said he saw her VERY clearly--enough to know this was his dead wife right away when he saw it!

She then related to me how they had tried their best to try and re-create the effect of a lady in white on the turned off screen of their big TV, but it was not possible no matter how they tried to because the screen had a very NON-reflective surface. She said you couldn't see anything reflected in when you were one foot away from it, much less standing all the way across the room behind the couch!

What all that was about, I have no clue. But I did tell her this---"You could have at least WARNED me your place might have been haunted!!" [rolls] lol