Ghost Stories

Mom and her ghosts

This all happened about four days ago. It was about 12:30 AM and I was sitting at the computer reading the posts here on GP. I thought I was the only one awake in the house. I was wrong. In the middle of the livingroom, sitting on the floor, was my mother. She was laughing and talking and doing all this sitting on the floor. Now mind you my mom is 71 years old and I have not seen her sit on the floor in about 20 years. I asked her what she was doing and she told me talking to Mickey. I asked her who and she said in a very loud voice your father. I didn't know what to think let alone say. She went on talking to him as I sat there watching. Then she turned towards the doorway and said Hello Jack how are you and Sahra doing. It has been a long time. I got up and looked around and all I could see or hear or feel was cold very very cold. Not the whole room mind you just a couple of spots. So I sat back down in the chair at the desk and watched a little longer. It must have been 15-20 minutes and my mom jumped, yes jumped up off the floor and walked over to the couch and sat down. Her face was so lit up almost like there was a light on it. She had a smile on her face I had not seen in a very long time. I asked her who else was here and she told me that her mom and dad had just walked in. The room got so cold at that point that I had to put a jacket on. The TV was off the heater was on and so was the light in the livingroom, but it sits at the other end of the room and my mom's face was so lit up and around her glowed like I had never seen before in my life. The air had a smell that made my mind think hard of what it was. It took me a while but the smell was that of White Shoulders perfume. I lisitened to her talk for a while longer she was answering questions and talking to my grandparents and dad like she used to do before they all passed on. I tried to take pictures but my camera would not work to save me. I even pluged it into the wall socket and still it would not work. My other camera with film worked but all the pictures I took came out white. When printed they were white no color no nothing. I know that it was a new roll of film and a fresh one. I had just put it in earlier that day. This went on for another hour or so. The house was warm except for the livingroom. My mom laughed and talked the whole time. When I tried to talk to her or ask a question I was told to be quiet. I could hear my dad and my grandfather telling me to be quiet, or at least I thought I could hear them talking to me. The all of a sudden my mom started to cry and cry hard. Tears rolled down her face so much that it scared me. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that they all had to go now. She asked if she could go with them and I herd a very loud hard NO! that came from beside me. Then I felt a hand touch the top of my head and if I did not know better somebody kissed my forehead. My grandfather used to do that. It was cold so cold and the air was heavy and I started to cry. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw somebody, I thought it was my grandfather walk past the doorway. I looked again and saw nothing. Then I turned to look at my mom and she was sitting on the couch then I thought I herd the front door close. I went to look and the doorhandle was ice cold. I opened the door and I could smell White Shoulders again. I herd my grandmother say love you Tanya take care of your mom. I felt a kiss again on my cheek and then the air started to get warm again. I went back into the house and my mom told me that they were all there talking to her telling her about what they had been doing. She then looked up and said thank you God for letting me see and talk to them. She went to bed after that and slept like a baby. Me I sat there thinking about all that had happened. She got up the next morning and remembered all of it but thought it was a dream. I told her where she had sat and what was said. She started to cry again. She said she thought it was a dream. Be both believe that it did happen. So much so that the house still smells of White Shoulders but only in the livingroom. I sit here now telling all of you about this not sure to believe it to be a dream or reality. I vote reality because I was there I felt it. I herd the voice tell her I felt my grandparents kiss my head I herd my grandmother say take care of my mom. The voice was very clear. I wonder if maybe just maybe that it was Gods way of telling me things will be alright? I don't know I just know that if I get the chance to maybe talk to my dad or grandparents again I will not let my mom do all the talking. This is all true. It did happen. I wish that it would happen again. I miss them all so much. I didn't get to tell them I love them.............But I figure they all already know that, Right?