Ghost Stories

Montgomery Street

Hello, I just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed reading the stories that everyone has posted here on Ghostplace, and thank those who created it. It's comforting to know that others have had similar experiences, and it really helps pass the time, while I'm at "work"....shhhhhh don't tell the bossman.

Isn't it strange how you spend most of your childhood willing time to pass quickly so you can grow up and move away from home.....and then spend most of your adult life trying to get back. That's just what I did. When the time came for my 5 yr old son to start school, as fate would have it, I found myself back in my home town. A quiet and safe little map dot nestled in America's heartland.

I was excited. Finally I was able to be a stay-at-home Mom and do all the things that Mom's are suppose to do. Take my son school myself, spend the day with my 4 yr old daughter, join the PTA, voulnteer at the church and do crafty little projects with the kids, be a real June Cleaver. Whatever. Our new arrangement also had it's drawbacks. One income meant downsizing to one car. When school started in the fall, the weather was nice, and we were within a decent walking distance of the Elementary school, so my husband took the car in the mornings.

We fell into a comfortable routine. Up early for breakfast and baths, walk to school, drop the kids off for kindergarten and pre-k, walk home, get all the chores and housework done by noon, pack a lunch, walk back to school, pick up the kiddies, walk to the park for lunch, and spend the afternoon playing together. It was an endless entourage of Mr. Potato Head, Barbie, Play-doh, bubbles, Mr. Rabbit.........Then quiet time while I fixed dinner, and Daddy came home.

I was happy, the kids were happy. We were "home". No gangs, no drugs, no crime to speak of. Basically good, honest, and hard working, proud American people in town. Peaceful and quiet. We were safe. We had our routine, things were working, everyday was the same.

I can't tell you why I took a different way home that afternoon. I had crossed that intersection 4 times a day and never went that way. That afternoon was different. Was it something in the air? The leaves were starting to fall from the trees and while there was an uncommon stillness about the neighborhood, there was an unusual stirring inside me. While waiting there for the kids to come out of the building, I wanted to run, to run fast and hard. My insides felt like they were on fire. Was my liver was playing jump-rope with my intestines or what? I just needed to move and DO something, anything.

The noon bell rang and the kids rushed from the doorway of the school. My daughter jumped into my arms, yelling " Momma Beans! Momma Beans!" and smothered me in kisses. My son entangling me in a octopus hug and squeezing as hard as his little arms could, asked "Where's the lunch bag Mom?" (Geez that boy is always hungry) But our lunches! How could I have forgotten them? Think fast, "We're doing something different today!" I told them, " I'll race you home, the first one there, gets the first ice cream cone!" With that they were off, throwing their backpacks off halfway down the block, to run faster. I turned back to pick them up and glanced down another street. "Hey Guys STOP! Come back this way. I think we'll get home faster this way!"

A quick glance for traffic and we were across the road. The race was on again. Run one block. Wait for Mom to cross the street. Walk the next block. Run the next. "Wow, I'm out of shape," I thought to myself. Then my vision went black. I heard thunder inside my head while little silver sparklies danced around in the darkenss. Whoa! Is my blood sugar low or something? I squatted down, head in hands, and steadied myself. In a few breif moments my vision came back. Whew, I was fine then. But what was that all about? Where are the kids?! Daughter's in front of me up the sidewalk a bit, ok good. I turn and find her brother back down the sidewalk behind me. Standing there, unmoving, and shaking. No, not just shaking, he was trembling. "Zeb! What's wrong honey?" No Response...Nothing.... did he hear me? "Zeb, are you ok Bub?!?" I moved towards him. Goose bumps rose all over my arms, cold chills shot down my legs. The back of my head began to tingle. REALLY tingle, it felt like a swarm of bees were playing dodge ball with ice cubes inside my head. I wasn't crying, but my eyes were watering uncontrollably, I could hardly see.

I scooped the little guy up into my arms, and spinning around quickly turned back to his sister. That's when I realized...... OMG! Look where we are! Why wasn't I paying more attention? Oh Sweet Jesus, how could I have forgotten about the HOUSE ON MONTGOMERY STREET?

more later.....