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Montibello Haunted House..

Hi everyone,

O.K. I have another frightening experiance to tell you.

A friend of mine was a parsel delivery person and had to deliver in country towns in Quebec. I use to go with him from time to time just to keep him company or to help. It was actually quite fun, until we went down this one road in Montebello, (I don't even remember the name of the road) But the further we went the more I felt uneasy about going.. I told him that I was beginning to feel sick and wanted to vomit. He handed me some gingerale and told me to put my head out the window to get some air, but it didn't help; the air felt stale and was hard to breath. He then pulled over so I could vomit.. (I know yuck)

When I was done, I looked up and across the road was a house, it was abanded.. I looked at my friend and said, this is the reason why I feel sick, he said, Why it is just a old house?, I said there is something about this house. I made him go up to it with me, ( He was never afriad of anything and so came just to prove me wrong) When we got to the door, it opened as if all by it's self, he shruged it off as maybe the wind, but I knew better. Now inside, it was really weird, the stairs was like they were just there without anything holding them up, I tried to go up them and they seemed solid, he followed, but as we were nearing the top, it was like we couldn't go any further, there was something preventing us from taking the last 3 steps.. And the vibes were so bad that you felt it on the back of your neck.. there was a lot of old fur coats scattered all over the place.. My friend started to book it to the door running down those stair like a bat out of hell. I on the other hand just kept looking around, until he screamed at me to come to him. I asked why. He said turn around, I did, and my god, I flew down those stairs, For what I saw was so unreal, and so scarey that I lost my breath for a moment.. There wasn't just one but many, and so guotest that I wanted to vomit again. It is so hard to describe them, they were like nothing I have ever seen before..And man, did I run, It was like my feet were way out in front of me and my head was trailing behind. And before I knew it we were back at the truck and on our way.. My friend looked at me and said, "O.K. what was that? I can't believe I just what I saw!" I was so stuck in thought that I didn't say anything for a while.. I finally got my barings straight and looked at him and said, Oh My God, that is one evil house, Move over Amityville.. We both tried to discribe what these things looked like and every time we did we kept saying, No it was worst then that.. It was like they were visible but not, you can see holes in their face and skin driping downward, Burned skin, they seemed like something straight out of your worst nightmares and yet this wasn't that.. Man, it is so hard to discribe them..We drove without looking back.

Now as it is today, they tore down that house only to see it back 3 day after. Standing in the same spot looking the same way.. We pasted it the day they tore it down, thankful that it was gone and didn't think twice when we had to go down that street again and there it was back up and full of activity.. Even the snow was untouched outside, like as if no one ever went on the property... And yet the lights were on and a party was going on inside.. there wasn't even any power going to the house..

My friend no longer delivers parsals today, I think for someone who never gets scared was scared that day.

I know nothing more about this place, only that I wish to never see it again for as long as I live..

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I think I got the street it is on, ither Montee Major or Cote Ezida, In Montebello, It is on your right hand side, Look for a White run down house, with no hydro going to it.. There is a small garage or or barn to the right of it too...
Good luck when you go to it.. don't forget to post what you see and all when you go.. I would like to know what you see and hear or if you got pictures of it,,

Brightest Blessings and Gentle Breezes
~ Storms ~