Ghost Stories

More Experiences!?!?!

Okay, well when I was younger and I was dating my ex-husband I was 16. Well I would sneek him into my room sometimes (LOL I was a bad girl). Well when I heard my dad coming I would have him stand in my closet and turn off the lights in my room and go talk to my dad for a little bit so he didn't think something was up. lol (I was soo sneeky)

Well my ex called me from my closet (LOL) and was all outta breath freaking out saying "Angelica please come to your room now PLEASE" I took my time but went back and asked him what was wrong and he said " I swear on everything while I was sitting here in the dark waiting for you to come back I felt something get right infront of my face and started breathing on me" I felt so bad because I know how it feels to be scared s*ittless and can't do anything but sit there and take it.

Another time after I finally told him what was in my house and the thing that follows me. Well we were on my bed just laying there talking in the dark and I heard someone walking around in my room. You know when you walk on carpet the noise it makes, well I know when the ghost is there because I can hear it walking on the carpet. I started hearing it I told him to be quiet and listen. He was all what is that, I said its something in my room walking around I would could hear it walking at the edge of my bed. That was super creepy.

Another time he spent the night and the end of my bed was my TV and in the TV you could see the reflection down the hall way. Well I got up to use the bathroom and left my door open. My ex said that as soon as I shut the bathroom door he saw this man come walking down the hall way and he didn't know who it was, but he walked towards my old room the creepy one with the closet that I hate. At the time only me and my dad lived there. That was kinda creepy.

One time I let my ex into my room and went to take a shower. I got out went back into my room and was in my closet getting some clothes my ex was standing behind me then boom my lights shut off. Let me tell you its much more creepy to be naked and have the lights or something scary happen you feel more vulnerable. I asked him did you shut off the light he said no how could I'm standing behind you so I went to the light switch and the light was still flipped on so I shut it off and turned it on and the light came on. That use to happen to my radio too it would shut off or the CD would start skipping bad even when the CD was brand new no scratches or anything.

One other time when I was getting ready for school that thing shut my light off in my room again. I was mad because I was already running late and trying to put my make up on. I yelled stop messing around and turn my light on NOW and boom it turn right back on.

Just the other day I went back to my dad's house because I was gonna clean for him he called me telling me he had to leave to do something and he would be back later but he left the door unlocked for me. So after work I pulled in the drive way got out and when to the door and opened it and boom like a ton of bricks something hit me inside and said DO GO IN THERE i turned and around and walked out. Called my sister and asked her if she would stay with me while I clean she said sure so I went and got her, but she had to take her daughter somewhere. So I never went back my dad called me later on and asked me if I went over I said no i was too creeped out. He was all why you know its just your mom in this house (my mom died when I was 13) I told him no its not. I know for a fact it is not my mother because out loud I have said " MOM if its you running around this house or calling my name or trying to talk to me please don't you are scaring me I love you and I miss you, but please leaving me alone I'm a chicken lol I don't mind if you are here, but please don't let me know" and after that things continued to happen I know my mom would respect my wishes. My sister can tell when my mom comes around and she says she can tell when it is not my mom because the hairs on her arms stands up. Like the person in my old room who called my name she said she knew that wasn't my mom.