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More on ghostly smells.....

Okay, so this is going to seem more like it belongs in the story forum I'm sure, but I swear there are questions for discussion at the end..please, bear with me :)

Not too long ago Melissa was talking in here about smelling smelly smells that you can't account for. This too has happened to me over the years off and on and I have smelled things like cigars/cigs, flowers, burning wood, excrement, oranges, parfume, sulfer, as well as a few other things im sure Im forgetting.

At the times I smelled these things, there was no obvious reasons for them that I could find at the time..Just a few months ago I was able to add yet one more thing to this strange list of unexplainable odors when I encountered a totally new smell I'd never encountered in this fashion before. Let me start from the beginning.....

My ex husband moved into a new house last November. I had been over there by myself a lot helping him get stuff moved in by taking boxes and stuff over there when he was at work, waiting to let the gas man in, etc.....

During those times--this was before he'd even moved in--I had already suspected there was at least one spirit attached to his new house. Several times when I was inside the house by myself I had the very strong, distinct impression that I was not alone. Nothing scary, mind you. Just the 'feelings' that I wasn't alone. I never said anything to my ex about this at all, because I guess it didn't seem like a big deal at the time. Nothing really 'strange', had happened--just that hinky feeling of not being alone.

So flash forward a couple of months to January. He had been there by that time about two months. I had been over there plenty of times by myself and/or with the kids by then. I still got the impression of not being alone inside the house, but not every single time I was there. Only sporatically. Eventually I also got this same 'not alone feeling' while outside in his garage too, but never said anything to him about it....

Now, let me say that while my ex seems to be a believer in the paranormal, he's not one to really be able to talk about it [u]seriously with. He likes to joke around too much, if you know what I mean, so we haven't ever really had any big conversations about the paranormal--every time we do, he has gotten on my nerves, so I don't go there with him too

So, I was sort of surprised when out of the blue sometime around the end of January, he called and told me that he'd like me to bring my camera and 'do my thing'--(re:investigate for possible paranormal activity) I was very curious as to why he suddenly wanted me to do this, and tried to get him to tell me what happened, but he flat out refused to tell me what he either saw or heard. He wouldn't tell me for nothing! The only thing he would tell me was that it happend in the garage.

So, I took my camera and mini tape recorder for an impromtu investigation that evening. Nothing too thorough--just wanted to get a few control and preliminary shots and try for a few evp's just to see if anything showed up. Figured I'd see what happened, then I'd see about doing something a bit more indepth. I headed over there that evening, took a few pics, set up my recorder and went inside the house to let it record for an hour or so--(ill tell y'all what my results were from that particular investigation another time, since this thread isn't meant to be too much about that angle of it--just the smelly smells

So, i went inside and he and I were talking about nothing in particular, joking around and stuff. The kids were in and out between commercials on tv, and we were messing with them too. Actually, I ended up sort of forgetting I was even trying for evp's outside during this

We had been chatting for probably 10 minutes when I realized there was this smell in the air. He had been doing work recently to his kitchen, laying marble, and I had noticed there were about 3 different cans of what looked like chemicals or something on his counter. I just assumed I was smelling one of them, so I thought nothing of it.

What I was smelling smelled exactly like model cement-(airplane)-glue. That is a pretty specific odor and not too easy to confuse with anything else. I, not knowing much about marble/tile laying, was still assuming what I was smelling had to do with the work he was doing in the kitchen, so I said nothing about it.

Over the course of a good 30 minutes or better I was continually smelling this odor, and eventually it got to smelling so strong I couldn't help but comment on it. "Good Lord, why don't you crack a window or something!" I said to him. He looked at me like I was crazy, then said, "Why?" I said that smell is killing me. He said what smell? Then I looked at HIM like he was

Now, all this time I had been standing in what would be considered a foyer of sorts--it's a small area you enter when you first come in the back door. There is a wide doorway where you step up two steps to enter the kitchen area. My ex had been standing up in the kitchen area, while I was down in the foyer area.

When he claimed he couldn't smell it, I then said something about the tile work he was doing in the kitchen and it being one of those chemicals in those cans on the counter. He then told me he had NOT opened any of them since bringing them inside yet. I was like, nooooooo waaaaay!!!! I smelled this and am STILL smelling this, so it has to be SOMETHING, darnit!! But he said it couldn't be from one of those cans because he hadn't opened them inside of the house yet.

I insisted it had to be some kind of chemical he was using in the kitchen, but he adamantly denied it, telling me that he hadn't even opened any kind of chemicals in the house that day at all. He had gotten the cans out in order to do so, but hadn't gotten to the point that he needed them yet, so they hadn't been opened.

I then decided to check out those cans for myself. I went into the kitchen--(still smelling airplane glue the whole time, by the way)--and opened each can myself and smelled the contents. Not one of them even resembled the odor of airplane glue whatsoever. I had no doubt in my mind at all that whatever I was smelling, it had not came from any of those cans. I was totally perplexed at that point!

What perplexed me more than anything was that he seemed totally oblivious to this odor that to me was almost gaggingly strong. I swear I almost felt like I had a contact buzz off of it it was so got him to come and stand right beside me in the foyer, then in the exact same spot I was in, and he still couldn't smell a thing while I was smelling it the entire time. If I could smell this then I knew darn well he should have smelled it as well standing right where I was, but he couldn't.

The only idea he could come up with as to an explaination was that maybe the smell had came out of a heater vent in the foyer. Good idea, I thought, so I waited until the vent started blowing again. Unfortunately, this didn't explain what I was smelling either because there was no odor whatsoever blowing out of it--just warm air.

We spent the better part of 15 mintues switching places, walking around to different areas, smelling various things to try and figure out where this smell was coming from, but to no avail. Finally, after almost a good solid hour of being able to smell this odor, it started to get fainter and fainter until I could no longer smell it at all. I was totally stumped as to why I could smell it for all that time, while my ex smelled nothing. Still am.

All I know is that I did not smell airplane glue when I first went inside--only after a good 10 minutes did I realize I was smelling something. So far as I can figure it's a good possibility that was possible paranormal activity of the olfactory kind. I simply don't know what else to think.

I did get one possible positive photo, and several possible evp's from that night, but I haven't done anymore investigating at his house since then--(haven't had time to). I'm wondering if the smell was a direct result of my trying for photo's and evp's that night because I've not smelled airplane glue, or any other unexplainable smells since then at his house....

I'd love to hear some thoughts and feedback on that theory--if maybe that was some sort of sign of displeasure, or maybe just a 'i am here' sign from whatever is in that house to let me know it knew what I was doing? Also if anyone else has ever had that happen before--(you smell something that someone else in the same room/area as you can not smell at all) Thanks for reading all this!! Sorry to be so long! :)