Ghost Stories

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Hello again...

I thought I'd share another experience that happened to me last weekend. My boyfriend and I were quite bored and I decided to go back to a cemetery we had found. The following description is taken from my personal on-line journal site.


My younger sister and I had been driving aimlessly around in circles one day in the country just outside our hometown. We found a small cemetery that actually creeped me out somewhat but intrigued me at the same time and I made my mind up that we'd return at either dusk or in the middle of the night to check it out. Last night my boyfriend and I found the cemetery just as it was starting to get dark. The sun was almost totally down and darkness was taking over slowly. We drove through the cemetery once and then came around again and parked next to the church on the edge of the cemetery. On our first drive around I saw the shape of a person, transparent, sitting on a bench in front of a grave. When we parked and sat in the silence and let it settle around us I was overcome by a deep and intense sadness unlike anything I've ever felt before. It was heavy and weighed down upon me like a weight on my chest and shoulders. My attention was directed to a small carving of a stone tree and as I stared at it the sadness continued to swell and I saw the tree take on the shape of a person. I was unable to turn away from this particular shape and then it separated itself from the tree and became a shadow of a small figure. It was extremely sad and this is where the sadness was coming from and I couldn't break my concentration or stare from this figure. Everything around me faded away, all noises and everything for a few moments. Suddenly I came back to Earth so to speak and was aware that my boyfriend was staring at me. He started the car and we drove around the cemetery once more but I didn't say anything. A small wrought iron gazebo caught his attention and he wanted to go up and go in it. I was about to say we should when I noticed a large and very black shadow forming at the entrance to the gazebo. It was huge and dark and had red glowing eyes. My boyfriend didn't seem to notice it because he was looking in the other direction. He asked again if I thought it was a good idea and I said "No, I don't think it is. I believe we need to leave." He didn't question it and we left. The sadness seemed to follow us though.

It wasn't until we were a good 30 minutes away that I finally spoke and told him what I had felt and saw. He claims he tried talking to me several times and that I continued to stare blankly ahead and it wasn't until he said something to the effect of "snap out of it" that I came back. He said something was moving the blinds inside the church but there was no car around and if it were a human they would have most likely came out and inquired about what we were doing. He also said he heard a creaking noise as if a door was being slowly open and shut. Whatever was in the gazebo felt like pure evil. It was as if it was warning us to leave before it made us leave. It didn't have to tell us twice.


Take Care