Ghost Stories

Multiple? Burning smell...hmmmm

Ok story started almost 20 years ago & with my father. My dad purchased some furniture from an estate sale and almost immediately paranormal activity began. He believes the woman attached herself to the was her bedroom set, spare bedroom set & other misc items. He would hear a woman humming &/or singing in the kitchen, see things moving out of the corner of his eye, have items moves from one side of the house to another & he even saw her feet in fuzzy socks underneath a door crack. My mom never once experienced anything & my dad never told her anything because he didn't want her to be afraid...because she would have been. My dad always shared his stories with me & I always figured that he was just sensitive to the 'other side'. Well about four years ago my parents found a beautiful, old farmhouse & ended up moving. My son & I then moved into my parents old house. (I should also add that the house was built in 1992 & my family has been the only occupants). So, here I am, living back in my childhood home & within about 6 months I started noticing things happening around the house too...but my experiences were way more frequent than my dads. He left most of the furniture from the lady's estate in the storage area at the back of the I'm guessing whatever the lady attached herself to was still in the house. I experienced the humming & singing in the kitchen, things were getting moved like crazy, I see things down the hall or out of the corner of my eye, my bed gets bumped a lot at night & I sleep with a box fan blowing on me & a lot of times the sound of the fan & the wind pressure will if someone walked past the fan. The main difference between me & my dad is, I have a dog & two cats & he & my mom never had any pets. My animals seem to get spooked on occasion & will bark or whine at nothing & they do not like to be alone in any room....they act very scared if they are by themselves. My son, who is now 12 has even made comments that our house is haunted because he has noticed things being moved & he sometimes will get creeped out for no reason and sometimes feels like someone is watching him. I try to make him think it's nothing because I dont want him to be scared. now onto ghost #2. (I'm married at this point & my husband was a non believer at the time.) We enjoy yard sales, auctions & flea markets & love to find little fun treasures. Well one night we went to an auction & I found a large antique mirror that I wanted to refurbish & hang above our fireplace. wasnt long that the mirror was in our house & I just felt like something was different....I couldn't really explain it but it was like the old lady was less present & something new was hanging around. There weren't too many odd things happening or out of the ordinary I guess I should say...but it was more of a general feeling. I felt like I was being watched or followed more & when I was alone in a room I never really felt like I was actually alone & this was not something that I ever felt with just the old lady. Lastly...ghost #3. So my husband, dad, son & myself were all at a local antique flea market & I came across a man that was selling what seemed to be a collection of owls. I LOVE owls...I collect them we checked them out & I bought 5 of them. I didn't think much of it at the time, but the man selling the owls was trying to get me to take all of them. He was offering me deals & was really kind of nervous acting & you could tell that he just wanted them gone but you didn't know why. Well, Im pretty sure I figured out why. It was a week or so after the owls were set up at my house and wow....I found that we had a really aggressive & bold force that had tagged along with my cute little owls. I was getting whispered to at night by a male voice & after answering it a couple of times & having my husband say...'who are you talking to?' I realized that it was not my husband that was talking to me. It would even ask odd questions like 'do you want me to put lotion on your back'? The talking turned to touching & that was the creepiest of all....I was laying in bed with my husband & the ghost was rubbing my thighs and backside. Later that evening my husband became a believer when he had a hand run its fingers down his back in a swift manner. He was facing me in bed & I was sound asleep so he knew it wasn't me. Since the 'owlman' showed up I would wake up in the middle of the night terrified & definitely could feel the presence of something that did not seem friendly right there in the bedroom with me. Sometimes these things have happened back to back, every couple of weeks, months...there really isn't any consistency at all. I have tried to journal days & times to see if anything looks like a pattern & I haven't noticed anything that would point to anything a full moon, seasonal changes etc. so...with all of that being said, things had died down a little & the only things that I have noticed the past few weeks were a little bump here or there on the bed or the feeling/sound that something walked past the fan. Well, that was until last night. I woke up around 3am and jumped up in bed, screamed, scared the crap out of my husband & myself and was 100% convinced the he house was on FIRE. I smelled smoke so strong that it actually woke me up & I smelled it long after I was wide awake. My husband didn't smell anything but did a thorough walk through of the house just to make sure & he didn't find a single thing that would have/could have caused the strong fire smell. Sooooo.....I have heard before that the smell of fire with nothing burning can either be a group of ghosts together in one place or a possibly malevolent spirit. I have gone from a singing little old lady to a strangely bold man (I think) and I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts about any of this? Am I barking up the wrong tree with the smoke smell? Any responses would be greatly appreciated...that is as long as you are not going to tell me that I am probably would prefer NOT to hear that" lol