Ghost Stories

My Bestfriend

I've never posted this, or really shared it much with anyone involved (family). July of 2008, my bestfriend of 29 years, Chrissy, died of Cervical Cancer.

We were exceptionally close for the majority of our lives, in the last three months she was alive I moved back home to take care of her and help her with her two young daughters. She had given up on treatment and decided to stay at home to spend as much time as she could with them and her loved ones.

Her sister owns a Sports Bar and Grill here in town and Chrissy worked there for 5 of the 8 years its been open. We shared many discussions of heaven and life after death and things of that sort, she and I had shared an experience when we were children and home alone that we both, even as adults could not explain and knew, deep down was a ghost.

After she passed away, I decided to remain here and I started to work at her Sisters bar doing the same job as Chrissy had (cooking and kitchen managment) The building is newly built.. its history only extends to the business that is currently there. before it was the grill there was a carlot there.

Ok, so here is the things that I need help with. In the bar we have numerous security cameras set up and a monitor on my bosses desk that has them all showing 24/7, they also record constantly, but motion within the cameras 'zone' will set its 'title' to flash red.. indicating something has moved in that area.

I was watching the cameras one afternoon, taking a break and the back prep room (where no one was as I was the only one in the kitchen area and the only other employee was the bartender out front) camera kept flashing, I was sitting there.. watching it flash, and there was nothing moving.. that I could see on the cam. This happens .. often, and only in the back prep, none of the other.. 15 cameras do this that I have ever noticed.

Stood one day last month by the order window.. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and looked back towards the prep room (again I was the only cook there and only one in that area) and I saw a movement of what I think was someone walking, or in motion from left to right, but their face area and leg area was obsecured by racks we use to keep dishes on and other supplies (paper towels , cups that sort of thing) the 'figure' was wearing a black long sleeve t-shirt and that was all I could see, and it was gone in a blink.. I didn't go back but watched the room for a good two minutes (which believe it or not is a long time when you are rooted to the spot).

And then, last week, I was in the office once again (where I go to have my smoke breaks :) no one else was there (I'm the only daytime cook from 11am to 5pm) I sat down at the desk to have a cigarette and couldn't find the ashtray I had been using all day long, I left it on the desk on the blotter right infront of the monitor. .. clean desk no clutter and it was NOT in the office.. I looked.. I didn't move it.. it wasn't there at all.

I gave up and went out to the bar to get another ashtray and went back to the office.. and there right smack in the middle of the blotter was the round black ashtray. I cold not have missed it sitting there and no one had passed my direct path from office to bar and back.

I'm not asking for validation or anything like that, I know what I saw and the experiences there. What I need to know is .. what does this mean?

Is she still here, as i've no doubt its my friend Chrissy. Why hasn't she gone to where she is meant to be? I know she wanted to believe in heaven and at the end of her life did accept faith.

I'm not a person of strong faith but my deepest one is that my beloved friend is ok and happy.

Is she still here because she's not able to move ahead, how can I help her.. what can I do.. I can't say anything about this there, because of the close bond she held with her sister and I dont want to cause her pain.

please help me if possible..

I'm not scared. of her spirt.. I just want her to be at rest.