Ghost Stories

my chain of events

hello this is my first time posting, and i am posting the events that have happened that truly creeped me out. This all started in the year of 1999; the year my father died, i was only six at the time. We have been living in the Philippines for my whole life. I have heard my share of spooky camp-fire tales when i was younger, but i thought nothing of it. But after my fathers death strange things started to happen.... i believe that it was because of my fathers death that i was able to open my third eye. Here are my stories;

In Cebu....
1st event:
My father passed away on the 11th of December. And when i woke that fateful morning i was met by the image of my family crying around my fathers bed, my mother had woken me up and explained what had happened that night. As a child true i understood what had happened but i didn't cry, i had promised to be strong that and the fact that death came as something that normally happened and i did not mind it all that much. As my family kept crying i looked around the room strangely enough there were shadows moving about the room. i counted the shadows and ended up with a number that surpassed the amount of people in the room at that time and they were moving on their own. Once again i paid it no mind. As we were leaving the hospital i noticed more shadows moving on their own and there were other patients that well didn't look "alive" their skin seemed different and they were wearing odd tags the type my father was now wearing, those tags were for dead patients. I pushed what i saw aside and went on with my day.

2nd event:
It was perhaps a few weeks after we threw my fathers ashes in the ocean, Christmas had already passed. It was just after lunch and i was heading back to my room on the second floor. Now when i go to my room i have to pass by our mini library, and there sitting in a corner hugging his knees with his head down was a small boy. He didn't seem right though, he was skinny and his beige shorts were ripped he wasn't wearing shoes or slippers or even a shirt but his hair seemed neat. At this point i was looking at him side-ways, i turned to face him and he lifted his head and looked directly at me. What i saw shocked me he had dark circles around his eyes and his eyes itself were as black as his hair(there was no white in his eyes but i could see the highlight in his eye which told my he had eye-balls) and his lips were violet! But for some odd reason i wanted to know who he was, so i stepped forward. That was my mistake a split second later he jumped at me i could hear him scream ( or was that me, I'm not sure), i could only see his head. I quickly covered my head with my hands and ducked down. A few seconds passed i was now on my knees, i looked around and since i couldn't see him anymore i ran to my room and locked the door.

3rd event:
I was seven when this happened and i was already researching as much as i could on ghosts. Not a lot of things have happened since the 2nd event so i had relaxed a bit. Once again after i had eaten lunch i went up to my room; now from the stairs you can look directly into my room (i left the door open). As i got to the last step of the stairs i see a shadow in my room, it wasn't mine since my shadow was behind me. And just as i noticed it it "ran" to the right of my room. Seeing this i ran into my room to check, but it had vanished, i locked the door and tried not to think of it too much.

4th event:
This happened when i was ten my little sister, my mother and my step-father(my mother remarried when i was eight) were awake downstairs. It was around 9:30 PM i went to bed at nine since i had school the next day. I decided to go out and get a glass of water, as i stepped out side i felt an odd chill but i ignored it. Halfway to the stairs i heard footsteps and then i heard something crash right beside me, when i looked it that direction i saw a black mass just a few feet away from me. It started to move towards me, thank God i wasn't frozen for too long and i was able to run back to my room, lock the door, and jump into bed. After a few prayers i willed myself to sleep, and the next day i tried to forget about what happened but to no avail because every day i would hear footsteps and then a crash...

in Manila....
5th event:
I moved to Manila for school along with my mom, sister and step-dad. This event happened late around four or five in the afternoon, i was watching T.V when i heard someone behind me call "nanay" (it's filipino for mom), under the television set was a stand with shelves for our DVD player and a glass door, that's where i caught the reflection of a little boys feet (with socks and shoes) standing by the stairs. I just kept staring as i heard footsteps come from upstairs going down the stairs, then the pair of feet vanished and i heard the footsteps go back upstairs.

I have moved back to Cebu after living in Manila for two years, lately nothing to weird has happened apart from whispers or the occasional shadow or noises. Thank you for reading my story sorry if it was long ^^.