Ghost Stories

My cousin's house(haunted)

Ok,I live in North Carolina but my cousin(whos 19 and lives with her new husband)lives in Virginia.Well,a little while ago I went to spend the week with my cousin and her new husband,Greg.My cousin's name is Anna.Well,they live in this huge 3 storie house that was built in the late 1800's or early 1900's.The little information about the house that Anna knows is this.It built by a man for his new wife of 17 named Lilly.At the age of 18 Lilly gave birth to two little twin girls,Beth and Elizabeth.Elizabeth was a still-born child and died 2 or 3 hours after birth.At that time the nearest town was about a 30 or 40 min. horseback ride away.So,after makeing sure that his wife and his other daughter,Beth,were fine he put the dead child in the parlor downstaires and saddled up his horse and went to call on a docter and priest for the burriering of his daughter.On the way there the horse must have been spooked or something because the man was thrown from the horse and died because of a broken neck.He was found about a day or two later by a passerbyer.Well,when Beth was 3 years old,her mother being around 21 years old,Lilly(the mother)fell from the top staires of the 3rd floor all the way down to the 1st floor.Her neck wasbroke and she was killed.Many people say that she comitted suciide because she was pergant by a man in town and back in that time it was looked down upon if you were pergant and unmarried.But the death was classifed as an annicedent.Three year old Beth was raised in the house by the nanny.When Beth was 15 years old her and the nanny were killed in a brutel murder at the house.

I now belive that the house is haunted by the family.While I was there I swore I heard a babys cry from the downstaires parlor(the room where Elizabeth,the dead child,was placed by her father).But I knew that I couldn't be hearing a babys cry for Anna and her husband have no child and the nearest house is at least a 5 or 10 min.walk.Anna has also told me that at night on stormy nights(like the night that the nanny and 15-year-old Beth were killed)you can hear screams and yells of a young girl and an older lady.To my dismay it didn't storm at all when I was there so I have no clue if this is true or not.I have also felt a bitterly cold spot on the top step of the 3rd floor(where Lilly feel to her death).And I'm sure that I've seen the ghost of young Beth,the nanny,and Lilly.I stayed in Virginia for a week.I saw Lilly on the 3rd day that i was there.She was standing on the top step on the 3rd floor wearing a light purple old timey dress.I was comeing up the staires halfway up to the 3rd floor(that was were my room was).She stepped forward and the heel of her shoe seemed to miss the stair and she cam falling forward!I screamed and pressed myself to the wall as it scared to me death.I was sure that it might be another guest in the house.But as she passed by me she vanished into thin air!The next day I saw the nanny.(I'm not sure of her name).She was an elderly lady but looked very pleasnt.She was wearing a grey knitted dress.She was sitting in a chair in the kitchen.As i walked in she too vanished.I saw Beth on the 6th day I was there.I was sitting on the porch that day and saw a young girl in a white button up shirt,and a old timey blue skirt on walking around the flower beds.She looked up toward the house and saw me then was gone.

Can anybody tell me what you think?I mean do you think there nice ghost?That Lilly did comitt suicde?That Beth and ther nanny are finding peace now since they were murdered?If that crying I heard was the dead child Elizabeth?Anything will help me out!

P.S.Sorry so long!