Ghost Stories

My dad :)

Hello again everyone. :)

I had a lot of people ask me to post the encounters I have had with my father's spirit. So that is just what I will do.

First of all I find it very necessary to give a bit of background on my dad. He was a very wonderful person. Even though he and my mother were divorced he would always come to make sure I was ok and to visit with me. My mom wasn't to big on this though and tried to keep him away for reasons unknown to me. He became homeless after my grandma died and basically roamed the streets of Lakewood, Colorado in search of work and ways to get by. I would always visit with him and help him in any way I could but he didn't want me to have to take care of him. Which of course made me sad but I had to see things through his eyes too. One of the last things he said to me was "I love you and soon I'll be able to watch over you the way I have always wanted to."

Well on August 11th 2003 He passed away. I didn't get to say bye to him but I honestly don't think he wanted me to , Basically I think he wanted me to remember him as a strong person, the way he was when I saw him last & not sick. That's just the way my dad was/is. Honestly I think my dad wanted to pass on so he could watch over me and protect me since he didn't get to as much as he would have liked to when he was alive. I can also honestly say He was the best father I could have ever had and I will always love him. :) Now on to my experiences

The first incident I had was when I was driving home after finding out he had passed away. I was going down the road and got the feeling I should look in my rearview mirror, Upon doing so I see my dad sitting in the backseat of my car next to my sleeping daughter smiling at me. I said "Hi daddy" and he said " I told you I would be with you" then he faded away.

The second one was when this I was in bed about ready to go to sleep after my husband had left for work. Just as I was about to doze off I hear someone walking through the house I just laid there and I see a haze enter my room and I got a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Then I hear my dad say "Hi sweetheart sleep good and never forget that I love you."
After that he turned and went into the front room and that's where the footsteps stopped.

I have also seen my dad sitting in a Grey chair in my front room, I feel his presence a lot and he seems to really like that chair to sit in so I have kind of assume that he has claimed this Also one night when I was resting on our sofa I was thinking I was cold and suddenly a blanket that had been on a chair at the other end of the room floated over and was laid on me.

And one other instance was A person I thought was a friend of mine came into my house and started threatening me, I was of course home alone with my daughter sleeping in my room. So this idiot is threatening me and I feel this ICE cold wind blow through the house and I hear my dad say to this person "get away from my daughter!!" At this point the unwelcome guest as we will call him high tailed it out of my house and has never come back or tried to contact me. Thank God!! :)

Well that's it for now I will undoubtedly have more to post about my dad as I get the feeling he is going to be around for quite awhile he doesn't seem to interested in leaving

I do apologize if this is kind of long . I hope you enjoyed it.