Ghost Stories

my daughters shadow friend

So my daughter has been talking for several months about Darlene. I assumed it was either an imaginary friend or on a stretch her spirit guide. But lately i have begun to wonder. To start my daughter is 4 years old and will be 5 in less than half a year. She knows things about life that no one has ever talked to her about. I asked her where she learned these things and she told me Darlene told her. Here are some examples this Darlene told her about

Child birth- understands that she was made in mommy's tummy and came out where the potty comes from.

Death- understands people start out as babies and gets old. When they get to old they go to bed never to wake up and either goes down below the ground or goes up into the sky.

Fire safety. To get shoes on wrap a blanket around self and go out side and get away from building. Not to wake up mommy because loss of time could block the entrance to escape.

So i sat down with my daughter to ask some questions about her. Keep in mind she is only 4.

What does Darlene look like? She is a shadow.
How can you play with a shadow? Silly mommy she stand up but she is all black like a shadow.

Where does Darlene live? (pointing to the sky) up there with her daddy

Does her mommy live up there too? Avoids question

How old is Darlene? This many (holds up 5 fingers)

How did Darlene get up in the sky? Avoids question

How did Darlene's daddy get up there? From a fire. Darlene's daddy said we have to get a fire hose in case of a fire(extinguisher)

Who taught you what to do if there's a fire. Darlene's daddy

That was the end of the question and answer because she was starting to get fidgety.

We moved a couple of weeks ago and Darlene went missing for a couple days and my daughter asked us to go back to the old house to find her. But she found us. This conversation happened the other day.

Later on after all the questioning i asked her where Darlene went when my daughter couldn't find her. She proceeded to point to the ground and told me the monsters had her and they were trying to pull the bones out of her body but her daddy found her and took her back up to the sky

Personally I'm convinced this Darlene is a real entity. I'm kind of upset that she told my daughter things that should of been reserved for me to tell her about. Personally I'm wondering how this Darlene knows every thing if she is only 5 unless it is an older entity portraying herself younger for my daughter. I don't think this Darlene is a bad entity but it only here to help my daughter in life.

I constantly hear my daughter talking out loud in her bedroom alone at night. She says things like

-its my toy I don't want to share
-I don't want to play right now
-mommy doesn't want shoes on the bed
-stop jumping on the bed

And when she is in bed trying to sleep I will here things like

-leave me alone I'm tired
-you can sleep on the floor
-are you warm enough?
-stop being so loud

She has come into my bedroom on several occasions now and asked to sleep with me. I would ask her why and she would tell me tings like

-Darlene wants to play and I'm tired
-every one is talking too loud in there
-Darlene is hogging the bed
-Darlene snores to loud.

And keep in mind most of this loud stuff and playing has only really happened since we moved in here a couple of weeks ago

She has talked about this stuff before at my boyfriends parents house where we previously lived but not to tis extent. I figured its because at his parents house we stayed in a furnished basement with a blanket across the drop cieling to give an illusion of a bedroom where as here she has her own bedroom now.

I cant stress on how smart my daughter is. All parents like to claim there children are smart. But for her being only 4 and a half...her vocabulary is endless. Words I would never even imagine in sentence to use. Her adding and subtracting is beyond her age. And thing she knows in life is phenomenal. And all thanks to Darlene.

Well the house we lived in where my daughter met Darlene has been in my boyfriends family for over 30 years. And my boyfriend who is now 31 has never noticed any ting out of the ordinary. His parents are Lutheran. The apartment we are in as of two weeks now i have no clue. But what i do know from friends in these apartments (sever different buildings of 18 units) in my building in unit 11 is supposed to be "cursed" who ever lives in there ends up fighting and breaking up. I guess it broke up sever families already.

But my daughter since she was an infant always seemed to see some one. When she was 1 in a different apartment always seemed to talk to pappy who i believed was my grandfather. But she seemed to of outgrown that stage for a couple of years. But now it seems back in full force.

I truly believe these entities what ever they are truly don't mean her any harm except to keep her up trying to play. But I am defiantly keeping an eye on it. I don't want to discourage her but yet I don't want to encourage her either.

Frankly its never been to this extent before and i am at a loss on how to handle it. Should i try to get a last name out of her and research it? Let it play out hopefully and let her out grow it? Or should i assume she has a gift of seeing people from the other side and nurture it? If she was older it would be different and I wouldn't have a problem on how to go about these things. But she is so young.

And being native american I have been raised with a strong spiritual belief. If I was back on the reservation she would be honored as a holey women even at this age. But fact is I'm not there. Nor do I want to be there. Any suggestions?