Ghost Stories

My Dream

Many people on here talk about realistic dreams they have had so i decided i will share mine that i had this morning.

Its rare that i have dreams like this. Especialy one that when i woke up i was so drained of engergy i could barely stay awake in the shower.

The dream started off with my family movie into this house. The house was fairly old seemed like over 100 years old. From what i understood we have been living there for almost a year and season seemed to be summr because i could feel the heat in the air.

I over here at night my mom talking to her mother about my father getting scratch marks all over his body and they dont know were they are comming from.

When i here this i told my mom not to worrie that i will fix it and there will be no more problems.

I run to my jewlry box and look for my specail heart necklace but i cant fined it, so i put on the cross my greatgrandmom gave me which is odd because i never were it and i am ot really christian.

As soon as i put the necklace on i feel it. The one causing the scratches on my father. He grabs me I can feel his arms squeezing me as i try to pull them off. But the feeling was odd when i felt him grab me it was close the falling or drift feel i get when i astro project.

When i am trying to pull off his arms he ask me question like are you pecail? who are you? ect.. I start yelling stuff, telling him to let me go, but i get really scared so scard i started calling my gardians names and i rarely ever do that in dreams that are real feeling enless some thing bad is really going on.

As sooon as i started calling thier names i could feel him loosing grip and he let go.

When he lets go i run to to door. I can feel the old wooden floors on my feet. I storp and relize i am naked so i run back slip on a robe and run out of the house. As soon as i am out side sme people pull up in a blue van. I only remember one of the people in the van because she staired at me and gave me a smile. She had bloned short hair like of cut like oprahs, alo she hard red lipstick and a black womens suit on.

when they get out they have a dog with them, he runs down the hill in the back lard to the pier. I could feel the wet grass and mudd as i walk down. I even stop to touch the ground to make sure it was real.

The dog is in the water that is not that high. They lady explains how this man was a puritan. That the people in this town thought he was doing evil deeds and magic. The they made him leave the town. Some men thought him leaving was not enough so during the night they went out found him and killed him. After that the town started seeing things and bad stuff was happening so they all left and made a new town after that every thing was gone.

She said near 100 years ago this house was built here by a farmer. But when his wife died from mysterous screcomstances he left. And evenr since them people couuld not stay weeks in this house.

After this a toddler, a little girl comes next to me. I pick her up. She has bloned hair. what seems like a min later she is like posested. She hangs on to my arms tryig to bite them. I stuggle with her trying to make sure i dont hurt her. I pry her off and tell him to let her go and to stop this, your not evil let the little girl go she did nothing to you. She falls intot he water, and she is normal crying

I wake up. Its 6:00 a normal time i wake up but i am so tired i barely make it to the bathroom. I rfeel so drained. I basically start to fall asleep in the shower.

I keep thinking of this dream now woundering how i am so drained. I have never felt so drained from a dream that felt real.