Ghost Stories

My experiances jordan

Hello everyone! This is my first post. (Yes I have read the stickies).

Anyway, I'm here to communicate with other people who have ghosts in their lives.

Okay.. this might be long.. but please, stick with me

I moved into this flat about a year ago now. It is my first house outside of home. The happenings started going on the FIRST day I was here. After moving in my belonings, I drove to my flat, and got outta the car. I was pretty excited.. as most people are, knowing that they have a house to themselves. I walked towards the front door, when I noticed a man walk by. "Hey mate", I said.. and he just looked at me, and kept walking. I was like, 'oh great, my neighbours are a***holes'. Anyway.. 3 weeks past. I got home from work one afternoon, and opened the door, when I saw the man from the first day. I was a freaked out and said 'Hey.. what are you doing here'.. when he just looked at me again. I began to get annoyed and said 'Excuse me, get out!.. please, I don't know how you got in here but please get out'.

The man just smirked at me.. then faded away. I couldn't beilive it. I was literly breatheless. What I saw had just blown away all of my thoughts about life. It's hard to describe the feeling I got. But, strangely enough, whether it was out of shock, I wasn't scared.

That night many strange things happened..

*shower turn on and off
*doors banging
*taping on the walls

The next morning I sat down and I realised I have a ghost in my house. Ever since that moment, this ghost of mine, has been doing many many many things.
I will write below all of the things that has happened

*I got home from work, busting to go to the toilet. I was in a rush and stubbed my toe on a chair. "OH SH*T", I screamed at the top of my voice. I then beggan bouncing around, in pain. I looked up, and saw the man, laughing at me. I couldn't beilive it. There he was, leaning against the wall, laughing. That scared me, and I sat down in shock on the couch. That was the moment when I decided it wasn't going to effect my life. I made the desicion to, the next time something strange happens, say something to him.

*Surely enough, about 2 days later, I was awoken by my bedroom door opening and closing extremely fast. I was moving at a speed, it would be very difficult to replicate. I didn't want to back out on the promise I made to myslef, so I gathered my breathe, and said "Mate, can you stop it please.. I want to sleep."
It stopped. "Thankyou", I said.. I layed back down and realised what I had just done. I had just spoken to a ghost! I got pretty excited and ended up going to sleep.

In between these events was where lots of minor strange things happened.. doors closing, shower starting.. taping on walls.. each time one happened I told him what I thought of it. I wasn't scared one little bit of him from that point on words.

*I awoke one morning and made my bed neatly. I had breakkie, then went back into my room to get my work clothes. I opened the door and realised my bed was extremely messy. I looked towards the corner, and I saw the man laughing, looking at the bed... His face was so cheeky, and it mayed me happy... a happy mood swamped over me. I said to him 'Haha, you are bloody cheeky arn't you.' He kept laughing, and looked up at me.

So, there I was with a playful ghost in my house.. I thought I was kinda lucky in a way. Not many people had experianced what I had.

Anyway, just last week my girlfriend was over. I was talking to her when I saw her head snap back, really fast. She screamed and said 'Oh my god, Jordan, he just pulled my hair' (My girlfriend knew quite well about him by then, and has seen him mroe times than I have.).. I then said 'Hey, don't do that, that hurt h555er'. Then I heard laughing come from the dining room, so did my girlfriend.

That is about all the stuff I can think of, there has been HEAPS of little things, and my girlfriend has seen him over 10 times.