Ghost Stories

My Experiences With The Unknown 2

Ive got a couple stories tied into one big story for this one...

When I was born, I had a really special bond with my dad's dad. When no one else couldn't stop me from crying *even my mom* my Grandpa would pick me up and put me by his heart and id stop instantly. When I was about 2 my Grandpa had a heart attack and died. A couple days before my dad had a dream that him and my mom were in the hospital room and he passed away right in my dad's arms. Well the day that he died my dad was holding his hand just comforting him.

A couple months before any of it had happened before he had gotten sick. My dad and Grandpa were sitting in our living room and my dad's back was to the hallway. They were watching a movie and talking about serious things when my Grandpa told my dad not to move. Well my dad turned around and didn't see anything. Couple minutes later my Grandpa said James don't move. There's a women in white floating in your hallway. *damn I got goosebumps* Well my dad turned around again and thought he was joking around because he didn't see anyone. Damnit James every time you turn around she disappears. Then again, a couple minutes later he saw her again and she was kind of of talking or trying to but no sound was coming out. My dad didn't turn this time but moved his head slightly so he could see out the corner of his eye and saw her to and then she just vanished. They decided not to tell anyone about this. *This was before all the scary **** started happening. *

Well anyway when I was around 2, it was raining outside. I was looking out my window where you can see one of our garages. I saw a old red hot rod with the top down. Then I went and told my mom who was in kitchen. Well a lot of times before id talk to people that no one else could see. My parents thought maybe I had an imaginary friend or over active imagination *but at 2* so they talked to my pediatrician and she told them not to make a big deal or discourage it when I'd do that and to go along with it. Well a few minutes later I saw my Grandpa outside *who was already dead* crying in the rain. I told my mom, and that we need to let him in. She was ok and opened the door. I said ok he's inside already and went and sat on the couch next to him. My mom went to sit by me and I screamed at her and then said no Grandpas sitting there. As I was saying it she went and sat down on the other couch. I looked back at my Grandpa and he had a yellowish white glow around him. [?] So I gave him a hug and then told my mom he's not crying anymore he's happy. And I turned to look at him and he was gone. The old red hot rod I found out had resembled a car my Grandpa used to have, before I was born. And he had bought my dad a similar red hot rod before but my dad remodeled it... idk.

That's the last time I ever remember seeing or just spending that little time with him. No other memories. Come to think of it, I dont remember like nothing of my childhood accept a few experiences that weren't to great. That happens to me now. Ill remember some bull **** thing but nothing like trips I've taken or time spent with family... Any opinions...

What does the color yellow and white mean for an aura?

But the lady in white we think could have been his guardian angel or some type. I forget how it was brought up but my dad and his brother's wife were talking after my Grandpa passed away and the topic of the lady in white was mentioned and my dad said wow. Ya know dad swore to me he wouldn't tell anyone. And my aunt Kim said what. He never told me nothing I saw her myself one night babysitting for you. The night I told you I wasn't going to babysit for you anymore.

My parents had trouble finding babysitters. My aunts and uncles and neighbors babysat but never came back.