Ghost Stories

My first encounter with the paranormal

Hi guys,
here is a paranormal experience that I hope you will keep an open mind to as before it happened I did not believe in anything I couldn't physically touch. I can only tell you that i am mostly an honest person (apart from when you have to take your children out of school to get the cheapest hols dates and then you have to tell a little 'white one' to the school - or if my best mate asks if her belly's hanging over her nice new skirt

Right, this is how i became a total believer in anything paranormal:

About 10 years ago, my skeptic mind was put to the test and my life changed. It was around 1997 when my colleague (Jen) and I went to Southampton, England for an art exhibition that was being held. Bear in mind, neither of us had been to this part of England before.

On the first evening we went down to the hotel bar quite late for some cigarettes and we were pleased to see two staff drinking after finishing their shifts. Jen asked if we could have a drink and then we joined in their conversation. To cut a long story short, they were saying the hotel was haunted, so she suggested they hold a seance.

"All right then," one of the barmen said. "We could set up a Ouija game. There's a Scrabble set behind the bar, we could use the letters," he suggested looking around at his colleague. His friend kind of half grinned but agreed.

The barman, who I shall call Mark (but cannot remember his name), set out the letters in a circle shape, then he positioned the words YES and NO either side of an upturned wine glass. The four of us then placed a finger on it and began our game. I looked around nervously at the others as Mark asked the usual "Is anybody there?"

To my surprise it moved very quickly. The glass began to circle the inside ring of letters.

Then I just suddenly blurted out. "Who are you?". The glass then moved without hesitation to its chosen letters:

HERMIN SMYTHE was spelled.

The other barman who I shall call Geoff, accused Mark of moving it, which made him cross and he got up from the table for a few seconds.

I asked whatever was in the glass to prove it was really working, and it immediately spelt out a word: "GOSS".

Geoff took a sharp breath. "That's my surname," he said and stood up again. Suddenly, he gave us an amazed look and pointed. "Look!" he yelled. "It's spelling out my name again!" (Have taken out expletives). Also we had never heard this name in our lives before and had never met this man.

I had never felt this frightened in all my life, and because I didn't know what I was scared of, only made it worse.

When we got sorted out and seated again, I asked, "Is there a God?" The glass almost took off as it glided and kept going in a figure eight shape. Then it began to crash into the letters sending them to the floor.

This is when we parted company.

A few weeks later, something occurred that I can only put down to messing with the Ouija. I felt restless on this particular evening and stayed up quite late into the early hours of the morning. Eventually I decided to take myself off to bed. On entering the bedroom, I bent over the bed to climb in when suddenly something struck me hard in the back.

The wind burst from my lungs and my body hit the bed like a lead weight. I sensed instantly the strike was not from a human and I lay wheezing and unable to scream. I just waited. I then began raising myself up, but it hit again - much harder this time.

I didn't have time to think, I only sensed evil. Slowly I turned my head to face whatever it was but it lunged again - deeper now, it felt like it was inside me, kind of squeezing my lungs (sorry if this sounds so bizarre but it did feel like that, i was so winded). I then began to think I was about to be possessed or even die.

I had a sudden urge to pray to God even though i had never really believed before, so i said in my mind, "Please, God, help me!' I cried out in my mind. IMMEDIATELY, I felt what can only be described as a pulling sensation and then I collapsed onto the bed, feeling safe... it had gone. Then an overwhelming presence of good remained in the room for around a minute and I knew without any doubt, my prayer had saved me. Fear left me and as I lay. The answer to my question (at the seance, a few months earlier), "Is there a God?" had been answered. I've never stopped believing since. Please leave Ouija boards ALONE.