Ghost Stories

My First Experience (true)


Ok, If anything weird ever happens, I sleuth around until I figure out what it was. They never turn out to be paranormal even tho some of them were pretty weird and coincidental to the max. Anyways, there are 2 incidents that happened to me that I never did figure out but I'll only post one for now. The first..

So, when I was 15 or 16, I moved from my room upstairs into one in the basement. The basement one was twice the size and offered more privacy away from the rest of the household. The only thing I didn't like about the room was that there was NO windows. Oh well.
( I know, how happened in a basement)

I had been down there for about 8 months and nothing weird ever happened. Something important to know is that since there was no window and the room was in the basement, it was DARK.
So dark that you literally could not see your own hand moving just an inch from your own face.

I turned off the lamp and went to bed one night. I was laying there thinking about something-or-other because I couldn't sleep and I was facing the wall (the bad was against the wall). I rolled over to face the other way in an attempt to get more comfy and finally get some sleep.

I layed there for a few minutes and popped my eyes open with an irritated sigh because I just couldn't fall asleep. This is where it gets weird and it's a bit hard to explain so bear with me here..

A few seconds after opening my eyes, I realised that the mirror on my vanity, opposite the room..was relecting something.
It was a mix of orange, red and yellow and I sat up in flash when I realised that it looked like fire!

I instantly looked around to see what was causing the reflection. I couldn't see a thing! I even leaned over the foot of the bed to see if it was something that was out of my line of sight since the foot of the bed would be the only "blind spot" of the room. Nothing. The room was pitch black so you would be able to see if something was burning and it would DEFINITELY cast some light.

I looked up at the mirror again and (still sitting on the bed lol) and it really did look like fire. It was pretty much round and was the size of a baseball and the top looked like how flames would if they were rising up and "licking" except they weren't moving!

I stared at it for at least 5 minutes and the "flames" didn't move once. Not even a little.

I inched towards the end of the bed like a coward, while watching it to see if anything happened. Nothing..phew! lol
I reached to the floor and grabbed a magazine that was there that I had been reading earlier and opened it. I started fanning the room with big gusts to see if anything moved or the relflection changed and again, nothing happened.

I couldn't smell smoke and I could NOT see anything in the room that was burning, at all..especially something that size. There was no light being cast from anywhere in the room but in the relection on the mirror, I could dimly see parts of the room that would obviously be reflected from the angle it was the flamey thing was faintly lighting up the area the relection was showing ..BUT, when I looked directly at the area that it was was as black as the rest of the room.

I stared at it again for a couple of minutes to see if it moved or some sort of clue presented itself..but nothing. At this point I was really starting to get freaked out since it wasn't making any sense at all so I scootched back up the the head of my bed and turned the lamp on.

Nothing was in the mirror anymore and I got up and turned on the main light too lol! I scoured that room and didn't find ANYTHING.
I didn't even find any candles which didn't really surprise me since i was pretty confident that I didn't have any at that point anyway.

I turned off the light and lamp and hopped back into bed to see if it was there again and nothing happened. Nothing happened ever again after that and I usually looked for it when I went to bed up until I moved, years later.

I know it sounds incredibly cheesy and I'm still quite skeptical to believe that I saw a..I dunno...fireball? lol
But I couldn't find anything that could have been causing the reflection and to this day, I don't understand why it wasn't moving likes flames do and why whatever it was in the room was not visible or casting light on the area it was coming from even tho the relection showed differently.

Has anyone ever seen anything like that or something similar?