Ghost Stories

My first haunted house. STARTED MY LIFE IN THE PARANORMAL!!!

Hello everyone! I'm new to these forums!

Well Basically, To begin with my experiences.
I'll start with the first few in my life. I was VERY young.
Around the age of 4-6

Me and my mother used to live in an apartment, on the westend of Edmonton, near "The Saxony". It wasn't the greatest life. But we got by, seeing as my mother was raising me on her own. She was around the age 0f 23-25. As long as I can remember, I've known my mother to be a strong psychic and very attached to the paranormal. I think she knew it from the moment she entered that there was someone else in our new apartment. An Entity of some sort. Lost in shadow and mystery. It didn't bother my mother much. But I knew she was at least alittle worried mainly because we were pretty much stuck there, until she could find another place to live. (She made about 10-12 bucks an hour). Anyway I was still quite young and didn't really notice anything at first (from what I can remember). My mom told me that the first real solid thing that happened that puzzled her occured on a late summer night. She had put me to sleep and was enjoying a nice cigarette next to the screen door of our balcony. It happened rather suddenly but it made an impression. One of the pictures of Jesus that my mother had hung up, had suddenly turned sideways. Like full on horizontal. (She was surprised it didn't fall) and then suddenly went back to it's normal vertical state. She told me it happened in like a period of two seconds and it was only 5 feet away. Therefore it couldn't have been her eyes playing tricks on her. This incident was a sort of "kick off" of the many strange occurances that had plaqued our apartment. Now if I an think really hard. I can sort of remember some things that happened than that didn't really make sense. I don't know though, I was young, So they may have been dreams. But one night. I had awoken in pitch darkness. It was strange, but I remember I couldn't move, and let alone breathe very well. and I down and I saw a light apparation. sitting on my stomach. It was a woman, and she was reading something though I can't remember much more than that. Knowing how open I was about things. I can confidently say that I told my mother. She probably just told me it was a dream and that I shouldn't worry about it. But I bet she believed me. Now then other things began to happen. One night my mother awoke from a terrible nightmare. She's told me it on a basic level, but she begins to cry everytime she gets to the details. I'm not willing to discuss even what I know. Just know that it is something very serious, and related to a demonic presence in our apartment. Or at least a terrible soul. Anyway she was on her way to the bathroom to clean the sweat off of her face. When suddenly, She smelled it. It was repulsive. "It smelt like a dead body." She told me. "Like something rotting." Our apartment wasn't very big. there was the entrance, then as soon as you come in you turn left to get into the kitchen, or you can go straight ahead into the living room, or you can go right into the hallway with the bedrooms and bathroom. Her room being the master bedroom, was directly at the end of the hall. if you were staring from her room. On the right would be my room. And on the left would be the bathroom. Now the story is a little more complicated than "A disgusting smell." From what she told me, There was just one spot. Only one area with a radius of about two feet squared. She would literaly take one big step and she couldn't smell it anymore. then she would take another back and again the repulsive smell would fill her nostrals. She checked my room. and as usual I was sleeping soundly and undisturbed. save the nights that that stupid woman would come in my room to read to me...Like seriously... She returned to the hallway and again smelt it. she looked at the carpet. But there was nothing not even the faintest thing that could possibly give of a stench. She then went back to bed, dispelling the thoughts about it. It's not that she wasn't interested or didn't care it's just that she was very tired and wanted to see if the smell was going to be there in the morning. It wasn't. She didn't tell that story to me until I was like 10 and we weren't living there.
The greatest of all the things that had occurred in our home, And I still remember it! I can actually remember alot of detail too. It was pitch black in my room, when my mother woke me up. She said "Matthew, I'm sorry to wake you honey. But I really need you to come with mommy for a second." I was half-asleep but detecting the sincerity in my mother's voice I awoke very fast. She took my hand and turned my light on. She then walked out into the dark hallway, and I noticed her light was on too. She beckoned me to come, but put her one finger to her lips. She wanted me quiet? Why? And so seriously too! Why did she want me to be quiet? I was 5 years old. I want you to imagine this. Was there something wrong? Had was there someone that she didn't want to hear us? DID SOMEONE BREAK IN!? The questions continued slapping me in the face. I went out into the hallway next to her. and she pointed out into the dark void only lit by the faint lights of our bedrooms...And she pointed at something. WHAT OR WHO WAS SHE POINTING AT!? I still couln't really see. Then she put her mouth to my ear and whispered with the shivering stutters of someone very scared. "Do you see that man sitting on our couch?" My eyes dilated. My lungs stopped taking in air. My mind's questions, exploded and disinagrating into an empty pit. There was indeed someone or something sitting on our sofa. It wasn't looking at us. Nor could it hear us. He wasn't moving. It's back was completely turned from us. It was a black shadow, in the shape of a man. He was sitting as if he was watching our television. Then I remember. He stood up and didn't walk but glided towards our television. He then crouched down, Took one of the pictures from on top of our it. And stared at it. He seemed fixated on it. Although I'm not sure which picture it was. He then disappeared.... Me and my mom slept in her room that night. And the next day we found the picture on the floor. I really wish I could remember which picture it was.

My mom had constant thoughts in her head surrounding the presence, in our home. She told me when I was 14. She told me everything and I added it all up. It made perfect sense. It was indeed a man, probably in his late twenties, early thirties. A womanizer. A pig, as my mother had put it. Although she DID feel sorry for him. He was depressed. He often had thoughts about killing himself. My mom believed that he had lived there before us. and not much time had passed since his death. He very well could've been the last attendant in the home before me and my mother moved in. My mom also told me he would take women with him to his home, and rape them. He obviously had a dark past. Because his presence had definatley attracted the demonic or sinister forces to the area. Negative energy feeds these beings. So it compels them to stay for long periods of time as they soak and nourish themselves in it. The day she told me. SHe had asked me if I could remember what had happened in our old apartment. "Matthew, Do you remember that dark shadowy man we saw in our apartment all those years ago?" "....................Yeah." I had almost forgotten. Now I will remember it for the rest of my life. Later that day an idea popped in my head. I had recently figured out that spirits can be caught on photographs. I asked my mother if we had any old pictures of our old apartment. She said we probably had a couple. I looked through and found a picture of my sixth birthday party. In the picture You can see that the view point is in my kitchen. I am standing there smiling. and my cousin is on the side. and in the background, you can see the hallway. But wait there's more. A HUMONGOUS ORB!" I pondered on it for awhile before showing it to my mother. Then I remembered her story. It was so clear. She had smelt that terrible stench of death right in that very spot where the Orb hovered. My mother even confirmed it. It had to be true. It was too big of a coincidence. She also said that he killed himself....??? My mother and I then concluded that This man was a women rapist who had a very harsh life. probably detached from his family... He had gotten fed up with his bad luck, one night. He was prbably drunk. He went into the hallway. took one last sip of his beer. and slit his throat. That was the cause of the horrible rotting smell of death that my mother described to me. It makes alot of sense. And seems accurate enough. I believe my mother because she and I had experienced alot of things together. It might have been something else. But who knows?

It kind of makes you wonder though.