Ghost Stories

My First Paranormal Experience

Last night I experienced a paranormal experience for the first time. It wasn't anything spectacular, but it was enough to scare me, and I found this site via Google, and I thought I would share it and find out what others might think.

I was adopted as an infant, and even though they weren't my real parents, my adopted parents and their only son (4 years older than me) became my family. My adopted parents (I'll just call them my parents from now on) both died. My father died in 1998 from a heart attack, and then my mother last year from cancer. After Mom died my brother said that I should move into the house. He had his own house and a career, and I'm just a student and not making much money, so he knew it would make things easier on me since the house was paid for, plus somebody would need to take care of the family dog. I couldn't keep him in my apartment, and for some reason he has always been violent towards my brother. So I moved in, and this is where I have lived since August of 2002. The house isn't old, in fact my father had it built, and we were the only family to ever live in it, so as far of the house goes there is no history.

Enough of the setup, here is what happened. I was in my bedroom watching a hockey game, it was about 8:30 PM. Much like when I lived here with my parents, I spend most of my time in my bedroom. It's a 2 story, 4 bedroom house, but I do all of my eating, sleeping, studying, and T.V. watching in my room. The rest of the house is pretty much un-used, but I sometimes watch some T.V. in the living room because there is a big screen in there, but this night I was in my room. Anyway, I was watching the game, and went out to grab a beer, and as I walked through the kitchen, I noticed one of the chairs was pulled away from the table. I didn't think much of it, I thought maybe the dog had moved it, or that maybe I had. But I did notice that it was about 5 feet away from the table where it usually was, and it was directly under the a ceiling fan. I pushed the chair back, grabbed my beer, and went back to my room.

When the second intermission started I went out to grab another beer, and I noticed that the chair was back to where it had been, 5 ft away from the table, under the ceiling fan. I thought that it had to be the dog, so I went to check on him. He was asleep in my parents room. It's kind of sad, but he always slept next to them in their bed, and he still does now that their gone, I tried to migrate him into my room thinking he wouldn't want to be alone, but he won't do it. He was fast asleep on his pillow in the corner, and this dog always sleeps through the night, he's a bassett hound, he sleeps like 22 hours a day. But I still thought that maybe he had been roaming in the kitchen , so I blew it off.

About 30 minutes later I heard the front door shut, thinking my brother had shown up for one of his regular visits I walked out to greet him, but walking by my parents room I noticed my dog was still asleep, which was really weird, as he jumps up like a rocket anytime the door opens. He loves company, and he is always at the door before anybody else can get there. I thought that maybe he was just in a very deep sleep. He always sleeps deep, but the door will end that in a second. Soon I realized that nobody was there, I called out for my brother, but nobody answered, and when I walked into the kitchen I saw the chair was yet again pushed out under the ceiling fan. I called my brother, and he was at his house, so he definatly had not stopped by. I was sure the dog had not been up, he moves around a lot, but I know his behavior, and he wouldn't have walked into the kitchen, then back to the bedroom only to get back into the exact same position he was sleeping in, he's too lazy, and I've known this dog for 10 years, he had been asleep the whole time.

I put the chair back one last time, and sat in the kitchen, watching it for a while. Nothing ever happened, and I had class in the morning, so I went to bed. When I woke up this morning it had been moved again. I put it back, and it has been out of my sight many times, but hasn't moved again. Though it still scares me, as I can't explain it. Whatever was happening with the chair has apparently stopped, but last night it wouldn't stop, and I have no clue why.
I would like to thank everybody who posted, and also to say that nothing else has happened since that night. I followed some of the advice I was given, I moved the chair back to the spot, sat in it, stood on it investigating the fan, yes it needed to be dusted Spirit :) but I didn't find anything strange. Plus there isn't anything very special the kitchen, we always ate in the dining room, so there wern't any fond memories I can think of that took place in the kitchen. And there is no easy way to find out if there is something under the floor in that spot, because it's tile and I'm not about to tear it up.

I was about to give up, then I read the post by Madalyn in which she asked how old the table was, and I think that may be it. This table is old. It's not in very good shape because it's mainly just used in preparing meals, but it is a very large wooden table that I managed to remember a little history on, and my brother confirmed it. I don't know why it stuck in my mind, since random remarks about a table don't seem to memorable, but since it dealt with my mothers previous marriage it was a little different. I didn't find out about this until I was older, so it kind of shocked me because I found it hard to believe my mom had been married to somebody other than my dad. Long story short my mom married a guy when she was in her early 20's, he was in the army I think, and after they had only been married for 6 months he drowned. The table had been given to them by his parents for their new home, it had been their dining room table, but they were getting a new one I guess and they just gave them their old one. My mom had held on to it after he husband died, and when she married my dad they put it in the kitchen at the first house, and when my dad built the new house it went in the kitchen there.

I don't know if that has anything to do with what happened, but there is some history behind the table. It was the dining table for another family, became the dining table for a family that only lasted 6 months before the husband died, and then ended up in the kitchen of yet another family. I don't know anything about my mom's former husband that I didn't already tell, I don't even know his name so I can't really investigate anything. I remember seeing a picture of him years ago, I'm going to look for that, maybe there is a note on the back with a name or something. This is the only thing about the kitchen that I can think of that would cause something like this.