Ghost Stories


Okay, so I finally got to visit the ghost town that's about 10 miles away from my house called Pere Cheney. If you haven't heard about it, it's a ghost town that actually died out twice. People think it died out from a cholera or plague both times. After the first time it was wiped out in the late 1800's it was rebuilt, but it got wiped out again maybe 20 years later in the early 1900's and it's been abandoned since. My best friend and I went there with 2 of our guy friends at 2 in the morning. There's actually 2 parts to it- there's the cemetary which is still in pretty good shape, and there's the town, but it's almost completely grown over, and you can't see anything unless you look at the town in daylight. We went to the cemetary and it was definitely an interesting experience. We took my dad's movie recorder with a brand new tape and fully charged battery in it, a voice activated recorder with a brand new tape, a fully charged 7 million watt spotlight, and a fully charged digital camera. When we first got there, one of the guys and I looked at the car to make sure there weren't any handprints in the dust on it that it had picked up, and it was clear. No handprints or smudges on the car anywhere. We waited to take pictures of the gates to the cemetary gates, we wanted the dust from the car to settle down before we took any pictures to see if we could get any orb pictures-the gate is notorious for having a ton of orbs around it. As soon as we started talking, the voice recorder turned on, and didn't shut off even once the whole time we were there, even when all of us were completely silent, even though it's programmed to shut off after 3 seconds of silence. We only got to walk around the cemetary for about half an hour because the spotlight started to die in the cemetary, but when we got home maybe 25 minutes later it was working perfectly again. We got some really good pictures with the video camera, in one shot of a bush surrounding a headstone you can see two perfect blue orbs go shooting across the top of the frame. You can also see an odd red light a couple times in the film. My friend and i saw a bunch of the red lights all throughout the town as we were driving through it and in the cemetary, but we thought they were light reflectors until we took a closer look and realized there were no signs or poles with reflectors when we took a closer look. The wind wasn't blowing at all before we went into the cemetary, but as soon as we walked in it immediately picked up, and died back down when we left the cemetary. One of the guys was standing right next to my friend and i and was complaining that he was freezing even though it was warm out and the wind had died down for a minute. When the spotlight started to die we left because it was pitch black, and after we walked out, we took some pictures of the cemetary gates to see if we could get a picture of any orbs. When we walked back out to the car there was a perfect handpring on the hatch of my car. Teri and I measured our hands against it since we're girls and we have pretty small hands, and it was the size of a childs. We found handprints, and fingerprint smudges on the windows of the car. What was weirdest of all was what one of the guys noticed on top of the car. Being a lot taller than the rest of us he saw the top of my car, and showed us perfect mens size footprints on the top of the car as if someone had been standing on top of it. I know that wasn't there before since i haven't had any men climbing all over my car. We stopped at the train tracks on the way home, since it's reported you can see a light coming towards you if you stand on them and look down the tracks. Teri stood on the tracks and said that it sounded like someone was walking towards her on the gravel, faster and faster until they were running, so she freaked out and ran back to the car. When we got home we listened to the voice tape and we could hear tons of things. All throughout the tape we heard something that sounded like a heartbeat, and it would get faster and faster as we approached certain graves. We could hear the noises she was talking about from the train tracks. What's really interesting is what would happen whenever the guys would start talking. When we first went there the guys didn't really believe us when we told them about the history of Pere Cheney, but they got really nervous when we got there and started cracking stupid jokes. Every time they would, there would be a strange resonance in the tape, that would only stop after we told them to shut up, they weren't funny. Some of the comments my friend and i were completely cut from the video camera and voice recorder even though we were standing right next to them the whole time we were talking. All in all it was a very interesting experience. We got some great pictures, as soon as I download them I'll post them so you can take a look and tell me what you think.