Ghost Stories

My Friend Alicia's very haunted new apartment

My Best friend Alicia had just moved into a new apartment Dec 31,2005 with her 2 youngest children Brieanna 15 and Buddy13. The first night they spent the night Alicia and her two children all in seperate bedrooms were awoken at exactly 4:21AM. They thought it was rather freaky that all of them were awakening at the same time but let it go. After 3 night's of this and being awoken at 4:21AM they all started hearing noise's. Light tap's, scratchig sounds and the feeling of being watched.

Alicia's beedroom is next to Brieanna's room. Both bedroom's became very cold,cold enough they could slightly see their breath. Alicia and the kid's went into the livingroom to all sleep together and they noticed it was much warmer than the two bedroom's that were ajoined. This happened for another 3 night's but more and more started happening. The began seeing shadow's of a black figure near Alicia's and Brie's bedroom.

Alicia neglected telling myself and our other best friend Meridith as she thought we'd think she was loosing her mind. Meridith and I was very understanding and set up a night to do some investigating of our own.

Friday Jan 6, 2006 Meridith and I showed up at Alicia's home with our camera's and recorder's. meridith brang along something else which she was told not to bring, an Oujia Board! :(. Alicia and I was a bit upset and tried to get her to take it out but she was so convincing that it would be ok.[Duh!] the kids wanted to be the one's doing it as we asked it question's. The darn thing answered question's that there is no way those kids would know. It was friendly, said it was many of lost loved one's with us. I did pretty much my own thing, taking pictures inside the home and out side the home. it was unbelievable what I captured on my camera![|)]. I have posted many of them on the photo site but I think you should read this first before looking at the pictures as it can easily confuse you.[:o)]. I captured what appeared to be finger's coming out of Brie's bedroom ceiling with several orb's or what ever all over her ceiling. I also got a picture of a girl's face in the window as she was looking in at us. I was somewhat unclear of what I had captured as on my digital camera everything was so much smaller. I then walked around the house alone as they continued playing with the Oujia board. it was crazy out side as it was inside. Orbs very small and bright in color flying all over the place, some were large but most small like falling stars shooting all over, it was amazing for me to see but I could only see them through my digital camera. I walked the whole house out side. I then decided I wanted to go down in the basement to see if there was any activity there. What I caught was so little and probably dust orb's so I returned back inside.

Everyone was still playing with Oujia Board, they were freaking out thinking they were really talking to loved one's, maybe they were, or maybe it they were not, the spirit's could have been playing trick's on us all[?]. At the time I believed they were good spirit's. I asked for some of my close friend's that passed if they were there, it said no to all my question's. I then asked if anyone i loved was with me, it went to yes, I said "WHO?". It spelled out Todd. It's a darn good thing I had gone to the bathroom first or I may have soiled my pant's![^].

Todd was my best friend since we was 4 year's old, we was always inseperable. we always said we was girlfriend and boyfriend un until about 4th grade when his mom and dad divorced and Todd and his mom moved to Connicutte. In 6th grade the moved back and Todd and I continued our relationship until he had to move back to Connicutte in 7th grade. Then in 9th grade he was back again but not the same Todd I remembered. he was not happy with life, always very quiet, told me how he wished he could just die, but at the same time he wanted me back. I decided not to because of who he had become. Before Our sophmore year Todd and his mom moved back to Connicutte again. Years passed, I had two girls one 7 and the other 2 1/2. he was just getting divorced and had a son who was 3 1/2.

I was in an abusive relationship, Spent lot's of time talking with Todd who tried and tried to get me out of the relationship. I finally did it. 1 month latter after turning Todd down to go back out He shot him self in the head. Before he did this he always told me he planned to kill him self but when he did it he was taking me with him[:O]. He even showed me the gun which I took from him until he convinced me he was only kidding so I gave it back. It was the last time I saw him alive other then when I saw him in the hospital moment's before they shut off his life support and I had to say my good byes.

The board who was supposed to be Todd talking said he loved me still, I asked if he was happy and with his mom, dad, grandmother, and aunt who passed after Todd. The board said No. Mind you the kids were using the board, my hands never once touched it. it said he had not crossed over yet and will not until I am with him. He said lot's of stuff that really freaked me out.

I had to go ut side to get a good breath of air and decided to walk the house again taking pictures. I got no activity, actually I am wrong this was the second night, Jan 7,2006. That board was used until 4:00AM by the family after Meritith and I left. So it was night two that I supposedly talked to Todd. Anyway as I walked the house and got nothing on camera, I was begging Todd to let me know if he was really here, to show me some how. I then felt the need to take a picture of my car so I did, the very first picture I took I got what I think is called Ectoplasam?. It looked as if it was on my head looking into my camera lense. I gasped for air as it really startled me at first. I then took 2 more pictures of my car, I got nothing. I returned back inside and showed everyone, we all tried to come up with what it was out side of anything haunting. I was certian I did infact take a picture of something paranormal.

By 9:00PM the Oujia Board went from talking freindly to evil. said it was in the hallway, we asked "who is in the hallway?" it replied back " All of us ". for over a 1/2 hour of it scaring the crap out of us we tried for the last 1/2 hour to get it to say good-bye. Once it said it wanted all of our bodies, Alicia freaked out, screamed that this is enough she has had it and turned on the light. Suddenly the Plancette ( ? ) it flew accross the board saying good-bye and then onto the floor.

So much has happened since that night I really don't remember what happened after if anything. I do know Meridith decided to leave quick and refused to take the Oujia Board home with her stating she'd get it in the morning when it was day light because she had to return it to her sister in-law.

Alicia called her mom who has lived in a haunted house for year's, some what psychic. She came over and stayed the night. That evening before her mom Carol went to bed, she took the Oujia Board and dropped it into a dumpster behind a laundrymat. When she returned back to Alicia's she went into Alicias bedroom to see if it was quiet in there, the door closed on her 4 time's but that was it.

The following day Meridith was very upset the Oujia Board had been thrown away. I wanted to keep peace between her and Alicia so I made a deal with Meridith that I would retrieve the board is she promised to get it the next day. She said yes. It never happened. I continued to call her to get it and she said she would but never did.

Our bedroom was alway's colder then the rest of our home but it got much colder once that Board was stored in my building. I decided one night to go out side and take some pictures towards the building, I got two with ectoplasam and many orbs. several night depending on weather condition's I continued to take pictures out side and every night I was finding several orb's in many of my photos and only out back where the storage building is.

As time went on things were only getting much worse at Alicias home, so I decided to e-mail a Paranormal crew to see if they could come to Alicia's home. they set up a date for 3 weeks as they were so busy. The date was for Feb 18th 2006. I also mentioned to the team that the Oujia Board was in my storage building, I was told to one or two things, which ever was easier. Remove the plancette from the game board, paint the plastic piece black or put a coin in place of it. Me being a bit [Duh!] didn't follow the directions quite right, I didn't know I was to remove the plastic center piece which I did , painted it black and then placed it back, keeping the board and game piece seperated.

The Paranormal team said by doing as I did, I only opened up my home to more spirits....LOL that would be me!. Nothing really happened other than catching a face in my back window, I take my pictures in set's of 3, always making sure the window is clean and my lense. In the 3 pictures I saw something getting larger and larger. Once I downloaded it to my computer and could really examine it, I too could make out a face forming much better from picture 1-3. it look like a devil to us but i had it examined by a few different Psychics, one said it was an Anti-Christ, another said it was a priest. I just found exactly what it was as it had been examined by over 10 Paranormal team's who all came back with the same answer, it is an Indian Spirit who is nice, I was told to invite him into my home as he will protect me. I have been inviting but I am not sure if he has taken me up on offer just yet any not sure how I will know if he did.

Feb 18th The Paranormal team is expected in town soon. Meridith and I decided to catch some video and I used my digital camera. We went to Alicias bedroom, it was too light as Alicia will not allow the hall light's to be shut off due to her fear. I told Meridith I would close it a little more than 1/2 way because we needed a little light. Her room was freezing cold. We asked the spirit or spirits to please show it's presence somehow, with a knock, touching one of us on the shoulder, moving the curtian's, or turning on the television. We asked 3 time's and then slowly the bedroom door closed and we heard it latch. I was a bit startled or shocked, Meridith said " Sheryl don't close the door, I need the light". I replied back to her I did not close the door. I opened it again and a little more open than previously. Meridith keep recording but the door this time. Sure enough that door slowly closed as before and we heard it latch. it was done in a manner like someone quietly closing the door to a childs bedroom so not wake the child. but when I went to open the door, it didn't open as easy as the first time. It felt as if something was holding the knob from out side, kind of tugged back at me like it was playing with me. I then freaked out!. caught on video was me throwing the door open and running down the hallway saying " OH MY F---ING WORD!!!!!". I have to say watching me cracks us up big time.

Anyway Meridith caught lot's on her camcorder, I only caught one good picture and that was a cluster of small orbs that looked like they had come out of her ceiling, and then a few on the wall.

About 1/2 hour latter the paranormal team show's up, I first show them the cluster of orb's I got on camera, and we also told them about the bedroom door shutting on us 2 time's. We then went into the livingroom and talked to two of the 3 psychics, we had to be interviewed. As we was in the livingroom we heard a lound crash and smash in the kitchen, then we heard one of the men setting up the eguipment say, " Here we go guy's!". It was his voice recorder ripped from his hands by an angry spirit, it flew across the kitchen smashed into the wall and boke into piece's. Other's were walking around the house. Then they had a quick team meeting. We heard them say " This house is not good, there is evil here, I don't want any of this team to be alone at any time during this investigation, you all have to stay in pairs. Alicia, Meridith and I looked at each other with our eye's bugging out. Meritiths Husband Tim was there also, he's a non believer so he say's.

From time to time we would go into the kitchen with one of the crew, we could watch the moniter and see the team, one member of the team stayed with us all evening. I never saw so much activity on a moniter like that other than on television. Very large Orb's were flying in and out of Alicias I Brie's bedroom, up and down the hallway, they were going so fast. We also could see the two kitten's I had given to Alicia's children trying to catch the orbs as they flew by. Alicia said she knew that is what the kitten's had been chasing all along but the proof was now clear.

As we was all back in the living room one of the Psychic team member's came out and asked if Tim had just spoken loud, Tim replied back " no, I haven't said a word " and he hadn't. The woman said well we just heard a man's vioce and we needed to be sure it was not you.

A little latter they needed to go to the basement, the only way in was out side and I took them down. i had to lift the old squeeky hatch, then lead them down the stairs and opened the two door's at the bottom. I showed them were we had found some badly chared tinbers which were right under Alicia's and Brie's room's. I stayed with them as there were 3 men and two woman. They we quite facinated by the pile of big rocks, big enough to call them bloders. I heard Bill the owner of the Paranormal crew ask if there was any presence here to please show it self to him. To my knowledge nothing happened but then again they are not allowed to tell us evrything until it has been examined fully. I did notice the temp meeter did go high to hot pointing at the rocks. Above the rocks the chared timber's were very cold, ranging in the 40's but I couldn't clearly hear 40 what?.

The home was cleansed from the spirits from the Oujia board, it had been used by Brie and her brother Buddy at the end of her bed, The team said that they senced this adn then Alicia remembered that had infact used it there. They did tell us that the spirit's came through Brie's body to come out of the board. We now why on night two when the board became evil Bries face was white as a ghost, she had no energy as she was drained from the spirit's using her energy to pass through her, she also felt very sick to her stomach.

About 1:10AM The team started packing up, the owners talked to us and stated that they had to come back this coming Saturday, he said he'd be back tomorrow if he could but it was not possible. he let us know the house was cleaned from the Oujia Board spirits but the house is on the border line of severe evil, he actually used another word but I can't remember the correct term he used. He then took Alicia to her bedroom and asked her to sit on her bed to see how she felt, she told him it is not gone, I can feel it and I am not comfortable.

After everyone left I stayed with Alicia, it was just the two of us. we heard sounds like someone dragging their feet down the hallway, Alicia's claims she saw a black figure, I did not but I did hear it. I was not really scared through any of this, I still to this day will walk into Alicia's bedroom alone in the dark waiting for the door to close on me. I'd say it startles me if anything and yes my anxiety goes up high. Finally after more different sounds Alicia agreed to my pleading with her to come stay at my home she decided to.

Sunday morning she went home at 10:00AM, picked up her children and her 3 year old granddaughter. They went home, Dashia, the 3 year old came out screaming to Alicia, " Grammie a man was whispering in my ear and breathing loud and mad my ear hot!". She said " I screamed at him and told him to stop breathing in my ear!". Latter Meridith, myself and Boyfriend stopped by Alicia's. we arrived just after Brie had walked out of the kitchen and a pen came flying across the kitchen at Brie. Then as we sat and talked about everyday stuff, we smelled burning coming from the litchen, Alicia and the rest of us ranout to see what it was. her small fromt burner on her stove was turned on high and was bright red. What is strange is Alicia turned off the back burned because that is the knob that was set to high and the front burner never worked since she had lived there. A little while after that Alicia had cleaned up a bit in the kitchen a bit, none of noticed her fridge door was opened until she wen't to hang up her dish towel on the door handle of the fridge. She then said, " What on earth? this door can't stay open, it always closes on it's own!". She repeatedly showed us how it always closed on it's own. All we can do is assume one of the many spirits was holding it open. Much more has happened but like I said it has been so much I simply can not remember it all, my body is very drained, I have been very irratbale from lack of sound sleep as well as the very late night's, and who know's, maybe the spirits drained some energy from me too?[8)].

I have written a novel here this evening. The team is coming back this Saturday night, we are not allowed to discuss anything about this in her home, take pictures, or video tape, we did not hear that it couldn't be discussed and no one said we couldn't watch Meridiths video of the evening before. I wrote the team who told us by Meridth bringing the video into the home she has opened up all the cleansing they did and they will now have to start all over. We was only told to let things rest of a day. The activity started back up before the video was brought into the home.

feel free to e-mail me and ask any questions or correct me if you feel I stated anything wrong or just to talk about it. in the meantime, we all have to wait until Suday for what ever happenes this Saturday night.[:I]

Sheryl Rackliff....please excuse my spelling, i'm still so tired and my mind is so full I still can not think straight. I do have some photos posted in the album here and they are in the top first box. I am still waiting for more to be posted.
Thank you jollyr742, I can say myself I am anxious for the next chapter. Alicia will be home tomorrow after a week away. Since she has been gone it has not been so active. The kids are there also. I wonder if it settled down because they are so busy with the house full of friends which would keep their minds off it?.

The Paranormal crew can not make it tonight as planned, here is the e-mail they sent me yesterday. "Sheryl
Good morning,
We will not be able to come up tommorow night. I thought we might be albe to but we are scheudle for some where on Sat night. Dont worry about undoing what we did, I would like you guys to follow my plan that I was talking to you guys about last week. If you want me to resend the info I will, I am not putting you guys off I am going to be scheudling you in asap I just got to see what are booking looks like and I will let you know tonight on the dates and times.

I know when a family is in a type of haunting like this it is hard to stay foucus on what needs to do and get the job done. I would like to you guys to stay on a postive track and focus on what needs to be done. The first we need to make sure the kids are not feeding into this and givin it recongiztion, Second everyone in the house needs to do this as well. Also photos and audio should not be done as well, I know that this is fun to see wha is in the home but this also feeds into it. I am very much into this case and I am handling it the best way that I can, Like I said I will E-Mail you this evening with the new date and time, I know it is going to be Saturday. Also if you still have the sage you should burn that if you guys are feeling uncomfortable also try some white candles as well.

I want you guys to make sure you are writing everything down. "

I think it is for the best that they cant make it tonight since mom wont be home until tomorrow morning. I have this feeling it feeds it self off Alicias fears first, then the activity picks up and then will feed of the kids fears? I could be wrong?.

I am just anxious to see what is next?. There is no way for house so full of activity to just stop.[|)]


Looks like I don't have much luck with parnormal crew's, this is my letter from a different crew that was due at my home tomorrow night.

hi unfortunately along with my cold ive ruptured my ear drum which takes 6-8 weeks to heal..i cannot hear out of my right ear so i am temporarily on vacation until my ear specialist says i am healed...if your situation needs immediate attention contact me and i will forward all info to my mentors at the atlantic paranormal society (TAPS) and see if they can send assistance.. again i am sorry but its not safe for me to do anything while sick or with loss of hearing..

I also find it amazing that my home has quited down for 2-3 week's now, I found out why they quited down at Alicias home, gaining energy for the crew to arrive, I hope it don't happen here![:O]