Ghost Stories

My Ghosts From ALABAMA

I was staying in BallGreen Alabama with my Boyfriend (at the time) and his family. I Was sitting outside in the back yard with my boyfriend. We were talking about being able to see ghosts and other things of that effect. Where he lived there were a lot of trees and things (IN THE STICKS LOL) well we were talking and no more then five minutes later I saw this old man about I would say 75 walking in the feild behind my boyfriends house he was like looking for something on the ground. He would go around and around in a circle and then look up and look at me and then go back to looking for something. He stayed no longer then 10 minutes. I asked my boyfriend if he saw the man and he said yes.

Another this happened at his house but inside. We were on his bed talking before we had to go to bed when I looked up at where his closet is (His closet didn't touch the ceiling so there's a part that you could put thing up on top of the closet)and I saw a little girl and a little boy holding hands but they were looking at me with a smile and the little girl would laugh at me and then they dissapeared. My boyfriend would freak out that every time I saw something he saw the same thing.

What I'm about to tell you still gives me the willies when I think about it:

I was at JOB CORPS. in Alabama when this happened to me and some girls I knew I saw first hand.

First Encounter- The first night I was there, I had gotten the bed in the middle of the room on the right, Where I could watch TV easily. Well there was a mirror right next to the door and the bathroom. I had just turned the tv off and was about to doss off when I had looked at the mirror and when I did I saw this dark fram of a man stairing at me. I felt threatened and like I wasn't welcome in that room and I turned over and pulled my covers over my face and went to bed.

Second Encounter- I was moved out of that room:( and down the hall to the sencond to the last room on the left side of the hall. I had the last bed since one girl had left and it was by the window. One night when all the girl in my room had left for the weekend I was there by myself. I had my music (LINKIN PARK AND DROWNING POOL) playing loud :D and I was writting. Well my Resident Advisor told me lights out so I turn my music off. When I had laid in bed I closed my eyes when I heard my closet door start to shake like someone was hitting it from the inside. WHICH I had my closet locked with a combination lock so no one could get in there. Well it stopped and then I heard scrapping noices and I looked up and saw the lock going back and forth. I grabbed my head phones and turned my music on and I feel asleep. The next day I was taling to my boyfriend and he said his aunt was psyhic so He took me to see her. When we got in she looked at me and said there are some things around you that want to speak to you. She told me about some of them and then she asked me about the MAN in the Mirror and I got cold chills just thinking about the man. She said the things that I have been hearing are him (meaning the noises coming from the closet). She told me to get a white candle and tell him to go. He is hooked with the little girl (Fourth Encounter).

Third Enconter- I was smoking outside with my friends when one of my friends came up to me and ask if I could come with her so I put my cig. out and I went to her room which was one room up on the other sid eof the hall. So when we went in to her room her bed was next to the bathroom. She showed me her bed (Which we had to make sure there were NO wrinkles and the bed had to be PERFECT to the Resident Adviser) which was nicely made. Well she said just look at it. So I looked at the bed, "What am I looking for?" I asked her and she said "I just came in to the room and was about to change out of my outfit when I felt a cold chill and someone was watching me so I looked towards my bad and there was an imprint on my bed." Which I can say when we maked our bed there was no bumps wrinkles or nothing. In the middle of the bed was like a smale imprint of like a little girl sitting crosslegged on her bed and then I looked up at my friend and looked back and the imprint was gone like she had got up from the bed. It freaked her out soo bad she moved out of the room.

Fourth Encounter- The little girl I have been talking about has been heard and seen on the top floor and the bottom floor of the girls dorm. She had been killed with her family which the man was her father. Someone had said that the man set the house on fire to kill everyone.

Last Encounter- The Job Corps. Campuse is HUNTED by past students who have killed themselves. (REST IN PEACE STEVE THOMPSON) He committed suiside a week before I came back home. He was going to come to my boyfriends house to spend the weekend with us but from what we heard he went home and he drank and did someother things and shot his brain out. There's a suiside note which has my name in it. He was a wonderful man, He had helped me through so much but he had been having issuess in his room also. (NOT FULLY KNOWN ALL DETAILS). Anyways, there have been five students have passed away there.

I hope you liked reading these. THEY ARE ALL TRUE!!!