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My Haunted House Experience

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My haunted house story

In January of 1999, I moved to Portland after living in Chicago for 28 years. My sister and her family lived in a house and I planned to stay there until I found a job and an apartment. I moved into the spare room and for the first month or two everything seemed to be fine.

I was introduced to the other members of the house when I went to sleep one night. About five minutes after I turned off the lights, I lifted my head from the pillow and stared at the closet door. My eyes were just starting to adjust to the darkness. I had a feeling that I was not alone. I didn't really see anything, but I knew there was an older man standing there. He was standing by the closet door and he was just staring at me. I couldn?t see him with my eyes, but I still saw him. My first reaction was that it had to be my father, as he had just passed away four months earlier, and I just assumed it was him. I sat up and just kept looking at the closet door and the feeling never left me. Eventually, I fell asleep. In the morning I went to the kitchen for some coffee. My sister was there and I asked her if she had ever felt that she was not alone in the house.

She immediately stopped what she was doing and her eyes sort of bulged out. I told her what had happened to me. As soon as I finished talking, she told me that she had also had an experience on the previous evening. While she was putting both children to bed, she felt someone sit on the bed next to her and stare at her. She had wanted to run, but did not want to leave her children alone in the room, so she just sat there until the feeling left. We both compared times and it was roughly the same time frame.

For the remainder of my first year in the house not much else happened. Sometimes I would feel a presence and I kept having dreams about a small boy and girl. The longer I lived in the house, the stronger the impression became that there were two small children in the house with us. The hunch was later backed up when my five year old nephew told my sister that he had seen a boy in the bathroom. He also saw a small boy looking out of the front window of the house as they returned home one evening.

By the end of the first year, we decided that I would rent the house from my sister. She and her husband had found a larger house for their growing family. After they moved out, I got into the habit of turning fans on at night so that I wouldn't hear the laughter of children or other noises that I was starting to hear throughout the house.

Then I started to see them.

The first occurrence took place as I lay in bed one night. Every light source in the house was turned off and all of the windows were closed with the blinds down. It has to be pitch dark in order for me to sleep. I glanced out into the hallway. I suddenly saw a large ball of light whizzing down the hallway. A split second later, I saw another ball of light follow it almost like they were playing tag. Both orbs of light appeared to be about the size of a grapefruit. About two minutes later, every light in the house was on and I think I only slept for about an hour that night.

After that night, I began to see the orbs more frequently. They would fly down the hall, turn into a room and fly up into the ceiling. Other times, they would return to the hall and fly off in another direction. The orbs seemed to have personality to them, and were very childlike, especially when they would play tag.

I also heard weird moans that I can't really describe. At best, it was very low pitched and seemed to require much effort to make it sound like words. It was as if a person hadn't spoken aloud in 50 years and was trying it out again for the first time.

My girlfriend, Laura, moved into the house with me and she started to notice strange things also. She picked up on the fact that they were children too. One day she saw an orb at her shoulder. She thought she had imagined it until it appeared again. She jokingly said, "I saw that" and the light in the room flickered. We have taken many pictures in the house and the orbs do show up in the photographs.

They love to make noise. They especially like to knock on closet doors. It can be very loud and they often hit every closet door in the house in rapid succession. They also tap on the bedside lamp or rap on the wall just inches from my face while I am trying to sleep.

They spoke to Laura (now my fiance) one night. She told me that she woke abruptly and heard a young girl's voice behind her call out "Laura....Laura". She tried to turn toward the voice but couldn?t move. She felt paralyzed, as if a heavy weight was holding her in place. She struggled to move and tried to say "Stop it", but could barely get the words out. A second later she heard a small boy's voice say "Look at her....she can hear us". The girl responded by saying "Diane". We believe she was telling Laura her name. As soon as it was over, Laura was able to move again. I remember waking up at this point because she grabbed hold of me for the rest of the night.

One night I saw a young girl as I left the bathroom. I caught her by surprise as she stood in the hallway looking at me. She was a very pretty young girl, and she was wearing a summer play-dress. She had long brown hair and her face was sort of dirty, like she had been playing outside.

I have seen her a couple more times, once by my bed and once by my dresser. I later found out that her name is Melissa, but likes to be called Emily and she died in the 1920's at age 9. The boy is named Daniel, he is age 7 and died around the same time as Emily. They have two friends that are here from time to time and their names are Diane and Anthony, both 12 years old. These last two are the kids that spoke to Laura. We continue to learn more about the children here and I always have a camera nearby ready to take a shot at a moments notice.

I do know that the kids enjoy living with us. They don't hide our keys, slam doors or make things float. They do bang on walls or laugh when we are in another room. Several times there has been the sound of a very tinny, far off radio. We also hear singing in the middle of the night or other sounds that can be truly terrifying. We can never forget that despite the children being here, they are not alone. Other ghosts do come to our home and some of them are not at all nice. From ouija board sessions with the group we have learned that the children hide in the closets when the other "scarier" spirits are here. One example is a shadowy figure that frequents the hallway. The children call him Greg.

All in all, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Living in a haunted house is such a wonderful bonus when you're in the business of paranormal investigations. It's a good learning experience.