Ghost Stories

My Haunted House (True)

Well, I figured I would share my new updated story on here. I'm not a new member even though my account probably says I am. I have been on here for over 2 years. I forgot my password and username. Big mistake. Some of the old members may remember reading this..or may not but here it goes.

I moved into the house I live in 7-9 years ago. I'm not sure exactly how long I been here. When I first moved in it was my mom, (ex) step dad, and me. The house was old so we had to remodel it. When we first moved in we heard nosies. It was like hammering upstairs. Then we found out the man that built the house died before he could complete the house. My mom finished the upstairs. The hammering stop. The hammering would start early in the morning late at night. In the middle of the day. Like the man was trying to finish it for us. His name was Billy. I can't spell his last name.

Well, then for a few years nothing really happened. He was gone.

Then 3 years ago weird things slowly started happening. I walked into my room one day and not paying attention I was talking to my mom and I turned around to look in front of me something was standing there glowing gold and before I could react it ran really fast. So I can't really explain that.

Well, then one night I was in the shower and I was washing my hair and when I got the shampoo out I turned to look through the shower doors (which are glass) and something ran its hand down the shower. I freaked out and turned the water off grabbed a towel and ran fast to my room.

Then things got quite. Nothing happen for a LONG time. Didn't even think about my house. Well when I was in 8th grade weird things started back. After school I was always home alone. I use to play my ps2 or get on my laptop. Then I use to hear my named being called. It sounded either like my grandma or mom calling me. But when I walked in the front room which is right there by my room nobody was there. I use to look around the house because I figured my grandma stopped by. Or my mom got off of work early. Nobody was ever there. This didn't end for a very long time. Then after months of hearing it something weirder happen. I have a little dog. She use to always stay in my room with me till my mom got off of work. I use to hear scratching at the bottom of my bedroom door. Sounded like my dog wanted to get in but thing was...she was always next to me. Freaked me out and one day I got brave and walked to my door and opened it. Nothing was there and the scratching stopped.

Then I met my best friend. Well ex best friend now. I told her about my weird stories. Which there are more. She thought I was crazy just like my family. Then one day I was watching tv with my (ex) step father. I looked in the kitchen and there stood a woman. She was tall, hump back, long black hair, and was looking straight forward. I stared at her for 20 seconds speachless. Then she ran. I got up and went to the kitchen. She was gone. I started freaking out and ask Freddie (ex) step father if he seen her. He told me to stop playing around.

When my mom got home I told her. She didn't believe me. Then I called my EX bff. I don't think she really believed me. In till one night she spent the night at my house. It was really late and we got hungry. So we went to the kitchen and grabbed a snack. She was looking in the door way of the kitchen and just started freaking out and crying. When I finally got her calm she told me she seen a woman. She described her. I never once described to her what the woman looked like. I just told her I seen a woman. We ran to my room. Took us forever to fall asleep. The next morning the girl told my mom and Freddie what she saw. They didn't believe her. (All this happen not this summer but the summer before. Summer "05)

A few weeks later me and my friend were playing and goofing off. Nobody was home but us. she started chasing me with a knife . We were playing around like in horror movies. I ran to my room and locked the door. Then I called my ex boyfriend. She was rubbing the knife under the door. Then I heard her head for the kitchen she turned music up a little and was dancing and singing. Then everything got quiet as me and Jerrett (bf) was laughing at her. Then I heard two people running and then the bathroom door shut. I told Jerrett to stay on the phone with me. It took me 3 mins or so to get Allyson (ex bff) to unlock the door. When I opened it. I found her front of the bathtub shaking, crying, and pointing at me. Took me 10 mins to calm her down or so and I told Jerrett I would call him back. Then she told me I was calling her up the stairs. Or at least she thought it was me. When she got up there I wasnt up there. So she turned around and was going back down the stairs. She probably got 2-3 steps down. Something screamed at her. Screamed her name like it was going to hurt her.

I have seen it a few more times. My mom finally admitted that she has seen it 3 times. Each time running to my room. The only room it hasnt been in is my moms room. I have had friends tell me they heard things or their name being called.

When I was little me and a group of friends were playing hide and seek. Me and another girl hid in a closet and she was on one side, me on the other...then she started screaming and fighting her way out and when we got out she wanted to go home because something grabbed her face in the closet.

Whatever is in my still here. You can hear it, feel it, and see it. Feel it I mean..feel its presence. Theirs many more stories I have to share about my house.