Ghost Stories

My haunted House

I don't speak of this lightly because I have been warned to not speak of it anywhere near my house. and here I am inside of it typing this post. Lets hope my problem doesn't read over my shoulder. I am only doing so because I move late august so my fear is lower..or maybe higher.. I dont know if it wants me to leave or not. But anywho my friend recommended I come onto this sight and seek insight.

I have what I would call a "haunted" house, by my definition I mean not a "empty" house. What exactly it is? I have no idea but I will share some interesting experiences and some insight into me to see what you guys think.

This house by now is 45 years old. I know all the history of the house because its the house my father grew up in. 45 years ago my Grandparents bought the floor-plan and the house was newly built to their customization. My grandfather played around with the wiring of the house and invested time and energy into additions, like a photography dark room in the garage, closet lights, and extra counter in the kitchen ect. It could use some fixing up from someone with time, money and energy but overall the house is in fairly good condition.

When I was roughly 8 years old my Grandfather died from skin cancer and alzheimers; My Grandmother lived in the house alone. About 5 years ago my Uncle died in a car accident, he was the youngest of my Dad's brothers, and like an older brother to me. But even so, if my problem was them, I wouldn't have a problem.

So needless to say, I have visited this place since I could remember. It was always a warm place, a safe place. I always enjoyed being there and I have many many fond memories. The house is in my grandmother's will to me and my older brother and I was always excited about the concept of owning the house one day. until one day...

My first negative experience was before I even knew I was going to live in the house. I hadn't moved out of my parent's house yet. I have always been prone to night terrors since I was 15 so they are fairly normal for me. When I have a happy dream its bizarre. But this particular dream felt real, it felt scary... and it felt like it was GOING to happen. I cant explain how I knew that..

Dream: I was inside my grandmother's house, everything looked as it should. No one was there but me, my boyfriend at the time, my best friend and my boyfriend's best friend. Everyone was acting like they normally would and looked as they did (which isn't consistent to all my previous dreams) but we were all very frightened. The house was surrounded by invisible creatures like ghosts and they were very very malicious. I screamed for salt, and my friend handed me a large container and I salted the doorways and windows to protect us. It kept them out but it seemed I forgot something terribly important outside, so I went out the back door to get it.. but then they started closing in on me. Suddenly I woke up.. but not in my bed.. I woke up in my grandmothers bed! I slowly got up and looked around.. it was eerie and so I continued investigating, I went into the bathroom..and in their black ants were POURING out of the toilet and sink, so I bolted back into the room where now I heard whispering voices. I jumped back into the bed and threw the blankets over me and shut my eyes tightly.. the voices became louder and louder untill I felt hands touching me through the sheets and i assure you i was quivering and whimpering in fear.

The transition between that end of the dream and reality of actually being awake was one of the few moments I was unsure what was real and what wasn't. as I woke i still felt hands against me and heard whispers.. and I felt a presence at my side followed by a purr but when I opened my eyes I was alone in my room. yes MY room. the real world! I still felt the presence though, it was my spiritual companion whom died in my arms earlier that year.. the only thing that came to my mind was he had pulled me from a dangerous world. Though this dream stuck with me, i tried to put it to the back of my mind.

from that day on i continuously had dreams about being in a house I am trying to escape.. elevators to lower levels that felt like hell inside the house closets.. trying to jump through a window but getting shot in the back.. yea my night terrors continued with less BAM then that crazy dream of my grandmothers house. Life went on.

Well about 4.5 years ago my ex fiance and I lived in an apartment together. I found out I was pregnant and my parents wanted us to move into my grandmother's house because she was moving to s Senior home. I remembered my childhood memories and I was filled with excitement! Though I miscarried, we still decided to move to the house to help out the family. and then shit began to happen...

1) I entered the garage to do laundry, an old radio that had dead batteries and was broken had turned itself on. This happened twice before we got rid of the radio for good.

2) I began seeing my spiritual cat companion everywhere, and so did my ex, my friends, my roommates, and my roommates significant other. it became no doubt that I have a poltragist cat following me around that was once my living companion. He only seemed to appear when something was stirred in the house.

3) I would randomly wake up at 4 in the morning consistently to a terrible sinking feeling in my gut. It was hard to sleep after. Every one of these nights I have a nightmare that was scarier then normal.

4) Sometimes I would look down the hall and I would see what looked like black oily blobs slithering on the walls.

5) a less then sane friend of my Ex's came to our house, and though he was off his meds and heavily disregarded, my cats puffed up at him and he claimed there was something "sleeping" under the house that was very dangerous.

6) I began to have O.B.E.'s in the sleep paralysis format. I started to see entities on the other side.. every time. this Purple man with lavender flames and whiteish eyes. Everytime this sleep paralysis happened he was by my side and would put his hand on my chest/throat area and I would come out of it.
but the first few times the house shook, i heard doors shutting and opening and kitchen cabinets rattling dishes.
The only time the entity wasn't there I leaped out of myself into this "vibrating" reality and like walking through mud I made my way down the hallway screaming for my current boyfriend before I snapped awake.

7) There are things living in my yard I can feel... not elementals.. something else, something that makes me stay inside.

8) When I brought home my black kitten, we began to find doors open when they shouldn't be. as if the kitten wished to explore places she shouldn't be and something opened the door for her.

I hear whispers empathically from my "friends" of the spiritual side.. I was warned to not talk about any of this while inside the house. there was no explanation... but I have felt since day one of living here that I needed to get out. Now that I am in the process of moving.. I have suddenly started to get extremely tiered. I would LOVE to tell myself that its just all the stress and hard work... but I keep an open mind to possibilities. My experiences with the paranormal s stick your head in the sand and hope they don't notice you, because all my experiences... for the most part are very negative and I don't have any relatives or close close friends to guide me. I have learned everything on my own.. and now the time for that is over. I am reaching out to whoever may listen.