Ghost Stories

My house is going wild again

This is driving me crazy, in way's it is fascinating what it dose but can become rather annoying. For about a month now it started with playing with my alarm clock and only changing the minutes and would not go much further than 15 minutes ahead. Then it started as of this week playing with the hours. I really thought it was a faulty alarm clock but when I entered the room the time would be perfect and while I was in the room the minutes would change on me. When I'd tell it to please stop it would stop, that is not the case now. Last night i brought up another alarm clock and kept them both on and nothing happened to either clock the time stayed perfect all night however the wall clocks I have battery operated, one in the bathroom and one in the dining room were both way on the time this morning. It also drained my cell phone dead when it had a full charge.

Last week Daren's daughter Ashley and her boyfriend Travis stayed the night in Amanda's room as she was away for the night. They heard a very loudbang coming from downstairs and they said it the felt the bang and thought it was our 55 inch TV that fell over. Travis opened the bedroom door and started to go down stairs until he felt this pressure on his chest and hard to breath, he stopped on the second step going down and could hear whispering but could not tell if it was male or female, he decided to get back in the bedroom. Then they could hear doors opening and closing over and over, Travis looked every time and only once did he see a real person which was Daren going to the bathroom. They said they hear foot steps coming up and down the stairs for over an hour and whispering along with the squeaking of doors opening and closing and latching. There is something about Ashley this thing dose not like as she is the only one it has in the past hurt physically by pushing her out into the garage as she was heading out or into the house from the garage, as well as threw a plate at her hitting her in the bottom of her legs.

Then yesterday I was n the shower and heard this real hard knocking and it was hard and fast like someone had to use the bathroom very bad, I said " I'll be right out" I did not hear anyone say Ok or anything but figured the sound of the shower kept me from hearing it. I rushed out and said "Are you still there?" no one spoke so I figured they had probably gone down stairs to wait. No one was home other than Joseph ( Jofie ) who was in the basement on his computer. I said "Jofie you can use the bathroom now" He replied back " I don't have to use the bathroom" I said "huh? didn't you just knock on the bathroom door?" he said "no" I asked if anyone was with him that may have had to use the bathroom badly, he said no he was alone. I then pleaded with him to tell me if it was him knocking on the door or not and swore it was not him.Jofie is not a prankster especially when it comes to this and if he had he would have said so sooner or latter and could not look at me with out laughing.

Then as I was getting ready putting on my makeup and doing my hair I had on my curling Iron, all of a sudden the power all went out. I went down to the basement and flipped all breakers and no power. so I said to my self screw it I can still get ready and just do may hair different. I went back to the bathroom and opened the blinds to the window, it's a big window so it let in plenty of sunlight and I said "there, thought you had me but wrong I can still see to get my makeup on and I don't need the curling iron either" The next thing I knew the power came back on. I can possibly debunk the power, I did ask the neighbors if they had lost power and no one had but it could have been a power surge in this house but it was rather strange and the timing shortly after I heard the knocking on the bathroom door.

When everyone wakes up here I'll be asking them if they had any problems last night but so far this is about it other than things getting lost around here all the time. Could just be us but where things are found seems real strange we'd had put them there.

I'll keep you posted if anything else happens.
I am comfortable taking pictures, the most I have come up with is orb's and white in color and for me it is so hard to tell if it is paranormal or not. I have also tried to use my EVP recorder, the only thing I have left from my paranormal equipment which I wish I still had especially my EMF reader so when our chest feels heavy and hard to breath or dizzy feeling I could tell if it was in fact paranormal activity doing this. My cat sits in one spot usually most of the day which is right near the door that goes out to the garage, she stares at the wall and her head goes all over, she has not jumped at anything to my knowledge and I hope she don't as I just wallpapered the kitchen and don't want scratches on it. I have thought about taking pictures of her or even a video of her head going all around. The only other place I have seen her do this is while laying on my bed. I tried a flashlight on the floor with her and my other cat's and she is the only one who chases it, the other cat's I have not seen do anything but two of them usually are hiding somewhere.

The last EVP I got was when someone was here and we had been talking about all the activity and then I tried the EVP recorder and captured a males voice saying "Be gone" and then latter on possibly a "help me" but it was hard to figure out exactly if that was what it said or not. I tried yesterday to see if it was speak to me but nothing at all, this thing is so stubborn.

Another possible reason is there has been so much negative energy here, seems everyone has been arguing about something even Amanda and Jofie had it out and 3 day's of not speaking. I have been so confused as to why things have been so out of sorts around here, maybe it is in the air, Heck Daren and I was even going at it and Daren and Amanda and me and Amanda, it was crazy, I have wondered if this paranormal activity can make everyone go nut's causing the arguing?. If not I am sure it is feeding of the negative energy. Daren thinks possibly it is more active now that I am finally starting to feel better and it's mad but I know that is not it as it started up before while I was still down. Hum I think I'll go take some photos and use my better digital camera, my Samsung don't seem to pick up anything but it take beautiful photos even motion photos but I have never found an orb on that camera. so I think I'll start taking photos now and then take a cat nap.