Ghost Stories

My house may be haunted

This is my "story" if you want to call it that. It's not really a story so much as a seried of experiences that have lead me to believe that my house might be haunted. Feel free to tell me your opinions after you read it.
I would like to say, that up until I moved into this house, I had not really considered that anything out of the ordinary might be accountable for what was happening. While I won't say that I didn't believe in ghosts or hauntings, I will say that I was very sceptical. Before these experiences, I would have thought that I would have had to see a full fledged apparition right in front of me to believe. However, the experiences in my house have lead me to believe that a place was haunted. I liked the house, and had no reason to believe it was haunted. Hence, it took me a good six months even to consdier the possibility.

About four and a half years ago, my family moved. The house we bought wasn't brand new, but it wasn't very old either; I'd estimate it to be about 50 years old. At the time, I wasn't at all upset to be moving. I was excited about the new oppurtunities the city offered, and I liked the house. However, as soon as my family moved in, something kind of strange started to happen. I've always been able to remember my dreams. I don't normally have nightmares, and I NEVER dream about things inside my house. I don't know why it is, but my dreams are always either outside, or in some place that only exists in my dream. However, as soon as my family moved into our new house, I started having nightmares about things in my house- in my room, to be exact. For the first month or so, I didn't notice. It took a series of four dreams right in a row to make me realize something was up. The first dream was fairly mundane, save that, like all my other dreams, it was threatning, even though it shouldn't have been. Like the rest of the dreams, it was short, with no really distinct details. It was more an impression of something, and a brief image, than an actualy series of images. All it was the impression that "a tree was in my room" accompanied by a very brief image of a tree tangled around a light on the ceiling. The most striking thing wasn't the image, but the impression that "a tree was in my room". I woke up terrified, and couldn't shake the feeling, despite the fact that a tree was nothing to be afraid of. The other two dreams were of the exact same type "(something) is in the room" followed by a brief image. Both of the things were mudane (an animal of some sort), but both terrified me for no apparent reason. The last one was the most disturbing. In it, I was lying on my side, facing towards my closet. Above my closet is my light fixture. In my dream, a "cord" was descending out of the light fixture in a snake-like fashion. In fact, the way it moved was so life-like that I would have thought it a snake were it not for the distinct impression that this was a "cord", not a rope, not a snake, but a cord. In my dream, this cord was snaking out and coming towards me. I woke up so terrified I had to sleep with my light on for the rest of the night.

By this time, I was aware that something was wrong. I tried to justify it by telling myself that it was just the shock of a new environment that was upsetting me, but the dreams continued for the rest of the time that I lived in that house.

At the same time as I was having these dreams, other things were happening. I would be lying awake at night, unable to sleep, and I would hear someone walking down the halway beside my door. I would think it was my mother, only to find that my mother had gone to bed hours earlier. As with my dreams, I tried to brush it off as just noises from the house. However, one day I was downstairs working on a school project with a friend when she announced that my mother was home. I asked her how she knew, since I hadn't heard the door open, and my friend said that she had heard someone walking around upstairs. It turns out no one was home, and my friend had heard the same thing that I had been hearing every night.

Some of the other things weren't so pleasant. For me, the bathroom has always been a sort of safe place. When I was little, and I had a nightmare, I'd run into the bathroom and turn all the lights on. Because of all the white, the room would be very bright, and I'd feel completely safe. In our new house, the bathroom terrified me. It was just as bright as the bathrooms in our old house, but there was just this sense that I wasn't alone. Our bathroom was long an skinny, with a counter and a sink at one side, and the toilet and shower at the other. The sense of "something there" came from the side near the bathtub. After the first time I went into the bathroom at night, I never did it again. It was the same with my room. My room was right next to the bathroom, and the part of my room across from the shower had the exact same feeling. I don't know how to describe it, except that it was terrifying. I kept expecting to look down to the end of my bed, and find something there, or to have something crawling on the floor towards me (the feeling was definitely stronger closer to the floor). At night, I'd hear water running and sounds as if someone was in the bathroom.

Also, my room was freezing. We did everything we could to fix it. We checked the vent, to make sure it wasn't closed or blocked, checked the windows... we found nothing.
I'd also hear things I shouldn't be hearing- I'd hear the dog's collar clink, and I'd go looking for him only to find he was out for a walk. My family was always confused, because when you were looking for someone, you'd think you heard their voice upstairs when really, they were downstairs or outside. Once, I was home alone in the shower, when I heard a voice (which I thought was my mother's) call my name. I ran out of the shower, to see what she wanted, and found she hadn't got back yet. When she got back 10 minutes later I asked her about it, but she said she hadn't been back.

Although no one in my family ever seemed to notice anything, I noticed that they all started having strange dreams as well. My father, who never remembers his dreams, would have violent nightmares about our whole family dying, and my sister would wake up screaming. Even my mother, who never talks about dreams or nightmares, would tell us about a nightmare fairly regularly.

I never told anyone about this, because I thought that they wouldn't believe me. It's not like I've seen anything (in fact, I haven't seen a single thing, excpet in dreams), and the things I've heard could just be called a product of my imagination. However, a couple of months ago, I was talking to my sister, and somehow the topic came up, and she said that she thought the house was hautned. I was flabergasted, because I hadn't mentioned anything to her before that. We talked about it, and she had experienced both the foot steps in the hall way and the general feeling of discomfort, especially in the bathroom.

For me, there are two different feelings associate with the house. The first is associated with the sounds of the dogs collar, or hearing people in the wrong places. These do not seem threatning, and have a strong sense of "remembering" about them. The other things- the dreams, the sounds of walking past my door, and the feelings I get in the bathroom, are completely different. They feel very threatning. For me, the strongest experiences I have had are the dreams, and just "feelings" although I have heard a few odd things, the impression they leave is not nearly as strong as the impression left by the intangible things.

I have moved out of my house to go to university, and as soon as I moved, I slept better. My dreams went back to normal, and I have yet to have a nightmare in the six months I've been away.

So, now that I have told my story, I would like to know your opinions. Is there something in my house? If so what is it? Is there anything I can do to get rid of it if it is there?