Ghost Stories

My house.

I lived in a really old house, probably around 100+ years olds by now that belong to my great grandmother, it's very popular in town since it's said to be the most hunted in it. I lived on it for 14 years, and I experience more things that anyone could imagine. My home town is old and full of stories of ghost and demons, some say the land is curse or the people itself are because of the tribe that divides it in half made out of natives and their odd ways.

My house is made of 6 rooms in total.

-Music room: which is where we kept guitars, the piano, drums, speakers and many other music instruments since my father loves music. It became my room once I turned 11, I was terrefied of it, you could hear the strings of the guitars being pulled or the piano being played, the guitars where hanged from the wall and sounded as if someone would walk along the wall and slowly pull a string of each. All I could do was cover my face and pray, I was scared to death all the time but it was the way my life was.

-Kitchen: Plates would sound falling and breaking yet none would be broken, food would be misplaced, cups would disapear and appear another day, it was a thing of every day so everyone didn't notice it anymore.

-My sister's room: This room was terrifying because anyone who slept on that bed, could feel someone slowly sitting on the edge of bed. My sister recalled a lot of times when someone would tell her to go back to sleep and seeing someone sitting next to her. My mother would say it was my great grandma saying hi....

-Living room: Or the room of shadows, you could see people's shadows reflected on the walls walking. A terrefying room for me, since I would see the shadow of a dog walking towards me and feeling sick to my stomach if it got close. Also there is a morror that would fall and not break some nights, we would find it safe on the floor with no damage to it.

-My mom and dad's room: One really bad thing with this room was that if you wistle, you would get a response back, my brother would wistle and you could clearly hear someone wisting back, we would go search for who or where it was coming from but you wouldn't find anything. It only happened with a few selected people though, my brother was it's favorite for this event.

-My brother's room: Which was a room where I slept many years. Late at night, you would feel a chill, or cold down your spine, a cold so strong, you could feel it deep in your bones, a strong presence of people around you and things that would watch you at night, you would have to sleep far from the wall since you would get the feeling of getting pulled to them. You would find your shoes pulled down the bed, or anything small or that size. This room was the reason I couldn't sleep at night or sleep alone for many years. I remember making and "Imaginary" friend that I would talk to a lot, I would feel safe because I thought I had a friend in such a dark place, but I stop talking to it when I relised that it wasn't just a voice in my head or an imaginary friend but some kind of demon like presence that would sometimes show as a dream(Or at least I thought it was a dream) as two yellow eyes in the dark, until my brother told me, he had seen me talking to it and seeing two eyes in the dark but he only could hear me....

I have so many bad and good experienses with this house, my mother would put holy water on each room when things would seem to get out of hands and things would settle down for a while. I guess a house can hold many secrets, after all, we put so much spirit and feelings to it, that it becomes part of your family.
I hope no one got bored hearing about my house, don't get me wrong, I love it and I go back to it every year, but it's not one of my favorite places to sleep in.
Thanks SidewaysGlance and MurLag for the advice, stories and comments. This house has been own by my family for genarations, the area where I live use to belong to natives of my country but over half of these lands was sold by the goverment(I guess is the same story in a lot of countries), anyhow, all I can find is stories from the town elders and family about my house.
Most of town use to be a desert waste land but was turn to what it is today, when my great grandma and her family settle there, 2 rooms where made, most of the true house wasn't really made until later on. So the house has 100+ year but the land itself is older.

Even back then people claim it was bad land but since land was cheap a lot of people settle there. Town is divided by two, separated by a river, half was made by the people that settle there and the other, was where the natives lived. Town is mainly dry land and the natives are very secret about their culture, not many people are allowed to see their religious events, one main rule in these are: No one is to take pictures or video of these. I'll just explain one of these events; the town's natives choose a few people to take the roles of demons and knight-like people, the demons dress with goatskin made masks with a scary face of an animal or a person, in colorful dresses and they have two wooden colored swords, they dance around and threaten the people that are watching around that part of town, the knight-like people, ride horses with a wooden lance, all dressed in a black robes that cover thier faces, they kinda look like shadows, these serve the role of protectores of the people and fight off the evil demons. I'm just saying that this town is rich in culture and old spirits that can probably explain why this town can be so scary.
By the stories of my parents, my grandma had a very sad life, his first husband died by a fire, and she remarried later on, but she never seem happy with her 2nd husband. she was a very smart woman and hard working, but had a hard time after her 2nd husband died too. I know my grandma suffering explain the woman that sits on my sister's bed since she love her children more than anything and worried too much about them. The feeling of someone sitting on your bed and trying to be conforted, is probably her.

Other than that, most of the events don't seem to have an explanation, a lot of people say that there is a big treasure under my house, since there are stories of fire coming out of the ground at night (you see, fire coming out of the ground is a popular tale in my town of gold being hidden under that spot). A lot of people tried getting permission to dig but no one in my family ever agreeded, there used to be a very popular group of treasure hunters that found a lot of gold and silver around town, they would come every year for a month or so, find a spot and be gone out of town after they found something. It's said that they live out of the money they made from hunting treasures in the towns they visit, they stop coming to town so I never got a chance to meet them. I had gotten the chance to see blue fire coming from the ground, I recall one time while playing hide and seek with some friends when I was around 7, seeing strange candle like fire coming from the ground, some of my friends saw it too. Even with what people say, I never had dig the ground or look for treasure, I guess some thing are best left alone.
The only true living thing that has seen all the events there, is an old orange tree that my great grandma planted, every tree in there has dried and died but that tree never has even though half of it seem rotten and old, yet it gives really sweet oranges every year. It's also very rare since it's really small, probably 4 feet tall and never grows more than that. My family holds it dear.
There are probably hundreds of stories about my house, the main saying in town about it is that "No one is crazy enough to sleep one night there".
I wish I could tell so many more things about it but it's so much history and tales that I can probably write a book about it.

I hope this has serve of some interest to everyone. Any questions or comments are welcome too.