Ghost Stories

my huanted hill

Hi everyone, been a long time since my last post. last one i can think of was last august. well anyways, heres my story.

Two nights ago, on fourth of july, it was about 10 at night. and the fireworks displays were going on, so i decided to go up the hill thats up the street from my house. so i went by myself, took a trail to the top, the trail is usually used as a off-road trail for trucks and dirtbikes. well when i went up, i saw that there was already a lot of people up there watching the fireworks. i kept walking, once your at the top theres about 8 trails that branch off different places. i took one that leads to the far end of the hill. over on this side there were no people. i went for a distance, and then went off the trail cuz i noticed a small patch of open grass. all the brush in that area was very tall, im 5'7" and the brush was just a bit taller than me. well i went to the patch of open brush, and i saw a silowette of a big rock, i was tempted to goto the rock, to sit on it, but the night was very very dark. i was not really able to see anything at all but shadows, so i tried using my cell phone as a light source. i thought it was a very nice spot i found to watch the shows because from the hill you can see 3 different cities, the view is all the way to the horizon on all sides. well i was gonna call my GF, but then i heard something rustle in the bushes behind me, so i looked, just thinking it was rabbit, or small animal. so i kept looking are the shows, and my phone wasnt working right, because it never rang when i was calling. so i turned it off and on again, and i tried calling again. then i heard something behind me again. it happened a few times, i heard something behind me, when i looked, it stopped, when i didnt look it continued. well after a few times of that happening i turned around then squatted down, because the brush was tall. and so i looked around, but it was pretty much pitch black, and i thought to myself that i should have brought the maglight, and one of my knifes. well i looked towads the edge of the hill that i was on, and then i heard the rustling again. turned quick a little to the left, and in the darkness, all i was able to see was bout 3 feet ahead of me, and all i could see was the glow of the city reflecting off the brush. but further back, bout 30 feet, i saw a head of something, the shape of the head was of a pitbull, had a short snout, and the eyes were large black spheres, like they were out the skull, how mice eyes are. well i was able to see it because it seemed to glow, so all i saw was the head, the rest, well if there was a rest, it was in the tall heave brush. i didnt think wat it could be, all i thought was demon, so i busted out of there as fast as i could. i ran towards my right, cuz strait i woulda fallen off. well i ran in the the brush, and it was like i had my eyes closed, cuz i ran for it felt a long time, but was only a few min, i ran, without knowing where i was at, all i could see was the brush right in front of my face. and i didnt look back, but more to the sky behind me because the tall brush. well i fell out of the brush, into another small area thatw as clear. my vision was blurry, i tried looking at the streets to find where i was at but i couldnt see.well i just wanted to get outa there so i kept running strait, so i would eventually come to a trail. i was completely lost, and saw my phone was still calling, so i cancelled the call, and i found myself at a trail i knew. so i went back to where there WAS a lot of peoeple, thinking that thing wouldnt chase me where ther was a lot of people. but OH! for some reason, every person on the hill was gone. i was thinking.. wat happened? so i went back, and then my phone rang, and i got 2 calls at the same time, 1 was my gf, and the other was my brother. i got my gf's first and then my bros, so i switched to his call, and he asked if i was ok, i said yea... why u ask? and he said just checking. my gf asked me the same question. so i went strait home. when i got home i told my sister what had happened, she was in the front yard with her bf, and she had told my brother to call me because they saw everyone from the hill come down at 1 time, she thought something had happened, and she said that she had also seen a man follow me up the hill. i dont really know the history of the hill, but what i know is that a long time ago it used to have tin mines all the way to the next city, but they were closed, and cealed. my sister told me that when we first moved here she went up the hill and behind it there was a devil warshipping thing. that she saw a circle of rocks with the star in the middle and bunch of wierd stuff. also there is only =1= small tree up there, its a sad looking willow, or olive, i dunno wat it is, but under that small tree a man shot himself and his wife, also, i posted last year that my neighbor had seen wat they said "the devil" up on the hill late at night, and that it chased him and his friends down the hill. and to not go up late at night. thats all i know of the hill. sry if the post was long, i wanted to have the reader be able to imagine how i saw it in detail. what do you think it was?