Ghost Stories

My husband is freaking out!!

Before my husband didnt believe anything about what has been going on. He worked late last night and woke me up around 4am. I couldnt go back to sleep so i got up with him. We were sitting in the living room talking and he stpped me and said "Did you hear that? " I listened and heard a child's voice saying "mommy" . Samantha was sleeping in her brother's room because shes afraid to sleep in her room, we went into his bedroom and they were both asleep. He thought one of them was maybe talking in their sleep until we heard it again and it was coming from Samantha's room.

Their bedrooms are on the opposite end of the house from where my 2 little ones sleep. He, being the skeptic he is, opened her door expecting to see a tape player and was confronted by cold air and dragon breath. Needless to say we couldnt get down the hallway fast enough. He was so afraid that when we went to bed (or tried to) he wouldnt let me turn off the night light. He is really freaking out and wants to move but i dont think its that simple. I said "I tried to tell you but you thought i was crazy". He then stopped me and didnt want to hear anymore.

This is the first time anything has happened with him around. It first started with Brandon, then me and Samantha. I feel there is some sort of attachment because this started happening with Brandon where we lived before. I notice that it got worse when we were afraid and vulnerable from the going ons around us like when my next door neighbor was attacked and my house was broken into thru Samantha's window and then when we moved all was quiet until that fear and vulnerabilty came back when my ex threatened to kill my husband and take my kids-- my 3 yr old started hiding under his toddler bed when this was going on and first i thought he sensed my fear but now i think that whatever this is is attracted to negativity. I do sense my daughters spirit and that may have been her but i also sense something negative as well. I believe her spirit has always been around because she has communicated to Samantha, i am not afraid of her, im afraid and what else is here.

Yesterday i noticed that my 3 yr old 8 by 10 portrait was in the toybox. This frame is the kind that has these brass things that fit onto each corner to hold the portrait in place. The frame was still on the wall but the picture and the glass fell. This shouldnt have happened because the fittings are tight as h_ll and hard to get off and on. The glass was shattered and put a hole thru the picture. I have many picture frames fall and break but never had a picture be damaged from it. His pictures are the only ones that have come off the wall or the shelf. Aside from that the pictures (all my other ones on the wall) never stay where i put them they get rearranged. My rental manager hasnt managed this property for long so she cant tell me anything that may have happened here. I dont know if something was already here or if something followed me. I dont know if its the same one or a different one all i know is there is definate activity going on here. My husband wanted to know where we can go to get the history of this house or the area. This area has been known for activty, we are located near the historic district. I dont have any rpoblem with an innocent spirit that means no harm but how do you really know for sure what you are dealing with.

My daughter doesnt want me to cleanse our home because she wants her sister's spirit to stay her with her. I told her her sissy would always be here in her heart. A few of those pics i had posted earlier I sent to TAPS for analysis and see if they can tell me anything. My aunt is really worried because she senses something bad especially from the pic of the black mist next to her in the pic. She dont know if it was there because it followed me or if it happened to be there already, theres a lot a negatvity around my dad, he hasnt been happy in a long time-depression kinda runs in my family..Sorry about this being so long i am just really spooked right about now. Hearing something with my own 2 ears makes it more real and scary. I heard a voice before but wasnt sure, got caught off guard. This time we both heard it.