Ghost Stories

my husbands demon

im telling this story as if my husband charlie was telling it

1879 west 48 off bridge ave cleveland ohio when i was 10-12 years old we lived in this house and it was haunted theres so many incidences it first started off the basement light was always on mom would go down and shut it off and it would be back on the next morning she thought dad was hiding his beer from her down there but dad said he wasnt

so after months of this it finally blew out and they didnt replace it nobody went down there anyways it was only big as a small closet so it was no use to us anyhow in the living room we couldnt hang religious pictures up on a certain wall they would keep faling off and breaking later my sister mary had made that room her bedroom and she hung posters up and one day after school mary seen the posters was tore up but nobody had been home all day then one day i went across the street to the store with mom and joey and mary my older brother and older middle sister was at home and they told us when we got back home that they was reading from the bible and a black shadow flew from the wall between the windows to the wall across which is the wall nobody can hang pictures on and one day i traded a kid in the neighborhood a couple toys for a swiss army knife which mom said i couldnt keep it and had to give it back so i hid it in the floor boards in the back bedroom which nobody slept in because of how cold it stayed back there it came up missing when i went to get it i figured mom got it ill never see it again then we would lay out our cloths for school the next day on the couch and my belt came up missing and we looked everywhere and couldnt find it and my brothers books came up missing and he was upset because he knew he was gonna get in trouble he never has his homework done and the one time he did its missing he was even late for school because they was looking for the books so joey went to school and when he sat and opened his desk the kid that sat next to him said joey you look like youve seen a ghost there sat his books then months later mom was cleaning under the couch and there was my belt coiled up perfectly {she cleans under the couch daily because we had dogs} then one day my mom was mending socks and pants and whatnot and asked me to go to the backroom in the under the stairs type of closet and get her sewing kit well when i went in there a black mist came lunging out at me and grabbed onto my arm and was trying to pull me in the closet i was froze with fear for what seemed like eternity it had no face but it had a mouth and i swear it was like laughing at me so i got myself together and kicked at it my foot went right through it and i hit the bed plank and it slowly backed back into the closet i didnt get moms sewing kit and when i told her why and what happened she didnt believe me she said i overheard what joey and mary said when they read from the bible she later remembers i stayed outside when we got home to this day my hair still stands up when i tell that story then in the kitchen the pantry is like a freezer and it has a string to pull the light on and off but the string dont just hang there it comes down then out like a L then like someone is holding it and itll move in a circle we got a bed plank to try to knock it straight and it will go straight till you let go of it now here is when mom startes to believe me mom and dad was in bed wasnt sleeping yet just talking and she left the bathroom light on for us kids to see at night and she can look out from her bedroom and see the reflection of the kitchen in the tv and joey yelled to mom to tell mary to go to bed and mom was looking and seen mary {so she thought} and mary had pots and pans like she was cooking mom just watched for some reason then mary came to the living room which moms room was right off the living room and mary bent over to pick up the cat and the cat hissed and jumped right through "mary" then it dawned on mom that the little girl had no face but had marys hair and pj's on and same build as mary then she just
disappeared mom and dad was in bed and dad got up to go to the bathroom and she heard heavy breathing coming from what sounded like under the bed she looked thought the dog samantha the pomeranian was under there choking or something but when she called for samantha she came running into the bedroom then in the middle of the night she woke up from the creeking of the closet door opening slowly she saw a black mist come out and linger over dad and then went back in the closet just as slow as it came out she couldnt scream or move or anything a couple days later dad had a heart attack it was a warning well the family sat at the table talking about what has been going on and pat looked in the pantry and it was colder then ever and the string was making even bigger circles and nobody was sleeping at night and joey told mom why dont we just move mommy i just want to go mom said its not the dead you have to worrie about its the living and at that point all the cupboard doors flew open and slammed shut all at once we then had the house blessed and things didnt stop but they did slow down so we moved and when we moved i checked my hiding space under the floor and there i found my swiss army knife we drove by and the same gold drapes hung in the front window friends and i talked about going there on holloween but i seen first hand and decided not to by i know my husband tells the truth about this because to this day his voice gets shaky talking about it please forgive the puntuality or any spelling if it is wrong