Ghost Stories

My life around Ghosts

G'day folks, I'm new here and this post is about me and my family's experience with Ghosts. Okay, I have so much to say and I really do not know where to start. But here it is. (Please excuse any typing mistakes as all this has been speedtyped -punctuation and spelling might be quite bad)

Since I was very young, me and various family members have been experiencing many, many hauntings. Nothing bad really, the Ghosts are quite friendly and hardly bother us. You cannot see them (Most times) but you can sense them, mainly around night, but even during the day you can sense them. To tell you all these ghost experiences, I must start with my house.

My house is at least 60-70years old, made from wood etc. So the house is quite creaky, so you must always be sure not to make a mistake between a creak made by the wind and the creak with a footstep. Every room in the house is haunted or has been haunted. My house has always been visited by recently passed away relatives. For example, everytime you smell this distinctive Georgios perfume, you know my nan is around. We have other ghosts in the house too. An old man, a lady and I'm pretty sure someone else. The oldman Im pretty sure resides in the Bunglo out back and sometimes in the house. The lady resides in the laundry, veranda and back bedroom. At night you can feel her presense everytime you look towards the veranda and or laundry. Sometimes I have heard whistling in the veranda and Once I was watching a movie in the bunglo and I heard whistling in the bathroom in there. The third anonymous ghost usually travels around the hallway and loungeroom. Overall, the lady's presense is the most easiliest felt. The oldman never seems to bother anyone. Sometimes you may hear cuttery clittering in the kitchen, or the scrape of chair legs moving slightly.

Here is a list of hauntings, the first one being the earliest, the last being just recent. I will not include them all as it would require too much typing. But I will include the important ones.

1.One night, a school night I think, My mum and my brother were watching Tv in the loungeroom (I think I was in my room at the time). The time was about 8:30pm. It was dark and my little sisters had been sent to bed an hour ago as they had school in the morning. One little sister, Tanika, kept getting out of bed, saying "can I get a drink" or "Can I go to the toilet" -you know just excuses to stay up a little longer. My mum kept telling her to go to bed. Then one time, a little girl appeared at the doorway, a white nighty on similar to Tanika's. My brother said get to bed, when the girl at the door dissapeared almost immediantly. My mum and brother had seen this so they went into the girls room and turned the light on. Tanika, the one whom kept getting out of bed before had been fast asleep for 5-10minutes. So the little girl at the door was obviously a ghost. My mum still holds to her point that it was her nan, there to say her last goodbyes (She had died a few months earlier by a stroke aged about 62). I say "little girl" because my brother said she was about child height, otherwise everything else was indistinguisable in the room's doorway's darkness, apart from the white nighty my nan was known to wear.

2. My old room was in the bungalo a year or two ago when I was about 16. The bungalo consists of two rooms, separated by a bathroom. The bungaloo is separate from the house and sits in the backyard. I shared the room with my brother. I was on the top bunk, he on the bottom. It was summer, so it was a very hot night (Imagine 40degrees -100fahrenheit - from 1pm right to 12midnight). I can remember laying there with the blankets off, when suddenly I had to stretch my leg. So i sat there trying to stretch my leg on the top bunk when something caught my eye on my brother, simon's bed just below me. I looked almost immediantly, gasping, eyes wide. A blue orb hovered on the end of my brother's matress. Almost immediantly it flew off into the wall. A cold shiver followed, running up my back and head. My hair felt like it was spiking up. All of a sudden I felt cold so I put the blankets on and lay there in the scorching heat, sweating like a pig. This had been the first time I had seen a ghost, even though I had experienced at least a dozen or so hauntings in the years earlier.

But this was not to be the only experience in the bungalo. Some nights I would wake up to feel my brother, simon shaking me, he would tell me to be quiet and listen. You could hear footsteps outside our room walls down the side of the bungaloo. It went all around us then stopped. This happened many times. And was why I ended up chickening out and moving back into the house, leaving my brother alone in his room. A while later, nothing more happened. My other brother, Andrew, in the second room of the bungalo, directly adjacent to my old room I had just moved out, said some nights the door handle would shake spasmatically, as if someone was trying to get in. He would look out the window, and no one would be there. This brings it back to the house when my dad would be up late watching tv when suddenly the front door would shake once again like it was having a fit. I also remember when I was young, the lego box in my room shaking right until morning. Me and my brother, being in the same room, had to lay there and listen to it. When my brother called in my dad, the shaking stopped. When he left, the shaking restarted. I thought I'd be a funny aussie and hopped off the bed and started to shake the lego box too. Just to ease the tension.

3. The hallway of the house has always been centre to ghosts traveling paths. My cousins, who would come over and stay the week would say everytime they stared into the hallway from their beds they just felt like someone was watching them. So they never liked coming back to my house to stay. While there is never actual great experiences here, the hallway is an important "Ghosty" part of the house.

Some nights my dad would awake to really sense that something else was in the house. At least all members of my big family have experience something.

My sister Hayley, whom has moved out now, would always complain how she could hear things moving in the kitchen. My brother Adam, whom has moved out too, just recently told me via email that in his room, the back room when he was living here, the lady ghost would visit him everynight at the exact same time and for 4hours straight. Everynight. One night, he decided to put this stick, which is more like a baton, at the door which he calls "Mr stick" just for humour sake. The ghost never came in his room after that. She would always linger at the door where the stick was, but no further than that. He told me to put the stick at my bedroom door, but I will detail about that later on in this post.

4. As I have typed this all up off the top of my head, with little thought of it in the past, I have forgotten alot of things, but here is something that has been happening recently. I have written down the dates for there happenings. Keep in mind, nothing greatly significant has happened for at least 1-2years. So i knew something was up once it happened.

Tuesday 17th, January, 2006 - I had went to bed late, in my room in the house which sits at the top-right hand corner of the house. So it faces the front lawn and the side yard. It was maybe 1am. Once again I have been forced to share this room with my 5year old brother, Jayden, as I have a big family and there is only so many rooms. He has one bed and I have the other. It usually takes me an hour to fall asleep once I hop into bed. It was perhaps 30minutes since i had hopped into bed. When I saw a very dully white thing streak across the room just below the ceiling. I didnt care as I am used to ghosts after nearly 18years of it all. The flash had come from the window facing the side yard. This is the room that my cousins were in when they kept hearing footsteps down the side. Me and others have heard them too, but it has been many years since it last happened. Lately I have been hearing things down the side once again. With the passing of this flash at the ceiling and through the wall, it suddenly grew cold (It is summer again here, and everynight is warm). Now this coldness is not the winter coldness that is pinchy and sharp, but it was more num like. You can feel the coldness, but it doesnt make you shiver. It is the coldness of a ghost. But it dimminished after about 5minutes. I knew it was a new ghost, as I had never felt anything like that for many, many years, and no ghost had ever came in my room for a long time too. After all that I could hear footsteps in the roof above my room. Now it could be pipes or wind making the boards creak, but I analysed it and listend very carefully, it sounded like bare feet walking across the boards. I know they were footsteps as not once has it happened any time before. It was a few nights later, that my greatest experience of a ghost happened.

Friday 20th, January, 2006 - It was 12:30am when I went to bed. Once again it was a very warm night. I was laying there for maybe 30minutes attempting to fall asleep when the footsteps happened again. After at least 15minutes all the walls creacked and cracked. At this point all in a few seconds time, I could seriously sense something on the edge of my mind. It was amazing because my mind, without my go ahead, just thought on its own "Here it comes" as soon as the walls creacked. And the room's temperature immediantly just dropped to that numbing coldness again. And with it came a powerful aura as one I had never felt before. It was so strong that it felt like a storm picking up in my room. You know that feeling when gusts of wind try to pick you up. Well it was like that but without the wind noise. (Windows were locked too). It was like a wave of something, but It was freakish and powerful. Almost immediantly along with it came a very loud frequency, just piecing my ear drums. If only I could explain that amazing aura I could feel. It was really discomforting, nothing familiar, and really scary. It was like I was in water. I put the blankets on, and the aura only kept getting powerfuler, and that frequency rising. Electric currents were running up my feet to back of the head. I couldn't feel any great cold sensation on my body, whcih would mean it would have been putting its hand on me or something. I kinda felt numb, but maybe that was because I wouldn't move a milimetre for an entire hour. I could really sense the ghost in the middle of my room. With all this the footsteps in the roof had stopped.

An hour later, the coldness still lingered, but the sense not as strong. The frequency was really low too. I looked across the room, and my little brother had woken up and was sitting against the wall on his bed, just staring forward, not moving. I asked him if he could feel coldness, and he just said "No!" in his sooky mood and laid back down. I assumed he went to sleep, and I just laid down, and turned my back to him. I then heard a moment later two heavy knocks against the wall, coming from outside. I pushed this aside for my brother kicking his legs against the walls as what he usually does at night during his sleep. It then happened again, this time louder, and three times. So I sat back up, turning around and saw my brother sitting up against the wall again, just staring forward. I knew by heart it wan't him knocking the wall, how could it be? He was sitting up wondering what the hell he was feeling! The knocks came from the side of the house. It sounded like someone was knocking on the boards. So Im guessing the knocks was from the ghost or ghosts, i dont know.

Anway by morning I told my mum and dad and they told me to tell it to **** off. My mum being the expert asked me if it was anything familiar, i replied no and said it was definately something new, a stranger. She then said I must tell it to leave before its there too long. As you can imagine, I am only young and dont have their courage to tell it to **** off, and leave this house as it is not welcome. I was pretty sure it was a male. Dont ask me how I know, its just a feeling. But my dad went into my room and shouted Piss off. I laughed and that night nothing happened. Then...

Saturday 21st, January, 2006 - It was about 10:30pm when everyone went to bed including me. This is where "Mr Stick" comes in. Since my brother, Adam asked me via email to put it at my door to see what happens, I did so. 20minutes lying in bed trying to get to sleep and guess what happened! That high frequency came back, and that aura, but it seemed to hesitate a moment, and in five seconds later all feeling had dissipated. The ghost had gone, and I cant help thinking that It was perhaps because of the stick by my door. The same thing in which my brother had done when he lived in this house. So there you have it a stick that the ghosts fear passing.