Ghost Stories

My Lifes Experience (long)

After Lurking here for about a month without joining I thought I better join so I can actually get some imput on what ive seen, heard , and dreadfully felt over the past year. Before I ramble off and begin to give you a headache with my misuse of grammar and loss of paragraphs let me tell you a little about myself. I was born and raised in southern California I wont say where but lets say its very southern. I reside now inland from the beach about 6 miles in a smaller city near a large one that would be considered somewhat country like. I have 3 wonderful childrena dn a beautiful wife. All girls by the way, yes sometimes my life is very trying.

Well as for finding this site and researching strange occurances , well its always been something I wanted to partake in but never seemed to have the intestinal fortitude to really draw myself into. My first memory of something very strange took place many years ago when I was in elelmentary school, must have been 2nd or 3rd grade. Some gentlemen representing NASA or there eduacational branch, had brought photos of the moon and given a brief assembly to our classes. There was a rock from the moon or so they say, in 2nd grade you belive anything, which I was able to hold in the palm of my hand. I thought it was very interesting but more or less just a rock like the ones you find just about anywhere. What happened later is why this sticks with me.

I have an aunt my mothers sister that is very open minded and has often been called very observant and often able to feel things before they happen. I arrived home from school that day and she was there. Immediately she asked how my day was, it was then I told her about our assembly and the rock. She asked me if I could feel it, I looked at her very funny like and said feel what. She opened the hand I had held the rock in and placed her hand over mine. I felt something it was a tingleing, best described as almost eh feeling you get when your foot is asleep. I denied feeling anything. My aunt then told me she belived the rock I had held was from the moon because it vibrated differentoly from how things normal things vibrate. Now keep in mind im about 7 or 8 yrs old so I was rather confused at this point. She saw my confusion and said everything anywhere has a distict vibration or energy. My mother had walked into our conversation by now and was changing the subject. I don't know if you could call that an experience or not but I will tell you this at times that I think about that rock and holding in in my hand I often feel that strange feeling, vibration.

I point out this story because even though I was young it taught me something about life in general. It taught me that everything all around us has a place its been a place its going and a place its at and all those things can be seen, heard ,or felt in one way or another. Writing this now its strange that my palm itches , well enough of the silly stuff, let me tell you about what I really want to write about.

Most of my experiences up to the last year I believe I can explain with much easeand little fear of recourse. In 1988 my grandfather died of a heartattack in his sleep. He lived 2600 miles away from me but was held very close to me because whenever he spoke to me it was as a friend not an adult almost. Well to make a short story long he was a painter in his retirement. Now he was no professionally painter but more of a hobbiest, is that a word? He often painted Deer, bears, or rivers streams. Well each of the granchrildren visited my grandmother throughout the year that my grandpa had died. When I visited my grandma took me down to the basement a place where my grandpa had ussally painted and done hobbies at. She said you are allowed to pick a painting to take with you so you I chose the one of a doe. A very simple painting with a dark green background that well wasn't very impressive to say the least. I have been asked several times why I chose that one and said that in some way I just had to have that particular painting. When I returned home 2600 miles away my father hung the picture above my bed in my room.

So you understand when I describe the next events let me give you a little interpretation of the home I grew up in. It was built around 1979 so fairly new before that the area was a ranch of several hundred acres. I am an only child so I had a rather large room. The downstairs had two bedrooms a master and a smaller room,used as my fathers office, with a kitchen and a living room in which stairs leaded to the second floor. At the top of the stairs is a bathroom and to the right is my room, another master sits above my parents. Next to my bedroom is a storage room or small area that is now used for storage. If you turn left at the top of the stairs you walk by an open office, my mothers, then there is a door that opens into the guest room. Once tht painting was above my bed I often felt a very warm or homly feeling come over me while in the room. Also around the same time we, my family and I, started to notice some interesting things. Doors to the guest bedrooms or storage rooms would open and close. A small figuring case downstairs that held my grandfathers cufflinks would be seen open and closing at the strangest times. Now being only about 9 at the time I thought it was a ghost. I remember asking my mom to go look in the storage room late one night as it had opened and awaken me. She sat on my bed and told me its just a draft son don't worry the only person here is your grandfather looking over you, she pointed to the painting above my head. I smiled as she told me that he was always with me and would look over me.

After she left I stared into the darkness of my room and heard the door to the storage room open again. I clinched my eyes tightly closed and pictured my grandfather and asked ina low voice if he was here to protect me. At that moment the storage room door swung shut harder that I could of ever slammed it. Now you might think well id be scared out of my skin if that happened. But I tell you as that door closed it seemed a warm homely feeling swept through me and relaxed me.

The years past and the events still happened occasionally but if I saw the door open or the cabinet open I would tell friends don't worry its my grandfather watching over me. Now just like any boy , I grew up and moved to my own apartment thati shared with friends. Not to surprise you or anything but I did bring the painting with me and hung it above my new bed in my new room. It has stayed with me since, well up until about 8 months ago.Work calls I will write more later. ...
Glad its been somewhat slow today at work so I can finally share my experience with you. As I was sitting back down I forgot to mention that in 1996 my other grandfather passed on. He was a diffinite inspiration to me in my life and his last words to me were ddont do anything I wouldn't do Tony. When he passed I was not as sad as I think I should have been but then again it could be the fact that I still belive himt o watch over me also.

So you ask how do I know that these things that happen to me are the vibration or energy of my grandfather well, after I moved out I had my proof. It happened with myself my current girlfriend and a very close friend, best friend of mine. Now after reading this sight I relize most of these action were stupid and very mal thought. Well we all were sitting watching some scary movie on tv, don't remember it but by the end my friend David and my girlfriend Lisa were diffinilty feeling a little spooked. They asked me why I never got scared by movies or even walking around in the dark late at night. I had told them before but told them again that my grandfathers look over me and guide me away from danger or harm most times.

Now this is where I got real stupid. They said I was full of S**T, and I don't blame them. Trying to prove myself to them I said well why don't we talk to them then. I suggested a homemade oijji board. I know it was stupid but I was acting cool at the time. So I wrote out the letteres and the yes and no and what not on a piece of paper and took a key ring out of my pocket to use as the planchet. I asked all the normal questions, is anyone there, what is your name. The key ring moved to yes and spelled out Amus my second grandfathers name. I told them that was enough, but david had to ask. It there anyone else that can come talk to us tonight. The answer again was Yes, ifigured it would be my other grandfather and belived it was till about 2 yrs later. David asked if it would come show him he was really there, this is when the warm feeling I normally have left me abruptly, the planchet went to Yes and at the same time a glass of orange soda that had been sat on the table near my makeshift board seemly feel over and spilled ont eh paper board. I yelled at david told him to grab a towel and why did he knock that over. He denied doing it but needless to say our night of fun was over...but the changes were coming .

After that night whenever I would step outside of the view of the painting I would get a horrible feeling of being watched. I thought it was just silly nerves and continued on with life. Well soon after the 3 of us slowly parted ways. Lisa and I separated and she seemingly dropped out of view. David ont eh other hand joined the marines and after bootcamp went to guantanmo bay. I had little contact with him over the year he was over there. About 12 months after he was there in gitmo I received a call from his parents telling me he had had a horrible accident in which a hummer rolled with him in the turret and he was crushed. Apparently he was in a coma in florida. As he healed I received a call from him as soon as he could talk. He didn't ay much but told me that he had found his faith and god helped him heal. You see his mother was a devout catholic and stayed by his beside and read fromt eh bible daily till he recoved.

David had lost an eye in the accident and was badly disfigured facially from the accident. Months later he returned home and contacted me to meet him. One thing you must understand about David is that he was adopted and at a young age forced to study religion by his mother. For that reason he often had told me that he didn't belive in his moms religion. When I saw him for the first time and we talked, he told me that from now on he will be a believer. I asked him why the change, I figured it was the accident that made him devout but as we talked I found out the real reason. He said that after he had moved out he often could not sleep at night and would sense something staring at him when he was alone. He told me that in cuba he had dreams that he was being chased by something dark and hideous somthign he could never really make out in his dreams but knew it was never a dream but a nightmare. He told me that if he awoke at night he was often frozen in his bed and couldn't move and one night he saw what can best be described as a shadow of cold air floating above his bunk. ---Now I can tell you a couple things about working in cuba in the marines from what david told me. He said it was rare that anything real important happened but they were always worked extra for guard duties. He said often time they would work 20 to 30 hrs straight or just get 4 or 5 hrs a sleep at a time. Well the one night of his accident he was working a shift and getting off at about 330 am. On his ride back to barracks in the humvi all was quiet almost too quiet. David said he looked out onto the road in front of them and saw what I dare say is best described as evil.

Davids discription:

In the middle of this gravel road I saw what started out as a mist almost like fog but soon turned black almost disappearing into the night. As they approached I saw it more clearly it had what appeared to be carrying a long black sword and stood tall taller than any man I would say about 10 feet tall.

As David scanned the figure he saw 2 orange, so he says ovals with in it. I asked him if they were eyes and he said that it was something he could not make out as eyes but yet they burned him like a stare would. In his mind he heard this thing , entity say Your proof is before you. At that moment the humvi swerved and rolled several times. David says he was aware of everything the whole time and awake for the 3 to 5 minutess that no one was there but the driver, which died, and him.

During those minutes before help arrived David saw the black mist above him, he was half trapped under the humvi. This time words rang out like a high pitched scream. This scream was followed by a laugh a laugh so sinister that david knew he was about to die. The last thing he remembers before passing out and awaking months later ina hospital in florida was the words you are not protected now.

Ok so I thought David you were in an accident and were seeing things and maybe your mind played tricks on you. David said while he was in coma or in a sleep like state he passed into a dark world where he would here that voice that scared him so badly. He also said he heard the voice of his mother reciting the bible. The day he heard her he awoke. He told me that the words and devotion his mother had saved him or protected him in some way. Me stil being the skeptic thought to myself well maybe this is his way of accepting a faith that he once hated but wanted a reason to love. No more incidents ever happened to david.

About 1 year ago he called me telling em that he had to tell me to be careful. His reason was unknown. He said you know Tony that we brought something horrible into this world that followed me for a long time and I fear you are next. I asked why would you think that, I mean it had been almost 4 yrs since the above convo and accidednt had taken place. He said he had run into Lisa's good friend at a grocery store. David asked how she was and her friend, Loren, said didn't you here she is dead. David said dead what happened. Loren explained that around the time that david had come back home that Lisa started to think people were after her and therefore started to drink heavily and use drugs mostly cocaine. Loren told him that she died 3 months ago from what appeared to be a party in which she decided to finish by hanging herself. me hearing this from david were completely blown away.

As a good gesture I looked up Lisas family and expressed my apologies for there loss. Her mother invited me by there home and gave me a few things that when Lisa and I were together were special. I took them and it hink they eventually got put into storage somewhere in my current place of residence.

Wow what a novel im writing here but all this stuff is important as you will see soon. I have left out my family wife and kids because even till this day do they not know what has happened and I plan to keep it that way.
It wasn't long after I had gotten settled into a new condo with my family that strange things started to happen to me. Now I remember telling you that I had brought that painting anywhere I lived but this new place was recently painted a color my wife choose and she decided that my old painting was rather not fitting to be placed above our bed. I think what I told her about the painting had somewhat freeked her out.

About 1 week after moving in I was up watching tv late at night when I heard the bathroom fan come on like someone was in there. Figuring it was one of my daughter it hought nothing of it. 5 minutes later I could still here it, I thought well darn my daughter must of forgot to turn it off before she went back to bed. I walked in there in the dark, not uncommon for me as the darkness doesn't scare me. I turned off the switch and silence filled the small bathroom, when I say silence I mean extreem silence, and a coldness filled the air. Now you knowing I live in California and the time of year being summer would deduct that it was not cold out. My heart started to beat fast I looked into the shower as there is a curtain covering it and dared myself to pull it back to make sure I was alone. I pulled it quickly back only to see darkness not the darkness of a shower but a thing so dark that it feels like a hole. This thing then passed through me and shot out of the bathroom and disappeared. I was frozen tears falling from my eyes. I tried to focus but was very disoriented , eventually I went to my bedroom and crawld close to my wife. Later that night must of bean after 2 am I awoke this time I can only describe me awakening to be like the paralysis you folks describe here on the boards. This darkness was above me again and instead of feeling protected as I always was I was scared, this darkness shaped into what I can describe as a mideivel warror of some sort carring a black sword of some sort boasting eyes, yes eyes, no mistake here that were hot as fire as they looked at me. In a wosh of warm air I felt the presence above me pull back as if startled or scared by something, it is in that moment I belive that my grandfathers joined me and protected me. This thing then floated to a corner of the room and vanished. I went back to sleep amazingly and dreamnt a dream about my grandfather.

He was painting in his basement and never turned to look at me but told me something that surprised me, he said we cannot protect against the darkness only you can. As those words were uttered in my dreamland I awoke to the buzzing alarm clock and the start of another day. I wracked my mind for what to do and how could my protectors believe that I was the person to dispel or remove this evil. I decided that it being a Friday and the weekend coming that I would send the family to visit there grandma while I resolved this situation.

My decision was that I must talk to this thing and know its intent and why it is bothering me and ask it to leave. I tried doing this in person just standing in my home. Guess what, nothing happened. So once again I drew out a oijji board and used a glass cup as a planchard. You people must think im crazy at this point to actually want to open a doorway again but I had to communicate with this thing. I asked the normal questions of course. It was there it dragged my hands around that piece of paper several times. I how did you get here and why do you follow me. The answer was that we Lisa david and I had opened a door and this thing had passed into it because there was as was spelled out a sickening warth to be dealt with. I said go back now while you can, NO NO NO was the answer over and over again.

The next series of events ends my story and im happy it does. The blackness came into my living room and walked now towards me towering above me, like a grim reaper ready to strike its victim. As I stood up to meet this thing it came so close to me I could feel almost a cold breath from it. My insides bubbled not with fear but with hate a hate so stroung of this thing that it seemed to grow with every mal thought my mind processed. It was at that time killing went through my head. Rage a strong rage. Words then were spoken from my grandfather in my head it sayed Tony don't do anything I wouldn't do. My anger dropped and my determination grew. I asked, no I told this thing to go where it came from and never return because in my house I am protected by angels and would never breed mal intent for it to feed on. It was then that a light over each of my shoulders shoot forward into this darkness and forced it out.

I awoke the next mourning on the floor exhaustd beyond belief. Did I dream this was this all silly nightmares. I guess ill never know. Its been at least 6 months now and nothing strange has happened. O the painting is hung above my bed again. Take what you will fromt his story and take it in stride as everything in the world vibrates and so do we we often vibrate so stroung that we can over shadow the most important thing in our life with that vibration. This concludes my experience and my day at work today. Thanks for reading and for the information here.