Ghost Stories

My Mom Came To Visit Me

My mom died on September 7th, 1977. My sister was in my town for the funeral. I lived right by the high school and not supposed to be back at school yet. So when she heard the 'bell' ring, she assumed it was me with my hand on her hip at the stove. She turned around, I was not there. She said she felt a "motherly" presence after that.

We had many plants given to us at the funeral. My father left it to me to water them when needed. Once I was watering the plants and definitely saw my mom sitting on he couch, directing me on how much to water them. No words, just hand gestures. I dropped the pitcher and ran out of there like I was on fire.

I graduted from high school. I felt a definite presence there with me while I accepted my diploma.

I went to college in August of that year. I was fine, but I kept having awful dreams about Mom, that she did not really die: she just left me to have a life of her own. I was seenig a college 'counselor' at the time. One night I was just so exhausted from lack of sleep that I finally fell into a good rest. THIS WAS THE MONTH OF MARCH, 1980. My friend Davy called me from the lobby to ask me to let his girlfriend in. I heard the phone ring, and ring and ring, but my body would not wake up. Finally I woke up, trying to GET up to answer the phone. I felt this arm on my chest, like lead. I was moving my arms and legs but this "shadow" was not letting me get up to answer my phone. I looked to my right and looked at the shadow of my mother - (my window curtains were open and the light came from the dorm courtyard) her hair done in a bun and everything; I could even make out her nose and facial features in the dark. I don't remember saying anything, but I had to close my eyes and tell myself "she is dead, she can't be here". But everytime I opened my eyes, she was there and the heaviness was still on my body. The last time I closed my eyes, the phone quit ringing, and the weight was gone. Then I was REALLY scared. I got up and turned on my light to the room. The phone started ringing again. It was my friend Davy asking me to let his date in the dorm. I ran outta that room like my ass was on fire. I begged his girlfriend to come and stay in my room, but she was drunk as hell. He saw how scared I was and asked me to let him in to the TV room downstairs (which we both could have gotten kicked out of college for in the '80s). He sat there with me until morning. Dorm mother could not get mad because dorn is open for "male visitors" in the lobby at 7 AM. I did not go to classes that day. He checked on me everynight after that. We are sill friend to this day.

I went home in May and had a dr's appointment. When I got there, the receptionist asked me, "How is your dad after his near heart attack?" I was like "WHAT? HEART ATTACK???" I went home and confronted him about this. He said that mom came to see him in MARCH - he thought he was dreaming but she was at the end of the bed when he woke up to go to the bathroom: he saw her in the reflection of the closet mirror, but when he looked at where she should hav been, she wasn't there. But she was STILL in the mirror. Well, it set him off into a panic attack (and tell me THIS: what would YOU have done??).

My future sister in law came to our home the same summer. She had been having dreams in MARCH about this woman, 'advising' her about finances. She had no idea who this woman was until she came to our home and saw a picture of my mother. She absolutely freaked out: "that is the woman - why can't I have a credit card?" My mother was a shopper out of control and constantly maxxed out credit cards shopping. My brother does not 'recall' any dreams about my mom. However, I think he is full of ca-ca.

Now comes my sister, the one who had the hand on her hip. Mom came to see her on a Sunday morning. My sister felt 'pressure' on her feet and assumed it was her husband getting ready to go jogging. She woke up and saw Mom. Instead of freaking out, she said, "Mom, how are you? Are you Okay?" Mom, in her usual "I know it all state" when it came to us kids, she said, "You wouldn't understand". My sis started to get up and once she turned away and looked back, Mom was gone. But her feet were still warm! This happened in MARCH.

My dad, me, sister and brother all had these experiences in the month of March 1980. March was not her death month, nor any of our birth months nor thieir anniversary. We never could figure out why MARCH was such a big month for her to do this.

We never heard from Mom again.

My father died March 7th, 2001.