Ghost Stories

My Mom's Haunted home

When my mom was younger she lived with her mom, 3 sisters, and step-dad. When my mom was 10 years old, they moved into a 2 story home.
The house had 6 bedrooms in it. It was rather large. It needed a lot of work done to it, but my grandmother(my mom's mother)had fallen in love with the place. Plus, they got the house pretty cheap.

The house had been empty for almost 40 years before my mom and her family moved into it. Before my mom moved into it, the house had been a small bed and breakfest. There was a lot of work to be done on the house, but my grandmother and her husband were willing to do it. So they began the work. Strangely, my grandmother had an urge to restore the house to its orginal form. She wanted to make it look like it did when it was a bed and breakfest. She went to local libreays(sp?) and newspaper places and found as many pictures of the house. From those pictures she started to redo the house.

After living there for 3 months, stuff started to happen. My mom said it felt like you were always being watched. She said it didn't matter what room you were in or if anybody else was home or not, it felt like someone was watching you. She also said stuff would move. You would put a chair at the end of the table, turn around to do something and turn back around and the chair would be sitting in the middle of the room.

Now, in the front room there was an old organ. It was there when they had bought the house. My grandmother liked it so much that she cleaned it up and kept in the house. Well her husband, Mike, seemed to find an attraction towards the organ. He would play it and never stop. He would play it into the middle of the night. My grandmother finally got to the point that she couldn't stand it anymore. Nobody was getting sleep at night because of him. When she tried to talk to him about it and make him stop, he became angry and defensive about it.

One afternoon, while Mike was out of the home and the kids were at school, my grandmother, Rita, was home alone. She was upstairs in the hallway sweeping, since the hall was wood flooring. She said that she felt like someone was tapping on her shoulder. She turned around and saw nothing, so went back to sweeping. After she finished sweeping she started to wipe down the dusty table at the end of the hallway. Rita said that she heard footsteps behind her and turned to see who was there. Standing before her was a man. He was tall and skinny. He was wearing a top hat with a pair of dress pants, a long sleeve shirt and a nice jacket over the shirt. My grandmother described the look on his face as horrid. She said that when she saw him, she was just frooze in place. She couldn't run or scream for help. Within a split second, the man was gone. She soon had pulled herself back to her senses and she ran outside and to the neighbors house until the childeren came home from school.

By winter that year, the whole house was freezing. They would have the heat on as high as it would go, and the house just didn't seem to heat up. They called people out to the house and none of them could find anything wrong or as to why the house was not heating up. It got to the point that everyone had to sleep in the living room around the fireplace at night time to keep warm. And Mike was just awful. By now, he spent all of his time at the organ playing it. He wouldln't even talk to anybody in the house. One night, before bed, my grandmother found a knife under the pillow that her husband slept on. Thats when she freaked out. She feared for her and childeren's lives. The next morning she went to the neighbors and called her father to come and get them. By that evening, they had left the house. Mike had refused to go with them.

About a week or two later, Rita went back to the house to get a few of the last items and file for a separtion with Mike. When she got there, Mike wasn't there. She packed up the last of the items of hers and the kids' and left the papers on the kitchen table along with her current address and phone number. After 2 months, she still haden't heard anything from Mike. Rita called the women who had lived next door to them. She asked if she had seen Mike lately and how he was. The women said that he had left 2 or 3 days after Rita and the kids had. He left without a word. Nobody had heard from him since. They had all asumed he had went to join Rita and the kids wherever they were.

Rita went back to the town and went to the house. She packed up Mike's stuff and sold them at a nearby thrift store. She then put the house up for sale on the market. She finally sold the house to a man and his young teenage son looking for a summer house. They said the house would be perfect for a nice vaction place in the summer. My grandmother said that the man and boy only lived there for about 3 months, then sold the house. Nobody has ever lived in the house for more than 6 months.

All of my aunts, and my grandmother and mother have all told me the same storys of this house. I highly doubt they are lying about it. I get chills up my spine just hearing about the house. My mother said that place was evil. She said that she couldn't even step foot inside the house without feeling something there. She said that she was felt like somebody, or something, was there.