Ghost Stories

My mother's death

When my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, she had surgery and we thought she had beat it. A year later, she started having terrible headaches and they found a mass in her cerebellum. I was devastated. I just knew that she would die, even though they kept saying that it was VERy operable. She thought she would too. Furthermore, I think she really wanted to die - she was 62, but tired. She repaired everything in her house, and redecorated. She gave all of us the things she wanted us to have. It was very sad.

When she gave me her prized pearls, I cried like a baby. She'd never part with those unless she really was going to die. I asked her then - we talked - if she would, to please let me know if there was a heaven and if so what it was like. I've always been afraid that if there was a heaven, it would be boring.

That night, I prayed - earnestly prayed - tears running down my face - Mithra please, let me know this is not the end. (That is who I ask.)

That night, I had a wonderful dream. It was very real, and very colorful. In it, I saw my little dog dobbie - a dog I had for many years as a child. He had 3 legs, having been injured in a dog fight, and died at an old age. I had not thought of him in years. In the dream, he was running to me, like a just grown puppy, with all 4 legs and in perfect shape with his big floppy ears. He ran right past me and leapt into my mother's arms. He was so happy.

Now, it was my mother that took care of that dog when he was sick, when he had his surgery - always it was her that took care of him.

That one dream let me know - more strongly than anything else possibly could have - that YES - there was a heaven - and even DOGS went there - and that that little dog would be there to greet my mom.

When my mother died - RIGHT before she died - she looked at me specifically - and through her pain, she said "I remember - do you remember? Its very beautiful. It looks so very pretty." Those were her last words to anyone.

She died as I held her - it was the medicine - not the cancer that killed her , it burned a hole in her stomach-and I breathed her last breath and I alone removed the tubes, and washed her body and prepared her for the undertakers.

About 3 days after her death, I dreamt of her - clearly. She told me "When it is your turn, just tell the truth. They'll want to know everything, and it is tempting to brush over stuff, but you tell the truth and you will get the very best reward. People that don't tell the whole truth, get nice rewards, and they never even know that there is more that they could have had if they'd told the truth - just when its your turn, I'm tellin ya - just tell the truth and it will be ok, just wonderful, better than the biggest lottery!"

That let me know that she was firmly in heaven. She always liked to gamble.

I dream of her often, and once I dreamt of her and she had long blonde hair - my mother NEVER had long or blonde hair, and she was driving a convertible. She told me that God often did not let people see miracles anymore because it made them so crazy, and she would not let me see her move between the worlds.

However, when I told my dad of the dream, he said that when my mother was very young, she often drove my uncle's convertible, and wore a long, blonde wig. He was incredulous as I decribed the car in detail. I even had the steering wheel cover correct, as I looked at it as she drove me in the car and we talked.

I still dream of her often. One sister called one day crying saying that she had received a phone call from her. I don't doubt it a bit.

I just wanted to share that. Have faith.