Ghost Stories

My OBE, a synopsis:

Just thought I would "not so briefly" share a few experiences (not necessarily ghostly) I've had which I believe to be OBE or at least telepathic in nature.

1. Late one night, at the house of my best friend's girl friend, while resting before the "long" drive home, I seemed to drift off to sleep. I found myself in a darkened alley or basement with a little girl and a dark figure. The girl was maybe 9 to 12 years old wearing a not too fancy off-white dress and the dark figure was wearing a long brown coat. My view shifted intermittently between being an observer and being the figure in the brown coat. This is when it became apparent that the dark figure intended to kill the little girl. With his right hand he began swinging a large knife up and down at a slight angle, dragging the blade through some part of the little girl with every swing. She produced little more than a slight whimper and moan while the dark figure chuckled menacingly under "his" breath. Next thing I know I'm staring at the ceiling. I never saw the little girl actually die. My friend and his girlfriend say my eyes never closed but my head fell backwards as I sat there. They say they repeatedly called my name and asked what was going on but I just mumbled and chuckled for a minute or so as I stared at the ceiling. I can not verify any connection to the incident but shortly after I "woke up" all three of us noticed that I had several small drops of dried blood on the back of my left hand.

2. I was with a large group on a backpacking trip. We made camp well above timberline and settled in for the night. In the very early morning hours I "awoke" to a rumble sound and the ground shaking slightly. Then suddenly the rumbling and shaking became rather violent and could hear some one screaming "Avalanche" repeatedly with sheer terror in the sound of their voice. I sat up and was ready to run from the tent as fast as I could when I realized it was dead quiet. One of the guys in the tent with me asked if I was OK and I said that I heard some one screaming "Avalanche". He said that he heard the screams also but that I was the one screaming. Knowing that it was just a dream we all went back to sleep. The next morning a couple people from near by tents asked what the screaming was about. Very embarrassed, I explained the dream to them. Two days later we met up with the other half of the group hiking from the other direction. Myself and those that knew about my dream felt just a bit uneasy as the other group told us about the avalanche that rumbled by their camp the night of my dream.

3. I've had two grand mal seizures during my life that I know of. Typically you can tell when you are about to have a seizure but there is very little you can do about it other than trying to lay down quickly. First sound fades, almost like you are being slowly submerged in water. Also similar to slow submersion in water, you feel a temperature change sweep over you. Then vision fades, almost like the color is slowly stripped from everything. The remaining black, gray, and white image fades to blackness. Brilliant flashes of light and odd bursts of sound fill your mind as it tries to come to grips with the chaos. You experience the simultaneous occurrence of incredible speed and dead stop, everything and nothing. Then, hopefully, you come back up slowly out of the water to this reality but you remain very confused for a while. This all seems very standard to a neurologist or psychologist helping you get through the ordeal. However, I've had one experience they couldn't explain. I came through everything I explained above but I didn't make it back to this reality. I ended up in a very large bright white room. At first I was alone but then quite suddenly dozens of people came from every direction. It wasn't exactly a panic but everyone was very busy and very anxious to get where they were going. We all bumped and shuffled about talking loudly. Then from somewhere came a soft voice saying "Time to go" and I was slowly lifted out of the water to find myself on the floor. This time I was not confused at all. I knew where I was and I knew exactly what had just occurred.


"Sleep!? How I loathe those little slices of death." EAP