Ghost Stories

My old house.

Okay been a while since I posted on the boards! Some of you may recall when I lived in my old house I posted up a few things that occured in the area. For those who don't I will do a quick refresher, the area I lived in apprently was once farm land where a accident befell some young kids. I don't know how true this is since I never paid it much heed but apprently it was wheat fields where the kids were playing hide and seek or were just out and about. One of the kids fathers was driving his Threser and ran the kids over, always seemed odd to me but heh.

Now not only did I experiance strange things in my house but neigbors also experinced them as well, we had strange things happen in our park and what not as well. But long story short I ended up getting a divorce we had lived in the house since it was built which was not long about 6 years. Things were not always the best between me and my ex but we did end on friendly terms for the most part. My best friend who was staying with me after the divorce to help me get the house ready for sale on a few occasions mentioned hearing odd sounds in his room. The most notable was a chewing sounds like a dog, he thought it was one of my two dogs which it wasn't as they were down stairs with me. On more then on occasion we swore we heard a voice up there sounds but nothing serious. Now I have been moved out of the house for about 4 months now and every so often I get a call or a letter in the mail or what not about the place and things being strange. For example:

I got a bill from the eletric company that was several hundered dollar's for that address. When I called and explained no one lived there they said to bad they had wattage being used. My first thought was squatters or something else so I drove over to see, everything was still secured and no obvious breakins. I asked the neigbors if they had seen anything strange they said not really but they would keep a eye on it just incase.

About a month after this I got call from the next door guy who said he had to call the police twice because he thought somone had broken in. The lights were turning on and off and he said he could hear somone yelling in the basement he thought. They found nothing and it was secured this was strange. He ended up calling me a few more times that month about incidents going on, he was connvinced somone was getting in somehow. Apprently one night the garage door opened up and closed so he rushed over to check it out and said he thought he saw somone inside moving around the lights were off so again the police came out.

I ended up having the power turned off completely to the house to prevent anymore bills. That didn't seem to stop odd occurances, the neigbor said he often feels like he is being watched when in his back yard or living room (our kitchen looked into his living room/backyard.) the same is said by those on the other two sides. Or they hear things there on a few occaisons they have found the front or back door wide open when they were locked before. Greg went int (guy next door) to check it out with this friend he didn't call the poliec because they warned to sock him or me with falsealarm charges. he said the place was deathly quiet and freezing in spots with strange smells. This is still going on, the house never sold it actully is in the process of foreclosure. People who went in loved the house on first showing on the second showing for what ever reasons they didn't like it or as was the case in most showings they had complaints about it. I don't know how many "There is a musty mold like smell coming from , or there is a smell like a dead animal in . So I ended up telling the bank to have at it! They sent in a appraiser who looked it over but left and made a note about how uncomfortable he felt. I am going to try and swing by and snag a few photos of the outside and post them up on photo bucket so those of you here who are good at it can look and see what you think. But I guess the point of my posting this is more this:

What do you think happened to make it so active? In the 5 years I lived there nothing like this every really occured. Occasionlly we had things go missing only to show up again in the same spots. We would hear light footsteps or just feel a presence in the house but nothing that lingered or happened more then once in a blue moon.